Pimp That Drama: The Ultimate Summer Treat Buzzer Beat

I’m back with another addition to my “Pimp That Drama” series – not a recap or a review, but rather my musings on why I love a certain drama. I love distinct seasons – the crisp Autumn air, the muggy Summer heat, the damp Spring scent, and the dry Winter chill. Just like some foods are best consumed at a certain temperature, certain dramas are also naturally suitable for certain seasonal viewings. While Korea has the seasons dramas, which I’ve seen them all, none of them really are the perfect balance of seasonal backdrop paired with a season-specific story.

I noticed that J-doramas have done it much better, without even having to resort to calling their dramas seasonally influenced. Two of my favorite J-doramas fit that bill, and today I’m here to talk about one of them – the ultimate Summer drama is Buzzer Beat with Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi) and Kitagawa Keiko. It’s perfect to watch outside on the porch, nursing a bottle of ice-cold Sauvignon Blanc, with a silly happy grin on your face as the sun gradually sets and the Summer crickets start to chirp. Continue reading