KimuTaku’s 2011 Dorama Is Remake of 1983 Movie Antarctica: 南極物語

King of J-entertainment KimuTaku (Kimura Takuya) has settled on his 2011 J-dorama project, and it’s a doozy. Something this large in scale and scope, the 60th anniversary drama for TBS, only one man has britches big enough to carry the show. And he’s bringing 19 huskie dogs along with him! KimuTaku’s next dorama will be a TV-version of a true story, which was brought to the big screen in a movie back in 1983 called Antarctica (Japanese title was 南極物語 – Nankyou Monagatari, or South Pole Story).

The story is based on the Japanese scientific expedition to the South Pole in 1957, where the scientists braved the weather to conduct a survey operation along with their 19 huskies. When the scientists had to evacuate, they left 15 of their beloved huskies behind when they were rescued. For more information, go to the wikipedia page about the movie. KimuTaku will be taking on the lead role as the co-captain of the expedition. The drama is scheduled to air in October of 2011, and filming will be expected to take around seven months, to be shot in Hokkaido, and may include a location shoot at the South Pole.

Not only is it not possible for this drama to be as much of a stinker as Tsuki no Koibito (it’s not a ren’ai, for starters), but the story actually made me misty-eyed when I read it. About how much these scientests wanted to go back for their dogs, and how much of a miracle it was that some dogs actually survived and bred puppies that grew into adult dogs to reunite with the scientists when they returned a year later.

One of the things I love the most about KimuTaku is how the man constantly challenges himself in his acting career. Yes, he’s had stinkers and sub-par dramas and performances, but he is willing to push his comfort zone and expand his repertoire. Now that he’s just been to space, having starred in the well-received live-action movie of Space Battleship Yamato, KimuTaku is going to the South Pole next. I can’t wait.


KimuTaku’s 2011 Dorama Is Remake of 1983 Movie Antarctica: 南極物語 — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks much for this news ockoala! Is there an English adaptation of this movie?
    The plot seems familiar. I forgot the the title of the English movie I saw with dogs also being left behind in the snow. The leader of the dog pack in that English movie was so loyal that he followed his master’s instruction to stay put, which made me cry since this resulted in some of them dying.

    Yes, this is indeed sounds a very challenging but a “must-see” dorama for KimuTaku.
    When I first saw him in “Long Vacation”, I thought to myself “he’s cuuute!”. Then I saw him in “Life is Beautiful” where I admired his acting this time.

    Wow, my list of dramas to watch (after M3) is growing. Thanks to AKP! 🙂
    I have watched up to ep 6 of “Lovers of Condor Heros”, watched first 2 minutes of ep 1 of “Nobuta wa Produce”, gearing up for “Summer’s Desire” and now adding KimuTaku’s latest dorama. Did I mention I’m currently re-watching Cinderella’s Sister? I’m not complaining…just sharing… 😉

    • Yup! You have a great recollection – the American movie is called Eight Below, and was indeed inspired by the Japanese movie. I pulled this from wikipedia:

      “The 1958 ill-fated Japanese expedition to Antarctica inspired the 1983 hit film Nankyoku Monogatari. Eight Below is the fictional adaptation of the events of the 1958 incident moved forward to 1993”

      Glad you are enjoying new dramas. I don’t ever mean to push any dramas, but if you read about it and are interested, have fun checking it out! Thanks for letting me know. I always love hearing what folks are watching.

      • Thanks ockoala! Yes, it is “Eight Below”. I think it is a Disney movie that’s why I watched and liked it. Oh, the “child” in me has not still grown up. 😉

        Yes, I take heed to your drama recommendations. So far they have been good. Thanks again!

        btw, have you seen Karei Naru Ichizoku”? Kimura is in it too.
        I have started it last year and not yet finished. The description of this drama says it is based on a novel and it is about some famous Japanese business family and its conflicts (I’m paraphrasing so I may not be describing it correctly.) I’m planning to resume watching this while waiting for “Antartica”.

        Cheers to you and AKP!

      • Yes, I have seen Karei! Not finished, but I watched bits and pieces when my SIL was watching on TV. It’s a very solid drama, reminds me of a J-dorama version of Giant, but much darker.

        I’m not a KT completist, so there are lots of his drama I have yet to watch. He’s got quite an ouevre.

        You can always check out my ratings and favorites for ones I actually recommend. Sometimes I mention a drama in passing, but it’s not one that I like or would recommend, like Summer’s Desire. But it’s always fun to watch a new drama even if its not very good.

  2. Kimutaku + puppies? Could we ask for more?

    I know someone who works at Pole. Imma gonna ask her if she knows anything about this though even if they do film at Pole, the crew will probably stay at McMurdo rather than where she usually stays at. *ponders*

  3. Not much of a pet lover and overall this story doesn’t sound like my thing at all (am coldhearted enpugh to go “they had to leave 15 dogs behind? Boo-hoo. At least they all survived”) so will be skipping this.

    I second the rec for Kareinaru Ichizoku. It’s incredible. It’s so good, it’s the only jdrama my ever watched.

  4. I’m so watching this… I’m brought up in a household that watches every single puppy movie ever made for multiple times for clearing our tear ducts. puppy movie = puppy dying! *SOBBBB*

    I loved Antarctica the movie as a youngling. I would watch this for the Huskies alone…KT will be icing on the cake. I cried watching 8 Below (I’m the clan of the handful fewon the planet that <3 the movie and rewatch it)


    @Sere, my gut is telling me they wont do a REALDEAL Antarctica shot. Even if they are doing it, it'll be on very touristy icebergs of penguins and cruiseships.

  5. When I first read the title my first thought was “There really is a person named Kim Tak Gu?” Then I kept reading.

    I just found your blog not to long ago and I really enjoy it. Great work 🙂

  6. Kimura Takuya.
    He never stop me falling in love with him. Every characters he played always marked special impression in my mind. He is a superb actor. Hm, Jang Geun Suk remind me of him when he was young. I love them both.

    • yes, Kimura Takuya, not Kimuya Takura. 🙂 ockoala must be too excited!

      i love him too (as much as jgs) and look forward to this new project. he is a very charismatic actor. but his last tv drama was a dud and it was quickly shortened to reduce the agony. he and the female taiwan actress hardly had any chemistry to speak of. but i still watched it becos i like him.

    • Try to catch Beautiful life, its a beautiful love story, with probably one of my favorite Kimutaku characters. A million stars falling from the sky has him at his smoldering, tough flawed, best. As mentioned by Kender, Long Vacation and Love Generation are classic Kimutaku dramas.

  7. i have all of his drama and movie too but i not have yet> Space Battleship Yamato hehee.. i even watch his SmapxSmap show with his group member and all of his CF is great to watch …KimuTaku is my 1st love asian star ^_~ (Long Vacation Drama)

  8. seeing this now makes me sooo happy i’ve seen Love Generation- last night.

    yeah, i’m a late bloomer!
    i now understand why he is the KING of DORAMA.

  9. wow Kimura… What a hottie! My first Jdrama was Long Vacation… He made that show – Lurve him! Can’t wait to watch this one.

    Thanks for sharing Koala!

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