Ji Sung, Seo Hyun Jin, and Key Go Dark to Accept 2017 Grimae Awards

I may differ in choosing the award winners for the 2017 Grimae Awards given by the Korean television producers association but I’m still happy for the recipients. Unfortunately the fashion spirit seems on the morose side with winners Ji Sung, Seo Hyun Jin and Key appearing to audition for the modern K-drama remake of Great Expectations. We have our new Miss Havisham, folks! Sartorial selections aside, all three winners were very poised and pleased to receive this accolade, Ji Sung for Defendant, Seo Hyun Jin for Temperature of Love, and Key as a rookie in Lookout. I’ll take the awards for Ji Sung and Seo Hyun Jin as recognition of prior achievements in Kill Me, Heal Me and Another Oh Hae Young, but for the latter she really needs to breakout of the female lead that comes across as self-absorbed and obstinate. Continue reading