K-ent Discusses the Resurgence of School K-dramas After Extraordinary You’s Cult Hit Impact

The school theme for K-dramas has been around since the start of, well, K-dramas lol, but every few years there does seem to be a concentration of them released around the same time. We’re seeing another wave with True Beauty and Live On, both dropping at the end of 2021, and in early 2021 there will be Dear M and another installment of the School series with School 2021. Production companies are explaining the reasons why: (1) it’s cheaper the make, (2) it sells well on streaming and gets high views so it doesn’t matter than television ratings are typically low for school dramas, (3) idols can be cast and that gets investments from overseas, and (4) there are many webtoons/manhwas with school stories that are popular which can be adapted to K-dramas so no new script is needed. All of the above makes sense and continues to drive the evolution (or devolution) of dramas depending on your perspective.

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