K-netizens Overwhelmingly Support Kim Young Dae for Leaving KBS Drama School 2021 After He Reveals Production Company Delays and Non-payment

I’m glad to see that rising actor Kim Young Dae has a good agency behind him to support his decision to leave the soon to start filming KBS K-drama School 2021. It happened earlier this week and the production company claimed that Kim Young Dae’s departure was unexpected and left them in a lurch to find a second male lead replacement. Kim Young Dae’s side has since then revealed all shitshow behind the scenes and it’s no surprise he called it quits. He reportedly signed on when the filming dates were given to him that allowed him to do his other projects and both sides agreed. But there were repeated delays to the point that he had to decline a project and he did so. Then the original production agency was switched to a new production agency and in the meantime Kim Young Dae still hadn’t been paid his signing deposit payment. To date the drama had been delayed one year and three months before he finally left. Kim Young Dae quit the drama in the end of June and told the production company who suddenly announced after filming was going to start on July 15th. So he told him he was leaving before the drama started filming but the production team tried to smear him as creating problems for the drama which was filming. Kim Young Dae’s side said he lost trust in the production and had no choice but to leave. Good for him, honestly this one should be shelved and in a few years when KBS gets its act together it can put together another School installment.

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Kim Young Dae Leaves KBS Drama School 2021 After Filming Begins, in Talks as Male Lead for Lee Sung Kyung’s Next Drama Shooting Star

The behind-the-scenes drama with the next installment in the KBS School series continues and this time it’s after filming has begun. Second male lead Kim Young Dae has left School 2021, solely on his side with his agency announcing that … Continue reading