A Collection of K-Actress Brides

Spring is here, and with it comes wedding season. If you’re married it feels anticlimactic, if you’re single it feels like an interminable slog. But weddings are always great for checking out the bride’s wedding gown, and giving it the thumbs up or down.

Many Korean actresses have played brides in dramas, movies, or magazine shoots. I thought it’d be fun to take a twirl down wedding lane with these pretty brides. Han Hyo Joo’s exquisite haute couture bride tops the post, but all the ladies below are equally brimming with the bridal blush of happiness.


I think every actress should have the chance to play a beaming bride at least once, because I’m sure the chance to play dress-up was one of the reasons any child dreams about growing up and becoming an actress.


A Collection of K-Actress Brides — 34 Comments

  1. The HHJ gown is jawdropping gorgeous! My favorite. A lot of the other gowns are exquisite on their own, but not after I droolz at the HHJ one.

    I love going to weddings, we can play our little dress up picking out our own dress, everybody is smiling, booze and food… haha good that you have this timely post. I’m this close to forget my anni.

  2. *wow* these actresses look stunning in wedding dress! Not only they are pretty but the dresses as well! Even though it’s not common to wed in short dresses (that is what I think) those still look good and sexy. The only dresses I don’t like much is the one Lee Yeon Hee is wearing. It’s too plain or maybe it’s the diadem which doesn’t suit into the whole picture.

    I love these trapless dresses because they are suited even for smaller bosom and still makes they bride look good in it. But HOW do they secure the trapless dresses so it’s not going to slip? They don’t cord you up like in a corset, do they?

    I think, Korea is a good place to shop for wedding dresses =)

  3. But where is Son Ye Jin from Summer Scent? I thought that koalas were a big fan of Son Ye Jin and she was so beautiful in her wedding dress in that one. I actually thought that was her in the 14th picture (from the top). Not from Summer Scent, but her from I don’t know what. Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing Korean actors and actresses. Especially the actresses.

    • I couldn’t find a good screencap of that wedding dress from SS, but the one from SYJ above is from the movie My Wife Got Married with Kim Joo Hyuk.

  4. I see you don’t have the Yonghwa and Seohyun Wedding pictures, they were quite pretty too. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of them. I do recognize a lot of the actresses with their respective Wedding gowns.. Pretty post! Thanks!

    • The fact that I have no clue who Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun are might indicate that I am not their fan, but mostly indicate that I simply don’t know who they are, so I can’t say I’m a fan or not a fan. 🙂

      • I think she’s talking about the show We Got Married and they are one of the couples in the second season We Got Married. If my memory serves me correct Yong Hwa is the sweet second lead in You’re Beautiful and in the band CN Blue XD.

  5. I just finished watching Baker King, Kim Tak Gu on dvd, and I love what Eugene (Shin Yu Kyung) wore during the gown fitting. She was stunning! 🙂

    • Yep yep! MGY other wedding dresses in M3 is really stunning and she look like a perfect bride with it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • women should look beautiful when they’re wearing wedding dress, but MGYssi looks damn f*****g SEXY in that thing… sorry for the word captain… can’t help myself 😉

  6. Is that Ji hoo, he’s Face Shop model right ohhhh cutie, I remember him kissing a kid in an awards night. Anyway Song Hye Kyo’s wedding gown in full house won my heart, I don’t like long drapes that eventually sweeps off all the dust on the floor on the aisle. And Iv’e always wanted a small wedding ceremony, I hate big crowds where you tend to have a hard time remembering people’s name, I want my wedding solemn only a few people I know, nothing grand, life is hard, must not forget about poverty. 😀

  7. I super love MGY in M3 wedding dress, paired with those matching boots.. it rocks!! Even more special with a groom like JGS..perfect!!

  8. Lovely post but its like Sesame Street one of these things just doesn’t belong. Sometimes not even a wedding dress can erase the fact you look like a man. In my very humble opinion.

  9. im gonna be bias coz im gonna say i love the wedding dress of jung so min in the daydream scene in playful kiss because its simple, elegant but suits for her young appeal.

    but i really like the wedding gown of han chae young! not so conventional! ^_^

  10. I was scrolling down, looking at all the beautiful women and wishing, wishing, wishing – where’s our Maeri?!! … how could dear ockoala possibly leave her out?!!!….. and finally there she is!!!! Lovely Maeri and with our Mugul too – SWEET:)

    Thank you, Koala.

  11. Of all the wedding gowns & KActresses you featured…I loved HHJ’s the most…
    BUT, being an AVID Hyunmin….I’d say PK’s picture of BSJ & OHN is the closest to my heart!!!
    Love your posts, Ockoala!!! Always makes my day complete!!!

  12. I’m having a total mind blank — please tell me who the couple is where the guy has weird over the shirt suspenders & the woman has crossed arms & looks amused. Is it from a drama? thanks

  13. Ol d pictures r luvly.iv enjoyd . Bt ,1request- cn u pls tl me frm which movie ,the 8th wedding photo from.?. ( the actress wt d full lngth dress. Her hair undyd n hr front hair cut)

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