Once Promised C-drama Adaptation A Lifetime Love Releases Lead Character Posters

Adaptations of Chinese romance writer Tong Hua’s novels have been mostly a miss. Other than Bu Bu Jing Xin all else have failed to tap into what made her stories come alive on the page. From Song of the Cloud (Love Yunge From the Desert), Ballad of the Desert (Sound of the Desert), Secrets Hidden by Time (Best Time) to the most recent The Starry Night, The Starry Sea, I’ve seen beloved stories turned into dud drama productions and am horribly battled scarred and quite nervous for the upcoming fantasy period drama A Lifetime Love (Ancient Love Song) adapted from the gods and goddesses novel Once Promised based on the folktale Classic of the Mountains and Seas. While not my favorite novel it does set the stage for my favorite Lost You Forever, and there are many threads in OP that still linger this day as truly epic. Huang Xiaoming has the brash arrogance of the male lead down pat in his character poster, Victoria Song (Song Qian) is lovely and believable as a warrior goddess, but Sheng Yi Lun underwhelms as the perfect yet imperfect second male lead. Continue reading

First Poster for C-drama Adaptation of Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song

First impressions mean a lot and I loved the concept poster for the long awaited C-drama adaptation of fantasy period romance novel Once Promised (Ceng Shu Nuo) by writer Tong Hua most famous for having penned Bu Bu Jing Xin. The … Continue reading

Baron Chen and Zhang Li Join the C-drama Adaptation of Ancient Fantasy Romance Once Promised

Filming is underway already for the big budget C-drama adaptation of Tong Hua‘s ancient romance novel Once Promised, the parental generation prequel to Lost You Forever. The c-drama will deviate from the story involvingg ancient Chinese fantasy gods and goddesses, … Continue reading

Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yi Lun, and Xu Lu Gets New Chinese Title and Starts Filming

A name change for a novel to drama adaptation is so common these days, and increasingly the character names are changed as well and only the story outline remains the same. It’s likely to avoid Chinese censors if the story … Continue reading