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As a cardinal rule of Koalalandia, I do not RL ship unless there is BTS evidence to show me something is percolating outside of acting alone. Onscreen chemistry, however unparallel and combustible, is not enough to pine away for couples to get together. ArJoe-shippers the world over must know the pain, but I avoided that ship because all BTS and interviews convinced me nothing was there. I’ve added HwanHye to my RL-shippy list (well, it’s not really a list, they are just joining their dongsaengs on it) because I’m not senile or delusional, and all the ancillary evidence points to two people who really adore each other.

Whether that means anything remains to be seen. But hey, at least I can hope, right? To inaugurate the HwanHye discussion forum, I’ve compiled a list of hints and winks that make me swoon for them. They are so perfect for each other. Kang Ji Hwan, what are you waiting for? Go make sure Ms. Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t get away. I leave you all with a line of dialogue from Lie to Me: “The entire world knows about us, do you want to break up with oppa?”

It all started one Spring night in 2009, when they were paired up to present the TV category Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the Baeksangs. They discussed with each other the desire to work on a project together. But it would be 2 years later before that happened.

2010 rolls around, and Eun Hye’s Love Song gets indefinitely postponed. She waits patiently because of her loyalty to the production company. Ji Hwan does Coffee House and upsets the Entertainment Association due to his unresolved contract dispute. He gets pulled from Faith.

By 2011, Love Song is finally shelved and Eun Hye agrees to do the production company’s upcoming rom-com Lie to Me. Ji Hwan’s gets off the ban but Faith is no longer green lit. He’s available just in time to do Lie to Me. The stars have aligned.

At the press conference for LTM, both discuss how much they have wanted to work together. Ji Hwan later stated in a Cosmo interview that he wasn’t particularly drawn to the character of Hyun Ki Joon. If that was the case, why did he accept the project? It’s pretty clear it’s because he wanted to work with Eun Hye. They were already adorably at ease with each other at the press conference. And whispering to each other is almost always a sign two people are close.

During the BTS for the scene in episode 1 where Ki Joon and Ah Jung first meet outside the club and she faints from the combination of bee venom mixed with alcohol, we see that Kang Ji Hwan helps Yoon Eun Hye up after every take. At one point, she lightly hits his leg and he rubs her neck in a passing gesture.

During the BTS for the hotel scene where Ah Jung topples over and spills orange juice on herself, at one point the camera captures Ji Hwan arranging pillows the ground to make sure Eun Hye is comfortable when she films the scene.

During the BTS for the duck boat scene where Ah Jung and Ki Joon meet on the lake to discuss their situation and dive into the water to save someone, Ji Hwan hands Eun Hye his heat pack to keep her warm. Later when they are on a rescue boat, he extends his left hand further than necessary and rests it on Eun Hye’s knees. He also gives her such a warm smile on shore.

During the BTS for the drunken Ah Jung scene when she almost gets run over by a car and Ki Joon grabs her, then she vomits on him – Eun Hye helps put the fake vomit on Ji Hwan’s suit, and he teasingly tells the camera “wuri Eun Hye is very considerate.” To which Eun Hye very brusquely replies “it’s done” with respect to the fake vomit application, as if to stop him from talking any further. “Wuri Eun Hye” is very telling indeed.

During the BTS for the ice-cream kiss, Eun Hye is asked which tie she would pick for Ji Hwan, and she says “he’s got a great complexion so would look good in anything, he’s so good looking that ties would die (pale in comparison) when worn by him.” During this time Ji Hwan is holding a small electric fan up and fanning Eun Hye. He gets embarassed when he hears her compliment and turns the fan to fan himself, saying that “she always says this.”

During the mid-drama press conference, Eun Hye and Ji Hwan are photographed making the same gestures. That always means one thing: one person is watching the other person constantly, so subconsciously makes the same gesture. It’s call the yawn rule. If anyone watched Playful Kiss, it was cutely discussed in one episode – if Baek Seung Jo yawns, suddenly all the girls in the class yawn as well because they have been staring at him the entire time.

During the subsequent interview, Eun Hye refers to Ji Hwan as “oppa”. I think it was a slip on her part. Ji Hwan apparently loves being called “oppa”.

At the BTS interview Ji Hwan gave on Jeju island during the filming for episode 11, he was asked what he likes in a woman. He says he likes girls with very pretty hands and feet. And let’s take a look at all the handholding and feet looking and touching that went on in LTM. Eun Hye is well-known in the industry for having very pretty hands and feet.

Ji Hwan also stated during the press interview that he wants to have the career of Choi Soo Jong (Comrades, President), one of the most respected and revered statesman actors in K-entertainment. What is notable is that Choi Soo Jong is married in real life to also top-actress Ha Hee Ra. They are an entertainment power couple. When Ha was pregnant, Choi did the housework, cooked, and let her rest, a fact that has made Choi very popular with Korean women and jokingly scorned by Korean men.

In a television interview in early 2010, Ha Hee Ra confessed that her husband is a better housekeeper than she is. Choi Soo Jong is frequently seen text messaging and making phone calls with his wife while filming. Their happy marriage is one of the most notable in the industry, and they co-starred in President earlier this year as a married couple, and the sparks onscreen was insanely fiery.

Eun Hye has also stated that she doesn’t mind if her husband doesn’t work (Ji Hwan had his ban for two years ) and stay at home and does the housework (Ji Hwan loves staying home and doing housework). I seriously think they are laying the groundwork for possibly hinting at each other being their ideals.

During the Jeju interview, Ji Hwan also is caught staring at Eun Hye with stars in his eyes.

Watch gif of Ji Hwan’s thumb tendering stroking the back of Eun Hye’s hand where no camera could possible be needing that type of extra gesture for the scene. See her lightly stroke him back.

When asked what he wants to do for the woman he loves, Ji Hwan says he wants to open an ice-cream store so that she can have a different flavor of ice-cream every single day. Thirty one flavors for thirty one days. Guess who’s favorite food is ice-cream (Eun Hye), and how many random ice-cream scenes we got in one drama alone.

Ji Hwan and Eun Hye ad libbed a lot of scenes. These are only the ones that are confirmed.

You really want to break up with oppa?

You are so cute when you’re like this.

I want to spend tonight with you.

[All that extra water wiping in Jeju]

Kamsamnida, as she gets in the car. Ji Hwan’s smile afterwards.

What time to meet, Ji Hwan added as 7:20 when it was supposed to end after 7:30.

Eun Hye feeding Ji Hwan the pastry after she took a bite of it first was added by her.

Kissing Ki Joon on the cheek and playing with his eyelashes were added

During the filming for the public declaration scene, we see Ji Hwan still holding tightly to Eun Hye’s hand even though the cameras are not rolling. He’s also fanning her again. So sweet.

Here is Eun Hye sneaking a peek at oppa as they are taking the end of filming group picture.

At the wrap party, their very obvious efforts to avoid being too friendly with each other only bespoke something else must be going on. And in a split second screen capture, we see Eun Hye shoot Ji Hwan the exact same look Ah Jung uses on Ki Joon.

She looks at him.

He looks at her.

She’s embarassed by what the actor playing Jae Bum said, so she turns towards Ji Hwan. Their arms brush.

Surreptitious glances at each other, their eyes finally meet.

They both look down at the exact same time. Is that cake that delicious looking?

So there you have it. I’ve started the HSI-ing for everyone. You guys have fun and add tibdits of information and nuggets of astute observation as you discover more clues. My only ground rules of the forum are this: if they don’t end up together we should be happy for whomever they have each found happiness with, and we should respect each other’s opinion and always be civil and courteous. Try not to spam and always read comments so not to be duplicative.

I’m totally spoiled by the eagle-eyed ladies at the GeunGeun discussion forum, who have insanely compiled an unrefutable laundry list of coincidences, suspicious activity, and sundry other details that make their ship so much stronger. Hope you HwanHye shippers can do so as well.

Lastly, the forum really is a place for friends who loved LTM and HwanHye to gather and chitchat. Feel free to park yourself there, or come back from time-to-time. I promised you guys a permanent thread to play in, so here it is. In the end, LTM delivered so many moments of unbridled passion that we were all swept away. I will forever remember this experience, and hope to hear good news in the not-so-distant future.

A toast to Ji Hwan and Eun Hye – together they created the most mature and palpable love story I have ever watched onscreen. HwanHye will always have a safe home at the playground where the magic of their onscreen (and offscreen) interactions will forever be treasured.

KJH: “Hey guys, that’s my yobo over there! Isn’t she the prettiest thing you ever saw?”


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  1. yay am first!!! will read now then come back!!! my patience and stalking paid off!!! love you madame K… muwahhhhhhh

    • Madame K, my heart overflows with happiness upon reading this post… hats off to you for being so resourceful in coming up with this compilation… At least I can say to myself that what I see and feel regarding these two are not just a product of me wishing too much… IMO too many coincidences speak the truth already… Well it’s really up to them at the end. As a fan I can only hope and pray that they will be brave enough to give it a try. But one thing for sure, no matter what they will decide, I shall always be praying for their happiness and will continue to cheer and support them in their future endeavors…

      Again, thank you madame K for always giving us treats for our withdrawal… This really brightened my already gloomy Monday…

      • so true, i woke up this morning feeling empty and expecting not to read another baby recap and im amazed to read this. thank you

      • hi angelito…i missed you so much!!! you also make me laugh with your comments… please keep ’em coming…I’m always in the look out for them… muwahhhhhh

  2. Damn, mother K, you are SO good playinga fanservice. Im *this *close of licking my comp screen cause Im loving what Im reading right now. What a way to go to sleep.

  3. this is nice of you to start…after Lie To Me I felt so lonely…until i get the dvd box set…i will miss them both…i do hope they work together on another project.
    i don’t post much here even on soompi since i love reading everyone’s post and thoughts…plus most of my thoughts has been pointed out already…hehehe

    but i’ll definitely park my self here now and then…hehehe…i actually found this site because of LTM from soompi…such a wonderful site…and you do TW recaps too!!! awesome!

    thank you for doing all these…=)

  4. They do have the most remarkable chemistry I’ve ever seen – not just because they send sparks shooting out of my screen, but because they’re so natural and at ease around each other. Really, the only pair that compares is our other favorite ship: the good ship GeunGeun. ^_^ I hope they really are together in real life, because not only are they gorgeous and totally hot together, but they look like they make each other happy.

  5. Ah, your post!!! It makes me giggle (and grinning like an idiot) in the middle of the day….
    I’m in my work place btw.

    Really 10x hope they can be a true couple. Don’t worry about what another anti-fan might said.
    We got your back!

    KJH & YEH, if you’re tired about all the negatives comments out there, you can always relax and take your time here, in this playground. ^.^

  6. yay! Thanks ockoala for creating this forum. My heart is going crazy after reading this post.

    Wuri YEH is in Hawaii right now…how bout wuri KJH?

    • They prolly been talking on the phone crazilly nonstop, arranging their next reunion, and worrying on how to see each other without the press and fans knowing, and prolly KJH serenades YEH the Love Ice cream song with his sexy deep voice, and have the kissing scenes vid that the DCLie gave them on repeat, and sleeping with the remote on his pillow

  7. Kekeke… now it’s OFFICIAL!!!!! *brings out champagne* Cheerios all. Now we stalk…. i mean wait for their official declaration. *hiaks* *hiaks* *hiaks*

    • And … what a wonderful wonderful wonderful collection of their journey …

      Thanks much for sharing this with us. *bows*

      • Sharing the subbed vid … did it for all who play here.

        Pl oblige my personal request not to repost / reupload to other places / forums. Made it for LTM die-hards here and I’d like to keep it that way.

        Thank you. Have a great week.

        Copy & Paste: youtu.be/jXeo71ZTOcE

      • Sorry KPlaymates for bringing to attention if you already know about this…. but there’s a lovely narrative put up by Michael (guest blogger) on Thundie’s blog – it’s focusing just on our OTP’s story.

        Great observations. Worth reading it again before / as you do your LTM re-runs.
        Go to: thundie.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/lie-to-me-a-love-story/

      • I have read and liked Michael’s upbeat version of the story. It’s clean, seamless probably because he only focused on our OTP. Just curious, is he Korean or American? Either way, he has a good command of both Korean and English language.

      • thanks Lynx, watching with sub is much better than reading it without the video..I subscribe to your channel hoping I’ll get more vids from our OTP in the future ( with subs please 🙂 ) ..I just noticed in the video, after everyone put the cake slicer below the table and everyone was slowly walking away the table KJH was somewhat waiting for YEH to walk, a very common action for couples, this brings a smile in my face 🙂

      • @bo – I’m curious too. My guess? He’s Brit living in America who speaks/knows Korean… prob has his own k-sarang story that turned out well. *kekeke* totally irrelevant guess here. But I like how he translated key Korean phrases for us. The context and contemporary use is very important for nuances. That’s the difficulty of translation which I will try and highlight if it’s key, esp when I post translated stuff esp with similar languages roots i.e. Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

        @Conie – thanks for subscribing, but well, I don’t have a game plan for that channel. So, hope you don’t have any expectation for it! *lol* But I suppose it would help you keep track of what’s happening? Though you probably would get to hear of it here first. 🙂

        (And yes, you caught what I saw too! It was most interesting. He was planning on making way for her and then she turned to walk off from the front of the cake table. hehe)

      • Have I thanked you yet? If not – Thank you!! If I have – wanna do it again!!!

      • Michael’s LTM recap at Thundie’s site is like THE Lexicon of the LTM love story. It is the story of GAJ and HKJ, pure and simple … no side story, no second stringers, no extras. And it very intelligently provides the cultural and linguistic context to all their interactions. Told from the refreshing perspective of a happily-married-with- a-romantic-heart, MAN! It’s wonderful. HwanHye shippers – Go read it!

      • @Nowhere – Now we can permanently find each other here with stuff to translate.

        hehe. This is an easy one. This has been translated already in Soompi and YoonEunHye.net. So will just keep this brief.

        News #1
        Basically, there was a poll of viewers in Japan of dramas they want to watch the most. LTM topped the list proving the strength of the Hallyu wave in Japan.

        According to news released by KJH’s agency s-plus entertainment on 3 Jul afternoon, this survey which took place from 6 to 27 Jun with a total of 1, 206 people taking part, had LTM taking top spot with 34% (410) of votes.

        On the survey, respondents said this of KJH: “his acting is full of onscreen charisma”, “this is the kind of rom-coms that Japanese like [I have also read this being translated as ‘this is the kind of rom-com most close to Japanese’ style’], “this (LTM) is testament to KJH’s acting ability”.

        KJH’s response to all this, “I took the time during the ban to rest, research on the next project, familiarize with the CFs production etc.” [note: CH translation isn’t very clear.]

        News #2
        Japanese music programme , is canceling (not sure of this bit) Secret Agent for LTM??
        [Note: this is oddly translated. Doesn’t make much sense as I think they used an automatic online translation. :P]

        okies dokies. 🙂 Will catch up on this thread in 7 hours. 😛

      • It talked about KJH became a top Hanyru star in Japan after the LTM. 🙂

    • Wow Lynx so you are multi lingual too! Hard work at the beginning but definitely worthwhile.

      Translating is a tricky business it’s not enough to know the equivalent words but needs to factor local culture, timing, nuances, and a lot more hence not every one can be real translators. I truly enjoyed your translation. Thanks for humoring us with it.

  8. Hi Koala

    This is my 1st post after lurking here since the airing of LTM. Thanks for all your hard work. I find it hard to get back to my normal day after filming ends…
    So its very fortunate for me to find a warm family here… :)))))
    I have decided to park here everyday… hehehe..

    Cheers to Koala and everyone here.. 🙂

  9. Is everyone still asleep?
    Among my favorite rom-coms is Sleepless in Seattle where the word throughout the movie was ‘magic’. I feel the same with LTM and I think that the letter AJ wrote to KJ explaining her failure to meet up for dinner with aunt says it all..but this time, the words are ‘fate’ and ‘miracle’..
    (I don’t have my episodes with me right now so I am putting the words as per I remembered it).

    • more like.. gg to zzz…hehe. btw I love that movie. Classic. Like for a rainy day. Same as with One Fine Day… another classic. 🙂

    • Speaking of Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan, they also did a movie called You’ve Got Mail and LTM used some of it’s musical score.

  10. i cant take the smile on my face after reading your post koala…
    your really an angel in disguise,, hope for more updates of HwanHye…
    THanks to you i have a reason to giggle today:)))
    hehehehe …..

  11. they make such a perrrrfecttt couple…definitely—omo, was watching SUMMER SCENT 2003 drama—KJH was there as an extra??? final episode airport scene—i couldn’t
    believe my eyes—but he had the same voice and can’t mistake that smile. 😮

  12. There id definitely something cooking in the stove!! LOL
    They can lie to everyone, but that they like each other, they like each other!!! LOL

      • Are they dating right now? I mean other people? Or are they both single? I wonder?

        *asking my self*

      • @ angelito
        i don’t believe they are dating other people… if they are, i think after LTM that relationship now collapsed!!! would you take your man that sweet to another woman (bts esp) or the bf could handle his gf sharing those looks with another man? i don’t think so….

      • @Angelito and friends,

        YEH is very private so we’d probably never find out if she’s been dating anyone since she doesn’t ever talk about it except for her hopes in the future.

        KJH, on the other hand, has in the past talked about previous gfs and dating but always denied involvement with other celeb stars. I think he’d be more open to admitting that he’s seeing someone (if he is) without revealing who.

  13. I don’t have a sharp eye and I’m so liking these eagle-eye info on the 2. Thank you! Please everyone, share more!

  14. @ms. connie, i’m so happy i’ve got the clear dvd copy of lie to me a while ago. i got it from y muslim suki. i can watch it again and share this with my friend in los angeles, california. para ma-addict din sha sa lie to me lol!

      • @sweetliar tama ka dyan ambilis nila lhat ng tapos na sa korea meron na sila. but buy only those that are downloaded from the internet kc yun ang malinaw at tama ang subtitles ha. wag ka bibili nung 1 disc lang na galing yta china yun eh so mali ang subtitles nun. ang mganda ay yung mga 3pcs. sha pero malinaw at tama ang eng subs. ok, hapi watching again hehehe! teka, from where are you sweetliar? i’m from pasig!

    • lapit lng tayo,,, sa cainta aq… san mo nabili yung sayo???
      para dun n lng aq bibili 🙂 tnx
      me suki din aq sa parola kaso baka 1 disc lng yun…

      • @ sweetliar and donna: kalurky talaga kayong dalawa..baka ma ban tayo dito at di original binili nyo hahhaha

      • hahaha baka ma banned tau d2 ng OMB Chairman. :)..sa YT may uploader dun c goldenbot ang gaganda ng mga uploads nya ng LTM eps 1-16..he’s from the philippines i guess…maganda rin ang subs..sa channel nya ako nag DDL ng LTM eps..just informing you guys…. 🙂

      • @sweetliar: i used soothink web video downloader, pero png firefox lng xa, not applicable for google chrome..

      • @ conie i DL the real player already and now just finished the 2 eps :))… tnx much
        @yumi : i used that before but unfotunately i didnt work :((( but tnx for the info :)))
        YEHEY no need to buy!!! BIG BIG TNX :)))

      • @ sweetliar: really?but it worked perfectly fine with me.. 🙂 btw, do you like k-movies?subscribed to burnkee and levig090 at YT, they have a long list of k-movies..i downloaded most of it and watched the movies after LTM to cure my LTM madness.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • @ msyumi : ammm,,k-movies??? as long as its YEH movies im go all the way :)) “medyo” hehehe ok later i’ll go to YT and subscribe :)) for now i have a date with my yobo.. :))) watching transformer 3 :))))

  15. I don’t know which is the deeper addiction: cola couple or your playground. I can’t get through my day without strolling through the playground. Truly grateful for your tremendous effort Ms. Koala.

    • This is the playground for the colacouple addicts. But instead of detox therapy after the show ended, what we found in here was a greater freenzy among the LTM mob, and so we continued to get more…maaawwwrr of the high-inducing fix that feeds our addiction, LOL! Ms. K is a first rate dealer, no?

      I have camped myself here for the long haul because I so don’t want to be cured! Hello, LTM-holic anonymous, my name is wits, I am happy to meet you, fellow addicts! LOL!

      • And my name is Bo a fellow addict who has been out of my wits ( pun intended) since LTM hits the screen!

      • and so, bo found her wits in KP. That’s one happy ending we can live with too! LOLs.

  16. *heart melts*

    im in tear’s here ockoala!

    i’ve said it a few times but really from the bottom of my heart again, thank you! thank you! thank you!

    this is just beautiful and it really does give you that much stonger bibes that maybe just maybe something is really going on between wuri HwanHye.

    i am definitely staying here everyday hoping and praying that one day wuri HwanHye will tell the world that they are together for real 🙂

    today i was blessed! thanks again ockoala!

  17. To the Mother of Awesomeness,

    Thank you for giving birth to a world that we can explore, imagine and breathe in the goodness that this couple have to offer.

    We would have been lost without you.

  18. i so love this pair! its painful when monday comes and we know there’s no new episode coming up. so i re-watch episodes 6 to 8, my favorites!

  19. Reporting here! Thanks for the effort in setting this up, Koala! Shipping a couple is never a smooth journey but I’m willing to wait for their good news and stand by my instinct that they will eventually… =)

  20. Oh great! Thanks Koala! I’ll sure visit this forum everyday from now on…:)

    Btw, I saw that the chinese fans left a message in DCLIE and were informed that fans in DCLIE do not discuss about HwanHye’s personal life (ie. whether they’re really an item or not). They have this rule so they won’t be able to provide any juicy details about our OTP even if they knew. How sad! We’ll just have to be patient then and wait for our OTP to make a formal annoucement themselves….hopefully.

  21. This has been an awesome Monday. Because of you, I will do my housechores with smiles the whole day. A toast to HwanHye. Thank you Ms Koala for making my day. I will certainly look out for any details to share, if any. But you are so superb in doing this..hehe.

  22. Miss K … awww thank you so much for this awesome compilation. They are good together … really miss their interaction … love it so much this couple. Hopefully they are couple in real life … i pray for their happiness.

    • yoohoo… ricefields,

      would like to join with us to go to SK next April?? 😀 hopefully we can meet KJH *yeaahh like that easy*

  23. Thank you so much Ms. Koala for this forum as well as all the goodies about LTM. I really miss our OTP so much.
    My children are teasing me a lot these days because I made YEH and KJH’s kiss in episode 16 my mobile phone wall paper 🙂

  24. Wow! Special Forum for The HwanHye- shippers @ Koala House… ^^
    Can I have a request? How about article /discussion from Mrs. Koala about OTP kiss scene on LTM? Sorry, Naughty Me… ^^;

  25. Finally our wish granted! I had long chosen a corner to park here on a permanent basis. Except that I had a special shield made so you wont see me unless I come out. Warning though, if anyone try to occupy my space be ready for the consequences (self destruct). “”” burying my face on the ground””””

  26. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
    I’m so in love with HwanHye. I truly believe that they adore each other. I just wish that they will confirm it Soon so that we can go on with our own lives.

  27. Finally we have a permanent place for HwanHye here! Awesome!
    So, next time I need to refresh (F5) this page and Baidu EunHwan Bar every few mins. 🙂

    Thanks, Ms Koala.

  28. You highlighted to so many points that I missed out. Apparently, I don’t have that eagles eyes, plus, most BTS videos I watched are in Korean, which I don’t understand.

    Curiously, I wonder why there’s no BTS for the final episodes especially the finale? I would love to see how they interracted when filming those final scenes.

  29. You make me crazy! I tried to think else wise so I don’t go even more crazy but you’re making it more clear, just think he’s being a gentlemen and Yeh is just being her cute self so we misunderstand? lol I hope they will come back and pair up again soon, they have amazing chemistry on and off screen ^_^

    • I really hope to see them together soon.
      But, there are few case in Korean that two actors (actress) cooperate again. (sigh)

  30. Thank you so much Koala!!! this post of yours made my day 🙂 Specially since its monday and I miss them so much! Your are simply the best !!!

  31. Madam Koala, big W~o~W thus big thank you to thee.
    Seriously, its like we watch love story between YEH and KJH.
    Should there be any dot could add those evidence above, then it should be emailed to you ASAP so you could officially update it. Hehehe.

    I’m in the middle of rush hour, but *sigh* I could not resist my hand to open koalasplayground and keep refreshing it every 5 minutes… therefore, I decide to officially adding ‘checking soompi-KP-yeh.net’ to my job desk list. Fortunately I have my own room in office huehuehehe *devil grin*

    Thank you for these beautiful story of KJH-YEH… its just about to begin, yes?
    just one word: AMEN!

    • mell, same with me, it is truly fortunate that we have our own officeroom and my network set-up are for managers so nothing will be blocked. i have already put everything connected with LTM, YEH & KJH in my favorites for easy access. my boss trust too much so i have to restrain myself sometimes and do my work.

  32. Kudos to you Koala…..wow…you really made the effort to compile all those interesting facts about them……amazing. Thank you. It was really fun reading all those info.

    • I love you too, mamita !!!

      are we going continuing this? I mean screaming saranghae to each other? LOL …. Once is enough, I think…if its repetitive ..I think its kinda scary, don’t u think?? LOL

      • wait… weren’t you two fighting for PH?? now it’s all good?? aww. the power of OTP love…. hehe just kidding. Dropping a hi to shippers. 🙂

      • Lynx…

        we’ve decided the fight to KJH.. *sigh* which I need to struggle till death wit Ms.K and all of crazy gals in this forum…

      • Hi Peipei & Angelito you didn’t get the memo? KJH is bound for Japan and I had bought a seat beside him! I’m still burning my online hotel connections checking where he will be billeted. That’s my next project. ^^^

      • @ bo…

        whaatt??!! back off.. don’t you dare steal him from me!! errmm.. from angelito.. rrmmm..from Ms. K… and from us in here!!!

      • @ Peipei

        I don’t steal (but I lie) hahaha . . . There’s plenty of him to go around can’t we not share? You can have him on Saturdays & Sundays while i’ll take over MWF and TTHSS. Fair deal.

      • ahem ahem. Last I heard… Mizweng has first dips based on seniority… havent you all watched enough sageuk?? (even I who dont watch sageuk knows better than to mess with regulations… tsk) 😛


  33. Wow! Chukhahae, HSI’s for this new forum! GeunGeun loyal shipper here, but I also love HwanHye… 😀 Good luck and best wishes to our best OTP’s ever!

    You the best, Captain! Thank you much… (^_^)

    & Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it. 🙂

    Have a good one!

  34. I can’t do anything else aside from camping out in the Koala’s Playground. I wanna say, “stop, please”, but I want MOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!! Thanks, Koala for this thread! I wish Ji Hwan oppa and wuri Eun Hye would finally publicly display their “happily ever after” that we missed onscreen. They owe us that much for giving us this addiction! Waaaahhhh!!!

  35. I feel so out of the loop now although I always check this playground out in my ancient phone (which I hate to do because I can’t even see the photos clearly but this freaking tower near the suburb was being fixed for days) that it’s impossible to comment. Thank you for this forum ockoala unni! My gosh, I think (I wish) that there really is going on between these two. I mean why so formal during the wrap-up party???… and this post says it all! I never doubted KJH’s affection for YEH but well, I do think that the feeling is mutual seeing all these!!! KJH, fighting! Go get this girl will you! Gosh, my hopes (of them ending up together) are soaring high up there!!!

  36. Miss Kaola
    Please check daidu bar
    Kang Ji Hwan is the No 1 actor in Japan
    You want to translate to all the fans in kaoaplayground?

  37. They were definitely destined to meet someday because they’ve been slated to co-star twice before LTM. It’s a wellknown fact that YEH was this close to star opposite KJH in Capitol Scandal before she decided on CP and KJH in My Fair Lady. When YEH attended premiere of 7th Grade Civil Servant, fans speculated rumour of him joining in MFL was true, but it didn’t really happen, which I’m glad he backed out of it then because I think the role suited YSH better and I just don’t want to picture him as a butler.

    • IDK but MFL could have been better if KJH was the main lead actor. First drama of YEH where I was rooting for the second lead.

      IDK what YSH did to me in my last drama watching life but i can’t picture him in a good light (lacks charisma, no finnesse, too mature for YEH in MFL)

      Imagine if KJH and YEH did MFL at that time? Maybe they are really together by now. And I would not feel cheated of the rightful MFL lead actor.

      • @Bo
        I like YSH, but def not as the lead man for YEH. Dont get me wrong, they had chemistry, but then again, YEH can have chemistry with a tree branch if she wanted. The Lady is just that good. Its just that YSH, he’s….he’s just…he really didnt pull off that I’m-not-rich-but-im-still-hot-look. He cant pull off the debonair/hot guy look. Im sorry but, its true. He was definitely Oska though. hehe

      • have to go with @Leishers. He’s definitely Oska. I couldnt watch MFL. … it’s not that they can’t act…but i cant pin it down… maybe my bias as viewer. There are some roles that fit the actor/actress and you can feel the fit. That one.. didn’t feel they did. not sure why. which is huge pity.

      • @Lynx
        YES thats it. He just didnt fit the role. I watched parts of it, but it just didnt draw me in. I mean I loved YEH’s style in it. But other than part of the 1st and last ep, and reading some recaps I didnt watch it.

      • @Leishers

        Exactly what I’m saying YH did not fit the role. YEH could have shine in it if she got the right partner to interact with. The chemistry you mentioned is one sided. No sparks.

        I also didn’t get past three episodes no matter how I love YEH and I know why I didn’t- YH did not have the ummph to be with YEH at her level.

  38. Miss Kaola
    YEH net advise that KJH secretary confirm that KJH and YEH attend
    the same school? They know each other!!!!!!

  39. This idea is really rigid and troublesome. But wouldn’t it be great should we be able to compare the BTS of YEH’s other dramas – Goong, Coffee Prince and My Fair Lady.

    Since many expected her to commit into a relationship with his other co-stars during the peak craze period of CP especially, it would be nice to compare her off-screen chemistry with her previous leading men vs KJH. Then, I bet it would be more apparent to see whether the spark is in fact real, and not imaginary.

    • The fact is, JJH was already going out with Song Ji-Hyo from the very early stages of filming Goong, their relationship lasted 4 yrs after it and GY and Im Soo-Jung was an item way before CP. There were frequent fan accounts and hearsays about these at the time of each drama aired. And if you compare BTS of these two dramas and LTM, you know KJH is way more caring and attentive to YEH.

      • In Goong days she didn’t really get chummy with JJH until the late stages and when she did it seemed more like friendly interactions between class friends than flirtations. And in CP days she got along with GY very well with other 3 “prince”s. Five of them almost always eating meals together. They were actually a really close unit. But in BTS and pics you don’t really feel the flirtations and sexual tensions between the two. I think YEH was one of the boys to him and GY to her.

      • in CP you can see how very careful GY in touching her. you will notice that everytime the is a hugging scene GY’s hand are always loosely holding YEH and most often than not one arm/hand is on top of the other.

      • Thanks for that background! I was hearing rumors of her and her co-stars but weren’t sure about it. Good to know there was none to it!

      • @Marie,

        When it comes to onscreen stuff, there’s nothing GY won’t do if the character/scene called for it. I think the hugs you mention are probably artifacts of GY being REALLY tall and YEH not wearing heels and being much smaller. All their hugs when he’s sitting down are as full of love as any other scene of Coffee Prince. But there’s an aura of equal amounts of love going on in CP between YEH and all her Princes, no preferencial treatment.

        I definitely hoped YEH could snag a man like GY, but I didn’t necessarily ship the two together exclusively. I just want YEH to have that kind of in-charge manly man as her husband. Too bad YEH isn’t GY’s type, though they do meet up and hang out often (like when he was on vacation from the military, he hung out with her as well as other friends).

      • Maybe the reason GY said Yeh is not her type is to just placate her gf and not a reflection of his real feelings.

  40. been lurking here since the drama started airing.read the recaps at my office pc, i think my prodcutivity has fallen due to this but i hv no regrets.i love spoilers and totally lub tis drama.yea undeniable chemistry between those 2.fans of jihwan oppa want nothing but for him to be happy ever after with whomever he likes best.shipping RL for this couple 4 now.

  41. thanks so much for this!!!

    Is the ice cream scene where Ki-joon pushes AJs ice cream to her face (that made him blush) is not an ad-lib? YEH, really was retaliating but cut short. also in the ep. 16 bedscene, when KJ tickled AJ and AJ retaliates also by hitting him in the forehead and then afterwards all we can hear from KJ was “no, no, no” will full of laughter — are this scenes not adlibs? I don’t think the writers will put that in, coz in both scene you can see YEH was really caught in surprise and will readily retaliates. I wonder what happened if the cameras will keep rolling =) But one thing is sure, KJH is such a playful boyfriend and YEH will never let that naughtiness pass, coz she will really retaliates. I like that kind of playfullness between lovers, BF-GF, that you don’t get to see often in a kdrama =)

    • THAT “bed scene” (in ep 16) is one of my fave scenes not because they are so sweet but you can see the LOVE despite of the issues AJ is going through 🙂

      Also..adlibs, for me, are hard to execute especially if the actors are not THAT comfortable.. For them, it’s just like a day-to-day (natural) scene hihi

  42. THEY LOOK VERY VERY VERY GOOD & POWERFUL TOGETHER! I am pretty sure that if they hook up in real life, they’ll be the hallyu power couple!

    • @hunnybunny… im have the same thought with you, i had a feeling that if they being togehter im sure they will be the hallyu power couple….. coz the aure between them are so powerfull.. they will be a great couple ever …. .. i think there must be someone told this to them so that they will be considering it and start to know each other, or pherhaps ending with married…. jia you eun hye….

    • @HunnyBunny
      Hunny bunny have I told you lately how I love you? I dont tell you nearly enough. Heheh
      But for real, you have it right!! They would be soo powerful together. I mean, oh my damn, if they date and become open about their relationship, go on dates and visit the others set? It would inspire people. Inspire me.

      • Leishers my dear,

        I’m wondering…what’s the inspiration for u to? … Publish u and GY?? Better not..u know, anti fans…they will throw u to Bermuda, same plot like Yoon Joo …. LOL …

      • @ Leishers, the feeling is mutual baby! 🙂 I think, if they really come out as a couple, the fans will die of happiness! Their professional lives will be going from strength to strength as their pairing is akin to a “Will & Kate of Hallyu”

        Even when writing this, they’re putting stars in me eyes, mushy on me inside, sunny disposition in a hail and storm rainy day! *it’s been raining in my place for several days now btw*

        loco is me! 😛

      • @Peipei78
        Oh Peipei, you can’t really care what others think in the game of love, lifes too short for that. Now if I was a clingon like Yoon Joo? Then they would have a right to ship me to bermuda heheh. But My LOVE is fully reciprocated by my hubsters :). Anti’s? psshh. Whats that? We dont deal with Anti’s here in Florida, we just call them haters and move on. heheh but I wasnt thinking about my hubby when I said YEH & KJH inspire me. I just meant they inspire me to wanna be in love right this minute.

        Riight? I mean, I freak myself out with how much I want them to be together. Jus thinking about the two of them will make the day pass you by, because once you start you cant stop. They are just such an awesome pair. How can you not have stars in your eyes? I dont blame you.

  43. Oh! this is good.One tambayan ( hangout ) for all hwanye people.Thank you Ms. Koala for giving us our dreamland.Thank you so much.
    Now lets get to it fill this up with good and positive news.Lets all stay lighthearted and with clear minds accept whatever kind of future KJH and YEH choose for themselves. I personally is hoping for eternal love, marriage,progressing careers, a happy home and beautiful sons and daughters.HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

    • Thank you Mrs. Koala.. for providing us a playground to play and definitely to stay (hahha..considering you’re still updating us with LTM and Hwan-Hye things:D). Super love this post, especially the BIG gif from jeju and airport scene. Thank you so much. And for my hope with Hwan-Hye.. goes the same with all the things that @che rowley mentioned above :). Gosh!, what a habit I have.. still looking for any LTM and Hwan-Hye thing. Haahaha.. guess a habit doesn’t change that easily (or it won’t) :).

  44. Dearest Koalas,

    A BIG thank you for your efforts to give HwanHye shippers/folks a home where we can observe, hear, talk, work, daydream, nightdream and whatever abt our OTP. I read your post and analysis with my max satisfaction.

    I even have more reason to trust my instinct that these 2 definitely made for each other. They either in the entertainment industry long enough to understand where to take their love life to go. Both are matured and no doubt can handle it well.I asked myself this question: “While you are at your peak at your career, can you clearly see and know who you are desire for as a partner?”..But clearly our favourit OTP do.That even made me admire them more. I wrote it down once..I believe the wise man is waiting for a right person to do his catch and here it is his chance.

    P/S:What is Kang waiting for?Go and get her…you are not that young any more ok..

    Hye, I know you’ve been there, done that..you must understand how hard to find such a great man with “husband material type” right?Go for it..you have ours guard and fully support.We will go along even as you married, with kids..

    • yes..KJH, pls faster and get her! Like the dialogue in LTM, there are many men in the line!! 🙂 Else you will be jealous later..hehe

      ps: found all the lines in LTM can fit their situation well. 😀

      • i especially like the line “i just want to hold your hand while sleeping”… reminds me of what YEH always says about being married, that even if they had a misunderstanding, when they sleep at night she would like to always hold hands with her husband.

  45. omo omo omo…love u Koala, i always go to ur blog for search new info from wuri HwanHye…:)

    btw please guys would u someone give me utube link for BTS when KJH fanning YEH, coz i couldn’t find it on utube… i desperately want to see again, i forgot to save it last time i watched it..:(

  46. It’s almost 3:00am in my country, i had already finished my paper work, and i was going to bed BUT something took me to open my fb, and then the playground……….. haha i’v spent like half and hour to digest this information!!! why why it has to be like this why ? 🙁 i got rather disappointment reading the first paragrahp and the words “..nothing was there..” BANG.

    I’m going crazy over those 2, literally. In all these year i’ve been watching Kdramas, i’ve never been so hooked up for the couple but for the drama itself. Their chemistry goes beyond my screen every time i see a video (and the drama of course)…sigh..

    I really hope the would give us a hint of their true relationship; let’s give’m the benefit benefit of the doubt. Nothing is said.

    Like you koala said, we have to be happy & repectful with their decisions….but i’m greeedy and i dun wish for that to happen :'(

    Btw what does RL & HSI means?

  47. What an antidote to a really depressing day – hard day at work AND no LTM!!!!

    This more than made up Koala chingu!!!! Thank you.

    Thing is – wasn’t the airport scene ad-libbed after all? Cos we saw the bare script and all on earlier posts and found HwanHye had stamped the scene with their own brand of adorkyness and love!!

    I do hope that the person who gave us a glimpse of the script would just feed us the whole thing so we can dissect it!! 😛

  48. Wha can i say? Thanks for the dosage quencher for my addiction i have been fed and slowly going back to my insane self….drooling while reading it helps me to function properly as a human being….hehehehe i am now high again…not making sense? Wait a while until i got it straight…what are talking about again?… Ah yeah i remember now….lie to me ….how it messed up my normal way of watching drama…now i want it happen in real life for yeh and kjw….can thry just announce it so we can all share a toast and attend their wedding….anyways i will read again…..

  49. thank you Ms. Koala for this place we can all call our own. you really make life beautiful for all of us who are wishing and praying that our HwanHye couple are really a couple in real life. your hard work is much appreciated.

  50. Wow! Koala, thank you so much, you’re feeding my addiction for yeh & kjh. Luv it…… sooo busy but still find time to join here for the love our OTP.

      • wait. thats where you are @leishers? omo. I was there for spring break this year! spent 3 weeks there. awwsome sunshine in the midst of WI winter!!! arghs. & love.

      • @Lynx
        YEAH im in florida 🙁
        I’ve been here for the last 2yrs now. I’ve never stayed in one place for this long in a long time. So i’m kind’ve stir crazy.
        What part of FL were you vacaying?

      • Orlando of cos. Did the whole disneyland, universal, kennedy space centre thingy… the whole works. 🙂 helped that i was staying with a friend.

      • @Lynx
        hahah Orlando is good. Not as hot as south beach or Palm Beach, but its still really cool up there. heheh no im just joking. Im just jealous casue im like the only one who hasnt been to disney world and I live so close. 2hrs away. My whole fam has been except me. And I lived in orlando and i lived in cali too.

      • wait.. this is totally irrelevant of course.. but WHYEVER NOT??? I mean seriously, its Disney World!! Where dreams come true!! lols. I like Thunder Mountain ride. Go ride it at night 🙂 🙂

  51. Anyone have seen the BTS video of other KJH’s dramas? How KJH treated other female lead / actress from any other of his dramas? Any difference in the way he treated our YEH during BTS of LTM?

    • @JJM_MANIA…..i havent seen it, if you think is there any diferencess chingu….. could you please tell me where is the diferencess? if there is…. but if not …. im still hoping they will be a paired hehehehehhehehhe :P…. thank you … 🙂

    • @ jjm_mania

      I’ve seen almost all of KJH’s dramas ( I do like him a whole lot) but, I admit, it was only in Coffee House that I felt he had some kind of connection with his leading lady. But when I saw some of the bts shots my “wanting them to be together in real life” gone kaput… I felt that both of them were not romantically interested to each other… KJH was his playful self but it’s more focused to the rest of the crew… Well, the video i saw was not clear but then there wasn’t any meaningful looks or stolen glances or the extra sweetness like what we saw in LTM bts… And if I’m not mistaken, the speculations (in CH) just have its natural death… so, am not a professional or what but when I initially saw the video of the wrap-up party, I felt it in my guts that both are attracted to each other… They might be good at acting, but there are what we call as primal instincts that can’t just be denied… Now, am so excited to know what happens next… possibly a public declaration???? squeeeeeeeeeeee

      • mama weng…how’s the chemistry between Song Yuri n KJH in Hong Gil Dong??

      • oopsie sorry my internet connection went kaboom so i posted twice… me bad… sorry madame K…

        @ nowhere

        I don’t feel anything special in their collaboration… I mean they were cute but for me, that was all there was…Song Yuri is pretty but am not so much impressed with her acting. IMO (and I could be biased) KJH carried the drama…JGS was a newbie then so his acting was so so… No electricity during their kissing scene… I did not see any bts but then I could see they don’t have onscreen chemistry…

      • @ mizweng
        Wow! Thank you! I’m glad you’re familiar with KJH’s work. I’ve been wondering about how he was with his other leading ladies BTS. I’ve seen most of the LTM BTS. It’s very telling…he had on this perpetually goofy smile whenever he was around YEH. The poor guy seems to be crushing on the pretty miss…it’s so obvious.

      • Thanks mama weng for your opinion…I also felt that way..I like KJH performance as HGD n the story..but not feel any connection between the co-star ^.^

      • @ drjms

        You’re welcome my dear…am not really an expert but just and ordinary fan. Ever since I saw him in Be strong Geum Soon, I got hooked with his boyish charms and mega watt smiles… hehehe

      • Thanks!!! Mizweng. Between you and OneTruePeer .. .I got the breakdown I needed for both of them!! (I cant/wont watch sageuk. .. so unfortunately HGD won’t be on my list :D) hehe

      • i havent really watch any KJH dramas except Be strong….. and i skipped lots of scenes and for the other i’ve watched only 1or 2 eps and then kaput and sometimes not at all…I only found my interest of him becaue of LTM and YEH

    • @ jjm_mania

      I’ve seen almost all of KJH’s dramas and movies ( I do like him a whole lot) but, I admit, it was only in Coffee House that I felt he had some kind of connection with his leading lady. But when I saw some of the bts shots my “wanting them to be together in real life” gone kaput… I felt that both of them were not romantically interested to each other… KJH was his playful self but it’s more focused to the rest of the crew… Well, the video i saw was not clear but then there wasn’t any meaningful looks or stolen glances or the extra sweetness like what we saw in LTM bts… And if I’m not mistaken, the speculations (in CH) just have its natural death… so, am not a professional or what but when I initially saw the video of the wrap-up party, I felt it in my guts that both are attracted to each other… They might be good at acting, but there are what we call as primal instincts that can’t just be denied… Now, am so excited to know what happens next… possibly a public declaration???? squeeeeeeeeeeee

      • thanks for the input mizweng..hehehee, that is so called what I was expecting to hear actually. Never before in my whole life I care about actor / actresses private life…LOL….I guess this LTM’s set (KJH + YEH) is really driving me crazy.

      • hahaha you’re welcome jjm_mania… I also feel the same… haaaay hopefully there are some developments no?

  52. THIS is REALLY is it!!!!! Wooohhoooooooo

    For me, the wrap up party pics/video says it ALL 🙂

    Bought some PATIENCE already while waiting for them hehe

    I so LOVE THEM!! that’s why (i think) my eyes hurt…searching for clues hehe

    thanks ms ockoala! & to the rest of my fellow HWANHYE shippers…LET’s DO THIS!!! ^;^

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! 🙂

      • Queeninee8, omo omo omo!!! thanks for this .gif! i wish there’d be more evidence of this sweetness between wuri HH overflowing behind the scenes. Haaaaaayyy… are there more? I can’t wait….

    • Wasn’t that soooo sweet of him? I wonder what he was saying though… “here, take this or you might get sick and I’d be so worried”, gruffly in a concerned voice…

      See, he has that furrowed brow while muttering… LOL!

  53. Thank you so much Miss koala for posting this… made my day happy…. :D… now i want to continue watching LIE TO ME again hehehehhe…. i had start to watch LTM marathon since yesterday…. hehehehhe… misse this couple… once again thank you miss koala… :)…..

  54. can we send these hard evidences to court so these 2 accused can plead “GUILTY YOUR HONOR” 🙂 just love them both..can’t get enough of these two.. 🙂 🙂

  55. how about if they really have special relationship but try to hide it because,you know, their agency didn’t give them permission to go out on public.

    • @joo raim…Hi! yes this is POSSIBLE 😉 i think if you’re a big artist/actor/actress in any country, their personal lives suffer…it’s already GIVEN.. Have blessed week ahead!

    • This could be a possibility since both of them seem quite protective of their private life, i’m even keeping myself well prepared that things will be rather quiet for a while, just don’t let me wait too long lol

      • @ joo raim, oasis, donut

        that’s a big possibility!!! and I don’t really expect to get any news about possible romantic development now…It will take time… normally 3 to 6 months or even a year… Basing on those who have gone public, they did admit after some time…

    • @mizweng yeah! already a trend in Korea…

      joo raim, oasis, donut….Don’t worry..am giving you some PATIENCE that i bought hehe it will expire next YEAR hahaha

      • @ Oasis
        LOL in the mean time, let’s enjoy speculating and dreaming that everything is true…

      • haha goodluck to me! i’ve been there 🙂 it’s almost the same feeling i had before (with a local couple in our country) BUT this one is so special haha

      • Oasis my dear..how I wish that trend be dumped in the trashcan..seriously, I mean people nowadays are not like that anymore..what people love today is when you tell the truth and not the other way around. I guess someone needs to break that trend just like what Ms. K set as an example, Choi Song Jong and his wife.

        Maybe one of the many reasons why suicide is very prevalent in their business is because artists tend to live their life with what their fans or manager or agency dictate. As fans we all love to pair our favorite actors or actresses but when time comes that they announce to the whole world that they found someone they already love and not the person we hope they will end up to, we need to respect that, wish them happiness and support them.

      • Conie…Hello!!

        Hmmm..how i wish the actors/actress can abolished D’ TREND in Korea 🙂

        Asian countries are more conservative in terms of artist management is concern 🙂 REPUTATION is still # 1 in the list 🙂 If you want to achieve your dream as a celebrity, obey the management…

        Kinda sad but it’s REALITY..

        Have a blessed week, Unnie!

      • @Conie
        YEH more than anyone knows what it is to feel the pressure of an agency controlling your life, even your friends. During the Baby Vox-Chocolate reunion, she told everyone how when she debuted in Goong as an actress, her agency then told her she couldn’t associate with any of her singer-past (even to the point where she couldn’t go out in public for Baby Vox publicity stuff even if they’re the best of friends). The extreme, for example, is how 2ne1 has it in their contracts that they’re not allowed to date at all until 3-5 years after their debut.

        YEH also lost out of Que Sera Sera because of agency controlling her life, which was why she created The House Company. As a business woman, she’s is well aware how scandals and even public dating ruins reputations and job opportunities (the couple Ms. K mentioned waited maybe 5 years to come out… even S7ven and Park Han Byul didn’t go public until 7 years after they’d been dating).

        Though some k-celeb couples come out sooner than others, that’s probably not gonna be changing anytime soon… so just expect YEH to go public when she’s about to get married and is free-er to go on dates and hold hands outside.

      • @oasis : its really sad how they personalities like YEH and KJH needs to live their life according to what their respective management dictates them. Regarding reputation, I think they both have earned it already specially for YEH who has been in the industry for quiet a long time already, she’s known to be a good actress and I really don’t see anything wrong with her or the other established actors and actresses going on a date. They are humans like us and not robots. As long as they do not go beyond the limits I think agencies should also give them a little freedom.

        @HwanHye Shipper : I don’t know that YEH already had her own agency, thanks for the info. If she’s into this business I hope that she won’t be that cruel to her talents like the other agencies did to her, I hope she will be the one to start a talent-friendly agency without risking the business side of course. And I know that she is a Christian so being humane to her subordinates won’t be a problem hehe

      • Conie…I think if you’re IN LOVE with the person..You will GO beyond your limits 🙂

    • lol I laugh because Yoon Eun Hye runs her agency so if anyone is gonna give permission to go public, it’s gonna be her.

      • @ Hwanhye

        I like that you seem to know a lot about YEH or K entertainment for that matter… About YEH owning her own management company… I do hope that because of that the she doesn’t have to follow the 7year rule… hehehe

      • @hwanhye shipper, so Hye has control of herself because she is her own boss.

        i just hope with the trouble that Hwan had with his agency, there won’t be any trouble if they do come out as a couple.

      • @ HwanHye Shipper, mizweng, oasis and conie, seriously guys, I’ve never had this much info on the ways of K ent industry. Keep them coming! Keep newbies like me enthralled by your informative banter!

      • @drmjs : if there’s someone who knows k-ent that much I think its Ms. K and HwanHye Shipper.. I’m still a newbie just like you 🙂 thanks to them I’m learning hehe

      • YEH is very protective about her private life. And the people around her and her fans knows about this and respect her decision.
        I remember in some of her interviews while she was promoting My Black Mini Dress, she mentioned that she can only hang out with her BF at home. Due to her line of work, she can’t go out, shopping or watch movies while holding hands. And her wish is that when she’s married, she can do these with her husband openly.
        All these while, she has never openly admitted to being in a relationship while in a relationship. So if she do come out, it will probably be to announce her wedding.
        And I hope it’s be soon cos she been hinting about wanting to get married for a while already…

  56. Thank you Ms. Koala…really really appreciate ♥♥♥ for supplying us of our daily LTM addiction…can’t get over the drama re-watching it again 🙂 🙂 🙂 … Ji Hwan & Eun Hye ♥♥♥ you guys.

  57. Dearest koala, do you want to give me a heart attack? Haha! I found my smile getting wider and wider as I reached the end of the post. I don’t need further convincing because their chemistry was just sizzling. I thought YEH had good pairings with jjh and GY, but with KHJ, everyone else slips out of the picture. The BTS photos and clips are good evidence. I support this couple on and off screen & I hope they really end up together (if they aren’t already dating in real life)

    Everyone, please keep sharing photos and theories 🙂

  58. I hate to say that epi 16 , the ending —-kissing scene–
    I do not think the Jeju scene draw my attention,
    I can only see two best actor and actress do their best as a professional
    actor and actress filming the ending.
    Their eyes are not shinning , their faces are so tired, more or less like
    a footballer playing after 120 mins(90 mins usually), energy running out,
    good job the whistle blow , it is the end. I do not see their happy smile face
    the way they look at each —— but tired………….but two worn out actor/actress.
    PD —————–the poor rating for epi 16 speaks for itself(in korea and
    China). You are ruinning the reputation of KJH and YEH who tried so hard
    to touch the viewers hearts.

    • Hi,

      I think I understand your point of them looking tired at the end of episode 16, but I don’t think it’s the PD’s or anyone else in the production staff’s fault for ruining their reputations. They’re just basically doing their jobs and I salute them for the very hard work they’ve done to finish the series despite the crazy schedule. It’s not right to point fingers as to who’s to blame because of the poor ratings it received. I guess many expected too much and many were disappointed to see how the story went that’s why there are a lot of not-so-good things that were said about the series and the actors/actresses.

      I don’t know much about this series’ pre-production details but IIRC, I read somewhere that they started very late in filming hence the reason why there are a lot of inconsistencies in between takes and abrupt scene changes due to deadlines/time constraints.

      Anyhow, this series made me go back to watching an Asian drama again since Coffee Prince last 2007. YEH’s the only reason why I watch an Asian (Korean) drama. I don’t care what other people say, as long as I find something I enjoy, I won’t be bothered.

      And if ever YEH’s decided to get married, I’ll support her all the way.

      Just my two cents.

      • Well said sky…I have same experience with u…couple years not watching drama..n got me pull back in cause watching YEH’ dramas MFL n CP…n now getting more crazy cause LTM ^.^

      • @Sky
        I dont see how they can blame actors/wriers/pd’s for ratings. I mean, they are in the entertainment industry, so there’s always going to be competition. Especially when shows shares the same time-slot. It could be two great written show, but it all comes down to whichever one you(as the viewer) like.
        Ratings dont matter to anyone but tv stations.

      • Even good rating dramas in Korea..but can those dramas dominate the foreign markets??..YEH’s drama always popular for international fans…YEH/KJH deserved this love from us!!

      • @ sky, big aplause to sky…. :D… im from indonesia, and it’s asia too and i really loved LIE TO ME ( i think im not the only one who lived in indonesia loved this drama, alot of people here in indonesai loved this drama) …. and my sisters said too the same thing… now i want to recmended this drama to my sister who lived in india…. LTM …. jia you … fighting… we all will always support all the LTM crew, pd, writers, and specialy my favourite couple ever KJH and YEH :P…. wish to see they in the same project, movie or drama … 🙂 all the best for all …….

    • Hello 🙂

      Also want to share something..i’ve worked before in a local tv network (in our country)..production dept itself…it’s hard to give the viewers the expectations that they want…Pressure to the highest level!! Every scene is vital & has a meaning..because it will dictate the flow of the entire story..

      The change of writer is a BIG BLOW to the production team because the foundation lies on the previous scripts…& a HUGE pressure to the incoming writer…sleepless nights beating the deadlines…the style they’ve used is called HAND-to-MOUTH..That’s the hardest thing a production like this have to do (if you are filming) with all the time (& poor ratings) facing them & yelling “HEY It’s already time!! We need to air NOW!” If the actors are exhausted..as WELL as the team..esp the director…

      Sorry but it’s not appropriate to blame it to the prod team 🙂

      For me, the script is good…the actors are great..i don’t care about the ratings (like what sky have said)..it’s the feeling that am (still) enjoying while watching this ONE of a KIND series 🙂


    • Forgot to say that China & Korea is not the only country (here in Asia) that are viewers of LTM…There are STILL other parts of the world who wants to be IN LOVE with them 🙂

      Fighting! my dear couple! Show THEM what you’ve GOT!!!

      Let’s GO Team LTM!

    • LTM is a love it or hate it drama. But, I think the reason people who love this drama love it is a universal reason. Watching two people fall in love, really fall in love, is incredibly compelling. It might not get huge ratings everywhere but it will find an audience anywhere.

      The HwanHye forum is here for a reason, and that reason isn’t to talk about the failures of a badly executed drama.. So my thoughts,

      LTM is a bubble that allows KJH and YEH to maintain the fiction that everything was just acting. Its flimsy and transparent; nobody believes it. So many of the most compelling scenes are the ones where you can forget that there is a story behind them at all. That’s probably because the real love story behind all those moments wasn’t the one written for TV. The feeling is palpable. There is just too much lust in their eyes and too much otherwise inexplicable tenderness.

      KJH was doting on YEH and wooing her from the very beginning. I wonder how long her willpower lasted against such a concerted effort?

      • I like how you pointed LTM as a love it or hate it kind of drama. Love it because it made you feel how great it is to fall in love or hate it because you’re like a rocket scientist who scrutinizes every bits and pieces of the show from writing and everything that’s involved.

        You also mentioned that this show will find its audience anywhere else (in this case it found its way to a bigger and diverse group of audience – the world).

        Who doesn’t want to fall in love like KJ and AJ?
        Both were simply captivating to look at whenever they are together even without words being spoken by them. The aura of being in love is totally there and we, the viewers, can feel it. I love simple yet touching stories like this which can make you connect with the characters and be able to compare their situations to RL settings.

        PS. I’m currently working here in the Middle East, so LTM is already receiving love here. Cheers!

      • i guess her willpower didn’t last long. KJH must have done a very good job convincing the little miss not to get confuse with what’s reel and real because for him it is just the same. KJH loves both YEH and GAJ because they are one person only the other is fictional yet their yearnings of the heart are the same.

        i bet you that all those talks about “is it acting or real” have hint of truth.

      • Oh joestill, what a shrewd observation.

        Instinctively, we knew that we were watching more than just the drama on screen. I believe we were all captivated by the possibility of what was going on with YEH and KJH behind the camera.

        In fact, we were so moved by the glimmers of truth we saw behind the scenes which led us to this playground…looking for clues…crumbs of information telling us that our instincts are spot on. Yes, it’s like piecing together a particularly challenging puzzle that is begging to be completed.

        At this point, I guess, I am beyond seeing the technical flaws, the poor ratings and the incohesiveness of the plot. Discussions on this topic is moot unless you’re seriously into film and theater arts. I believe that I’m here for the long haul simply because the message brought forth by this drama transcends – Love in all its resonance and clarity. See that! It even reduced me to wax poetic!

        You are right, the drama will find it’s audience no matter what, and I do hope that the future audiences will also discover what we have discovered all along.

        And sky…It’s enlightening to hear that LTM is loved as far as the Middle East.

  59. thank Kaola…..
    all this evident show that their relationship was real……
    hope they end up with marriage….hehe…i’m going to far hehehe…..

  60. I’m so blessed to have found this playground, now I have this forum to feed my LTM addiction. Thanks for this Ms. K..cheers to us all 😀

  61. I haven’t been this interested with any foreign actors (nor of anyone as I recall) to this level as to pry into their private affairs but now that i had a taste of it, I can’t seem to stop. More update please.

    The latest sightings of YEH in HAWAII? How true and with whom and for what?

      • @ bo Japan?secret dating with KJH?lol..no..she went to Hawaii..you can check the news at Soompi!

      • @ nowhere, ali, bo

        who knows? she could always drop by in Japan from Hawaii? ummmm not really sure if that is feasible but that’s what airplanes are for, right? hahaha just kidding guyzzzz it’s just that i feel in LOVE anything is possible!!! yaaaay am thoroughly enjoying this!!!!

      • I was hoping they would meet somewhere where they can be incognito then just walk hand in hand and kiss every time they feel like it wherever whenever. Wouldn’t it be nice ? Then hopefully babies follow . . . . .

  62. Hello ms Koala!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the news about this couple!!! I am so glad to find more news about them!!! I check your playground i don’t know how many times a day, i have been a lurker here since PK but this couple made me register here!!!! And i love every bits of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Ok, I never shipped anyone in real life but these two make it to difficult. Please admit already. it´s clearly there. All the chemistry. God. How much we need to wait? : D

    • meee tooo claudia…. usually i just follow YEH news, coz i’m so dying fans of her..all my close friend know it too;)

      but right now i’m shipped YEH & KJH..i wish they will be together in future..i really2 wish hear a good news:)

  64. thank you so much for this ms. koala! i’ve been waiting a LOOOONG time for you to start this forum. wishing all the best to this lovely couple!
    i found their chemistry much more sizzling than Eugene and her soon to be hubby in Creating Destiny.

    may HwanHye become the next K-industry power couple!!!!

  65. Quick, quick! Link me to the Jeju interview! I missed it, omg! alskdjsjg

    Btw, this is the first website I’ve visited today and ah, reading about our OTPs (I totally have two!) was sooo wonderful!

  66. Omo omo… You brighten up my day!!! Now as LTM wrapped up, I am left feeling empy on Monday and Tuesday as I have nothing to look forward to!!! I don’t follow Miss Ripley and has temporary dropped Baby-faced beauty (I will pick it up on a later date, as I have decided to finish all episodes together). Too bad, “Warrior Beak Dong Soo” is a sageuk, which is not my favourist k-drama genre (I prefer C/HK variety). So I can see my Mon and Tue on the the great forum that you just create for us then! And I love your analysis of HwanHye interactions BTS!!! That just confirms that their chemistry is not a craftmenship by two actors but more the blossoming feeling of two persons who get attracted to each other 😀 And I am all for that!!!

  67. I love them both and i’ ll be with you people, the attraction between kjh and yeh is undeniable but only time can tell since both are busy and working separately now, we can do nothing but wait and see, please keep on sharing to us news about YEH & KJH

  68. i can’t thank you enough ms koala for giving us this venue to talk about our fav OTP and be able to continually interacting with all you wonderful people here.

    in my opinion looking at all of the evidences of their actions that they’re in a relationship already…we probably hear an announcement from them when they’re ready to tie the knot just like eugene and kty did, which to me is a smart thing to do knowing how it is in k-entertainment reason why most celeb relationship didn’t work for those who came out in the early stages of their relationship?

  69. Me too!!!

    My Mondays and Tuesdays are empty now, i don’t feel like watching anything else. I so miss your OTP!!!!

  70. FOR ME, based for those evidences and the way they look at each other….. i could say they are on the stage of MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING…actually wayback 2010 i saw the vid of baeksang award in YT , i dont know but there is something special about them…they both attracted each other… for now its up to them how to handle their feelings and relationship. I know KJH since 2005 when i saw him in the drama series “Be strong Geum Seum”… he was handsome and perfectionist when it comes in acting. YEH we know that she’s very popular throughout asia and she is drop dead gorgeous…

  71. Yes indeed, shine the attraction is there no doubt about that!!! You must be blind not to see it!!!!!! There are so many red flags point to that!!!!

    • It’s funny how more ppl are voting for the actresses (in category 2) then for the actors (in category 1). LOL.

      • I hope I have contributed to that 51%. put 6 votes for( diff, IP) demanded my 4 sons to vote for her( yes! told them if they don’t, no food on the table. even ask my g/son too. I think his starting to like her (his 18) saw all YEH’s picture on my notebook. he told me she’s gorgeous.

      • elma, same with me i vote 4 time a day. i use my laptop at home, my brothers PC, my PC at work and even use my boss PC to vote, that is why i was mighty pissed off when the started rigging the result.

    • Seen that video a billion times, and though it looks like there’s skinship going on at the second, the published pictures taken at another angle show a respectable distance. It may look like he’s stroking her hand but it’s just the point of view we’re seeing them at. She ‘s actually a few inches behind him.

    • really love their gestures, they both have the same gestures when they’re shy 😀 like everyone said, it just seemed like he is stroking her hand but actually its not.

    • i’ve seen this vid over & over and i noticed when KHJ finger touch YEH knee she smile & he smile…. i guess she feels it… omo!

    • Even here, you see it. KJH from around 1:56 was all ears and attentive to what YEH was saying, even if he wasn’t looking at her. Usually during these kinds of press interviews, when one is talking, the attention of the other star wanders around. But I can already feel the sexual tension and strong attraction between the two of them. Although here, they are still a lot more comfortable towards each other compared to the after show party. Gaaaah, I just remembered that and yeah, I’d say, stark difference!!!

  72. I’m so shipping them as a RL couple. They are so so cute. At the wrap up party it seems like KJH are doing great efforts to keep his eyes and hands for himself (palying with the cutter, crossing his arm, stealing glances at YEH). Or am I just being delusionnal? LOL.

  73. Great. Now I’m never going to leave my cave.

    Does anyone have the link to the Jeju interview where KJH is bashfully looking at YEH?

  74. Thanks Koala 🙂

    After a very tiring day at work, this perked me up. Missed the frantic Monday and Tuesday of cramming up work to a lot time for LTM and witness the sizzling magic of HwanHye.

    I am a permanent but sometimes silent lurker in here. 😉

      • @nowhere….
        Miss you too! 🙂 … you’re right these days will never be the same again, but thanks to Koala she feeds our hunger for our OTP in this playground.

      • yeah dear…now I feel sad lol…not so excited as before….thanks to mam koala..for feeding my hunger..LTM-ers comments to keep my spirit!!

  75. Ms Koala, are there no screen caps of KJH’s giddy-glee at smudging ice cream into YEH’s face? Because THAT was totally KJH reacting to the mess he made/breaking the ice cream cone and not the actor’s character. Total googly-eyed glee.

    And also, I wish there was a close-up of KJH’s face as he pulls away from YEH at the airport. That’s what convinced me she gives him butterflies in the stomach.

    • so sweet… i love them thanks koala for that info. i always check your account to update myself on my favorite kjh and yeh hahahaha love to hear that, that they are many adlibs hahahhahaha so happy…. thanks koala hope to hear good news again…

    • @hwanhye shipper, i agree! kjw’s smile when he broke aj’s ice cream cone is priceless!

      and his eyes looking at her after he kissed her at the airport is to die for! 🙂

  76. Koala, thanks for summarizing all the wonderful tidbits! LTM has possessed me in such a way that even though it has ended I check your blog daily for the latest updates. I hope with the success of the international viewership market our lovely couple will go on promo tours together. Whatever their relationship may truly be, I only wish them the best(hopefully with each other) or otherwise with whomever they chose. I know that YEH is so much more mature, independent and business minded compared to other actors/actresses in the entertainment industry and has yet to have been in a personal relationship, but I hope that this amazing spark she has with KJH will prompt her into allowing something to flourish between the two. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  77. Thank you so much Captain Koala for makes this forum especially for HwanHye… I’ve been waiting for this to satisfied my shippy heart :-). This forum will be a place to meet fellow shippers to share our love, hope and dreams for them. This is a new journey after the LTM has ended and with you steering the wheel, I know it will be satisfying journey wherever the destination might be. And fellow shippers, you will be a great companions along the way 😉

    Also thank you for making the chronology of their journey till finally their destined collaboration in LTM. You put it together beautifully and it’s become more meaningful as if we are walking along their love story memory lane 🙂

  78. Reading this post confirms my thoughts of how much they’re into each other even before working together in LTM. Especially when KJH says that he is not very much interested with LTM but on the thought of working with YEH.

    That very first time he saw her in Baeksang award and discuss possibilities of them together in a project, I bet that is not all..in my own opinion, I think physical attraction is already there .

    BTS videos do not lie, him being a perfect gentleman at all times when he is around her counts alot. We ladies appreciate men who take extra effort in making us comfortable and we also sense when this person is trying to win u, tendency is if we like him we go with the flow and tend to be much more comfortable around him. And if we don’t like him we take extra precautions to create the distance needed inorder to tell him to back-off. I don’t see this scenario with them, during the wrap-up party although they tried their best not to talk openly but we could sense them communicating. Them standing closely together is way too different with how they stand close with the others. Any person who have been into a relationship knows this.

    This is just my own opinion, whether I’m correct or I’m just hallucinating I don’t care. Just as long as now, I’m happy with seeing them like that (in their bts vids). They always make me smile no matter what.

    • could it be that they were not all out acting during the drama but was definitely acting during the wrap up party?

      • I’ll be thankful if that is the case we don’t need to speculate and its time to really open the champagne and lit the fireworks 😀

    • Conie, I don’t think you’re hallucinating, if you are, then I am too. I trust my own judgement and yes, BTS do not lie, she’s being comfortable with him next to her and I’m very sure she’s enjoying his companionship.

  79. So if there were ever any doubt as to why celebrity couples would wait until engagement dates or even 2 years after they begin their romance, check out this news of reactions to kpop idol Goo Hara and B2st Junhyung dating:


    Elementary school reps called their PR companies to complain. These are administrators of a school complaining about a celeb couple coming out! Ridiculous. I mean it’s worse for kpop idols, but this is the type of reaction that make celebs lose endorsements and job opportunities.

    • *geez* -.-” that’s the only response to give … but then again… kpop idols… so not the same level of craze and fantasy I’m sure.

      Also – what’s with the school?!?! Instead of doing something to educate the kids about fantasizing their idols… and how these people have REAL LIVES… .they complain to the company?!?! They want the kpop idols to lie to public?!?!! … WOW. you know what school not to enroll your kids in. 😛

    • OMG, I laughed my socks off on the news!!! Why someones even “think” of making such a complain is beyond me… LOL…

    • That school is seriously pining for attention! Please don’t ever name that school, not ever . .

      Now I’m beginning to understand why the ratings of LTM got so fucked up locally. And I thought we are the ones delusional! Hey gangmates we’ve got competition here!

  80. thank you! thank You! just love the end picture the wedding dress and the groom look…….sweetssssss =3 , arjoe really does break my heart when everthing turns out fate…….yes…….I finally realized they act so well.all the things after the drama………….is commercial.
    l hope yen and kang will met someone really special in their life and if it really comes real Hwan hye will be the most wonderful matches.handsome +beautiful. ariel’s real boyfriend = beauty and the wealth (oh!poor joe)

  81. Ms. Koala, can we have one post just on BTS videos of HwanHye’s past projects? For me, knowing their work ethic and personalities is how I became convinced that though they haven’t started dating in the beginning of LTM, they both weren’t unaware of the sparks flying everywhere by the end of filming.

    I’m afraid this’ll quickly get lost in the comments, but I’ll start listing links of BTS videos of our favorite OTP in their past projects:

    Megapost by CouchKimchi on Coffee House BTS special for Japan (seriously hoping LTM will follow suit). And because this was for Japan, the BTS special mainly focused on KJH:

  82. thanks, Captain Koala! 🙂 those stills and gifs are darn so good! I miss them so much! I’m so glad I found your playground. Only LTM and HwanHye have made me read blogs and post comments. I feel giddy just by looking at those stills and pics. 🙂

      • same here. really get into any other dramas right now. just want to keep seeing YEH and KJH again and again and again.
        i only opened my computer because my sister told me that koala posted something new so i had to see it. and here i am happy seeing the new post. but still not interested in looking at any other dramas.

      • Reading AKP is now included in my daily routine. All this happens because I need to fill my HwanHye gas tank. I feel suffocated without them. *runs off to watch Lie To Me last episode*

        And oh, forgot to mention. I’m happy to know the rest of HwanHye shippers. Hi!!! *waves*

  83. Has anybody watched baeksang 2008? That year YEH won best actress for her role in Coffee Prince. She was seated in the same row as KJH. When her name was called as the winner for best actress category. KJH turned his head towards her & watched her walked up the stage.

    I think he was smittened. YEH was VERY beautiful that nite. Lots of heads we turned that nite, too. Fate is on their side (ie Baeksang 2009 & LTM).

    • Was KJH really sitting on the same row as YEH?

      I watched from this YT video, could not really see KJH there.


      Instead, I saw Lee Sun Gyun there….

      • Yeah he was sitting on the same row with sung yuri. And totally looks up and claps when YEH name being called

      • @JJM,
        he was sitting in the same row… couple of chairs on the right side of LSG are empty and then you could see 1 guy in between 2 ladies.
        That guy in white tuxedo was Kang Ji Hwan, he sat between Sung Yu Ri and I Don’t Know Who? hehehehe.

      • KJH sat next to Sung Yuri, both were wearing white. They sat together coz they were the Hong Gil Dong couple. Watch again!!!!

      • Check this out, he was in white sitting with Sun Yu Ri on the right hand side of the row.


      • It looks like Mr. Voice, Lee Sun G is very happy for her win – he got up even before YEY – they had lots of scenes together in CP

      • wow, thanks for all the reply provided. I was just guessing in the first place since could not really see the face clearly, was it KJH wearing white?

    • actually from what I heard from fans of KJH–he was madly in love with Sung Yu Ri and it took quite long time for him to get over her. She (Sung) even gave him a puppy dog as B’day gift and he actually had the dog for quite a while! Of course from what I heard he has given the dog away to others. I guess baeksang 2008 YEH made a really good impression to him but no more as a great actress and baeksang 2009 as well (according to his fans, he was either still with Sung at that time or not over her yet). But it all doesn’t matter anymore, he is done with her and now ready for YEH,haha~

      • Really? Never heard about the news. Did he really admit that he liked her? Was it a one-sided love on his part?

        Hmmmmm….I really want YEH to be with a loyal, loving and single-minded guy when it comes to relationship with a woman…

  84. I love Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji hwan together. This is my take…
    Watched CP first, thought–aww I like how her and Gong yoo are. They had chemistry but I never shipped them. The BTS for CP showed them very close, but not like “oh em gee O.O” but more like Great friends. And you all should know im not being bias towards Kang Ji Hwan because I am married to Gong Yoo.
    Then I watched Goong and I was like aww they are cute together. I seriously thought YEH should date him at least for a bit, because they seemed to mesh really well. But thats about as much as I thought about them.
    Vinyard man? Nope never shipped her with mr. Oh Man Suk heheh, thats funny.
    MFL? Not that either. I didnt even ship her with Jung Il Woo, but I remember thinking his name was cool.
    Danielle Henney? I was like, YEH should Hit it and quit it.
    LTM…we all know what I have to say about this. I want Kang Ji Hwan to take her everyday including on sundays. And I mean really take her. I know you cant tell people whom o date, and sure as hell i wwouldn’t want someone telling me who to date, but I will never ever stop shipping this couple. Even if they go on to marry different people. Ill always think. Man, coulda, shoulda. At least for a month.

    • @Leishers

      LOL couldn’t stop laughing at your post… I totally agree with you (even the part of Gong Yoo being your yobo)… YEH is one actress I’ve seen who works well with her leading men…..I like her with GY in CP but not enough to ship them… I like her in Goong and tho I find JJH handsome I just felt something was off (may be because JJH had this bad boy aura)… I didn’t like OMS (didn’t know he was married but I didn’t feel any chemistry there) and even with YS in MFL ( I find him too old for her) and I was shocked with myself when I started shipping her with my KJH (sorry madame K)… I know KJH is a bit older but somehow they seem to complement each other… Even during the first episode of LTM I could really feel something there and then the karaoke kiss happened and BANG the rest is history…

      As far as KJH is concerned, I always find him a very good actor who works well with his leading ladies too… But I only shipped him with PSY in CH. But that ended when CH no longer aired…I could sense that there was no romantic involvement between the two from the BTS and the rumors that were circulating…

      • LOL nothing scandalous… just that PSY supposedly dating a businessman… not confirmed tho

      • I will watch YEH with any leading man just because i love her as an actor. She is with great acting ability and good personality that he made her leading men looked good and even charismatic with her. JHJ very handsome young fella i took him as a working partner no more no less. Now with GY they looked good together and wished if efforts are to be made maybe just maybe. There was no doubt that with OMS and YS that it was acting in a drama.
        Then came LTM.First screen showing of the two there was this sizzling hot chemistry right away. The karaoke kiss that came as a surprise did me in.I think i replayed it 3x’s.KJH the way he hold and kissed YEH was i think 3 years worth of pent up emotions.And the way the both of them looked after they kissed for all the world to see if there is nothing going on yet it will soon to happen.Hurray!!!! I yelled.
        Since then every scenes together were closely watched by me and Myrna.Unknown to us Tet was doing the same.
        So now we are in for the ride of our lives. i went as far as emailing some Chinese,Japanese and Korean transcripts to working friends for some ASAP translation.Gone were my long find sanity and peace of mind after ECHOTIN.The worse thing is I dont even understand the language. Iam just relying on strong feelings.So I am putting all my sense into this HWANYEH and until what we think is become a celebration iam in this roller coaster ride with no regrets.

      • @mizweng,

        PSY’s agency confirmed it and there are pictures of them together. The agency just said that the couple only started dating and are just getting to know one another so that the media should respect their space.

      • @Mizweng
        How can I not love you when You agree that GY is my Yobo? Heheh
        But yeah I have to agree with you a whole 200% something was off about JJH. Bad boys–gah, but I still love him, because I make it my business to rewatch Antique Bakery Once in a blue moon.
        I didnt know Kang Ji Hwan, until Koala posted that he will be the lead instead of MY Park Shi Hoo–The MAN is Deadly Gorgeous. Yummeh! But I figured that, since I really wanna watch a LTM, I should check him out. Coffee House, I couldnt check out because–idk, it didnt call to me. So i found a movie and I loved him in it. But I’m really glad I got to see this. The role fit the man as Lynx pointed out in a dif comment.

      • @momche

        I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you’ll tell me that you already have the connections with Korea’s entertainment industry…I will be waiting, hoping to see your pic with our dear OTP HWANHYE..hahahaha 😀

      • @ Leishers

        LOL yes I understand why you might not like CH… it’s not really your regular rom com but it has its charms… Jinsoo character is not lovable like KJ … But I still urge you to watch it some time… After LTM glows passed may be… and who knows, you might like it… It has its funny moments, I tell you…

        I definitely agree with you that KJH nailed KJ character to a T. I can’t imagine any other actor as KJ. Even the fact that he is older is perfect… By far, KJ is my favorite main male lead in the rom com genre.

        @ Hwanhye

        Yes, I seemed to remember reading somewhere that PSY agency confirmed the rumor and there were pictures (not very clear tho). Thank you for refreshing my aging memory…hehehe

      • @Leishers: Sometimes no matter how crazy we are with the story or the characters we just can sense if there is really something special happening between the two people, I guess that is why even how much we like YEH and her character in her previous dramas the chemistry she has with them are just plain and simple working relationship that is why we don’t shipped them unlike LTM, sometimes we’re lost if we are still watching a drama or we are watching an interaction of real life couple.

    • @ Leishers
      Same here. I loved YEH’s acting since Goong and I really loved CP. I’ve watched it a dozen times cos the story was really well-written but I didn’t really ship those two cos they were really more like close friends. She was really close to the other princes as well :). Although I did watch Vineyard Man but there was really no sparks between them and I just didn’t like that match. MFL was even worse, they didn’t match well and I couldn’t follow through with the drama. But LTM blew me away! The sparks and chemistry were so obvious right from the beginning! They looked so comfortable with each other on and off screen and I really really want these two to end up together! I kinda feel that they have this unspoken understanding between them and they really complement each other. KJH and YEH FIGHTING!

      • @Tet my daughter Amber a VJ for ABS-CBN MYKS is hosting BIG BANG promoting
        Asian Pop music.She is also hosting SOOMPI Top 10 update which are all Korean top singers like 2NE1,Beast, Rain etc.Who knows she might go to to next year’s INKIGAYO.By that time I am much better and go to Korea with her.Then as i am walking about i bumbed to HWANYEH accidentally.Eyyyyyy!!Just dreaming.But who knows.

  85. I just LOVE Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye! I’m practically re-watching LTM every single night and I’ve been losing sleep. Got home at almost 1am last night from the OC and I STILL stayed up to watch LTM because I need my daily fix of HwanHye! I’m sure NO ONE will have ANY problems with them dating, getting married, and making beautiful babies together, so these two should just hurry up and make their relationship public!!

      • so sweet couples. but , they really had a lot of costar chances,hope the production can really gave chances, they will happyily match of heaven.

      • yes, they have chance to cooperate in few projects before they started they relationship.
        And they only can use phone when they are in relationship for about 5 years!
        Luckily we can have video call now.. 🙂

      • how can we (dont know to read chinese) can understand that? how i wish there’s a chinese here who can translate for us….

  86. Thank you Koala!!!! I still visit your site… actually always. I love your LTM epilogue. I wish they were able to film that scene so that we can watch it when the dvd comes out with english subtitle too.

  87. They are so hawt together and i sense some awkwardness when they had the wrapped up party. I watched all YEH’s drama party and this one is totally different. Maybe my delusion of hoping them to be an “item” is making me see what is not there but they way i see, hear and feel thier action s are insync and very convincing no matter how hard they try to hide it.

    • yeah, I know she and the cast were really tired but she’s never been that reserved before… ah, only time will tell. But she certainly can’t hide the fact that her eyes constantly gravitated to KJH stealing looks like an elementary school crush.

      • @ Hwanhye

        I totally agree with you… hehehe Love was surely in the air with these two lovebirds…

  88. So while rewatching LTM for the umpteenth time, I noticed that though hand-holding was a given once our OTP finally got together, I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe KJH would milk hand-holding as much as possible where it may not have been necessary but he would do it anyway because YEH likes her hand held 🙂

    And also, I’m wondering how much of real life input YEH/KJH had on the script because I felt like a lot of the conversations that the OTP had together on their personal dates were things YEH kept mentioning in all her interviews while promoting Mini-Black Dress.

    • The second half of LTM turning into scene-after-scene of Ki Joon and Ah Jung going on dates and discussing their relationship (public scrutiny, etc.) cannot simply be the work of the second writer. Because frankly there is no narrative.

      It all reeks of Ji Hwan and Eun Hye dating onscreen in character, story-narrative out the window.

      Ki Joon’s personality turned into Ji Hwan in the second half (effusive, direct, teasing) and Ah Jung turned into Eun Hye (shy and tentative).

      Whereas Ah Jung led Ki Joon around for the first half (and he let her), Ki Joon completely took charge in the second half.

      • hmmmmm interesting input and you might be right madame K… that’s why it confused me in a way how KJ had a a80% change in personality!!!

      • its like the first half is just KJ only and then the second half its KJ and KJH fused together same goes with AJ and YEH character. maybe cause they relationship/bond is much better now that spent more time knowing each other, they practically spent the time 24/7 due to korean drama shooting constraint.

      • I still maintain that KiJoon’s 2nd half persona wasn’t a complete 180degree change. A lot of the silly things KJ was doing in his house on his down time, written out by writer 1, hinted at a playful Ki Joon who knew how to separate business and pleasure. To me, it made sense that he’d have that side he’s been hiding to the world because his job and sense of responsibility dictated it. And it was AJ that got him to come out of his shell completely.

        But the 2nd half was almost like YEH’s dreamdates scene by scene, and boy did KJH live up to it. He certainly took pleasure in pushing her buttons in front of the camera with the Oppa and “spend the night with you” scenes. His happy ice-cream face SERIOUSLY pointing at my screen screaming “KJH, you’re soooo in trouble! If that’s not someone falling in love, I don’t know what is.”

      • I agree with Best Luv, I too dont believe that Ki Joon’s change was that radical. I mean look at when he was in love with yoon joo and how he acted. You get a glimpse of that from the roof top scene when she had accepted his proposal.
        So I dont think his change was unexpected.

      • Oh…Ms. Koala you are right on the spot, completely agree with you. Especially since eps 11, their characters seems changes drastically but strangely I enjoyed their interaction so much more since eps 11 cause it feels so real.

        If they are dating maybe their dating will be like KJ n AJ dates in ep 11 to 16 . So it’s seems we don’t need to imagine what kind of dates they will do in real life cause they already show us LOL

        @ Mizweng
        Mama Mizweng, thank you for your reply for my bf opinion at my post in wrap party topic. I showed him your comments and the other comments as well and he want to clarify his opinion about YEH feeling for KJH. Maybe in the future my bf will stalk this playground without me knowing it LOL

        He said that cause YEH characters basically shy and reserved, she can hide her feeling really well. But if her feeling already too much to handle or already run too deep, its will show whether she realized it or not. Another case with KJH, he said that KJH characters basically frisky, outgoing, and expressive. A man with that characteristic always express his feelings and its so easy to tell when he is nervous or when he likes someone. He also said that KJH likes to take care of everyone, even his male friends. He also like to be the dominant one in the relationship, the one who takes charge.

      • @ Hybrid

        WOW!!! You’re bf id really something… I had to admit that he seemed to nail YEH and KJH respective personalities to a T… hehehe anyway, as long as the bottom line is they do have feelings with each other– then that’s good for me…

      • You took the words right out of my mouth! Exactly my sentiments, Ms. K. I think these two lovebirds, whether consciously or subconsciously, started acting out more of their own personal feelings right on the LTM drama stage, especially towards the end of the show. They were going through the motions of the narrative but expressing true, passionate emotions towards KJH and YEH respectively, and no longer as HKJ and GAJ. They probably can’t help it either.

      • I agree with you Ms. K, and all throughout the second half of LTM we were very anxious with all our observations regarding this two..it just like saying during those times the “crime has begun” 😀

  89. Tet tama ka Darling about KJW sitting at the same row with YEH.So 2008 they already possibly knew each other? Maybe the reason YEH looked to her left while getting up was hearing KJH cheering for her.But KJH fallowing her with a look maybe just maybe cupid released his magic arrow already?
    Can that be possible? Of course its possible.In love all is possible.

    • Yes, they both also attended the wedding of Lee Sunkyun on May 2009. Lee Sunkyun is KJH and YEH ‘s mutual friend. 🙂

      • Lee MinKi is adorable! He’s been in love with YEH since XMan days… love watching YT vids of their Dangyunhaji! together.

        Haha, which reminds me… I keep fantasizing that YEH and KJH get subjected to a similar Dangyunjaji moment where they have to playfully tease each other and admit how they give one another the butterflies.

      • Yes, I heard LMK likes YEH very much. He even went to the Coffee Prince site to visit her during filming. He’s adorable but too bad YEH likes older guys.

    • I think that’s stretching it too far. She must be too surprised to notice anything that time. Who wouldn’t? I think 2009 baeksang could be the first time they properly got acquainted. It shows in the vid of them sitting together at the same table then, awkwardness of two almost strangers trying to get sociable.

      • I agree with you @OneTruePeer. I got the same sense from them. There’s no way the two had been dating previously. Their interview at the beginning of shooting LTM was all friendly and comfortable just like how YEH and KJH are with other co-stars in their past projects.

        Ughhh, silly SBS and not releasing REAL BTS footage. Everything’s been edited to only show the work part. I mean, to be honest, it’s the same exact scenes that were aired, except you saw people behind them holding lights, as if no one has ever seen a set-up like that before.

      • Same observation.

        Truth is I felt something is not right at the beginning BTS where KJH seemed to be trying too hard to please YEH and even in the initial interviews for being over solicitous ^^^seriously dodging arrows and bullets now^^.

        Blame my protective instincts. Just don’t want YEH to be used by a” comebacking actor” as a stepping stone to jump start his stalled career (I fell for his smooth moves in Capital Scandal). Don’t get me wrong. KJH is the epitome of my perfect man (mischievous, playful, a tease yet forceful and masterful in a suave manner) but he needs an equally guile woman to tame him. WURI YEH is such a shy and kindhearted person in real life. If she can emulate the spank and guts of Ah JUNG at the beginning of LTM then she can avert possible heartaches. First time I want to be proved wrong.

        Be that as it may, if and when they decide to be together I’ll be rolling on the ground endless. . .

      • @bo

        It’s not like he would ever use this ‘scandal’ as stepping stone for his comeback or whatever, because he’s one that shoud avoid ‘scandal’ right now.
        During the contract trouble with his former agency, they’ve been churning out series of scandals to tarnish his name. And then they went on attacking him with news reports like “fans dissapointed at KJH’s scandals” blah blah blah.
        I think KJH is the one who should be more cautious to avoid scandal right now. More so than YEH in this case. Because there are already a series of that out there and he sort of has just came back.

      • @ One True Peer

        That’s why knowledge is Power! Thanks for the info. I’m clueless as to the scandals thrown at KJH. If there are any references, i promise to chew on them well.

    • I know momche. You were the one who noticed that instant glance, and I happily assumed…but someone burst my bubble when she said that she was looking at Kim Hee Ae, the veteran actress who was predicted to win that year, who was sitting at the end of that isle (not seen on the vid, though). She said YEH visited KHA’s seat to greet her after the show. But gosh…. who would think that this old video will, after 4 years will be a subject of our fantasies (hehe). It may be coincidence or not, but still let’s add this to our list. I am hoping that our dear “cupid” will work double time. Lol! I love love love them!!!! As you always say…HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

      • Tet maski na I cant help it I am so deep up to my neck na.I cant help it na.I am such a HWANYEH NA.

      • @momche
        aww..me too…it’s actually under my nose hahaha….and why did I say 4 yrs…the vid is only 3 yrs old…lol! HWANHYE syndrome eh? i noticed we’re just doing what we did before, “connecting the dots”…isn’t it? hehe

  90. Another random coincidence. Choi Soo Jong (b. 1962) and Ha Hee Ra (b. 1969) also have a 7 year age difference. Ji Hwan (b. 1977) and Eun Hye (b. 1984) also have a 7 year age gap. 😀

      • don’t know but some great couples have the 3, 7 and 10 year gap..just an observation

    • I totally dont have a problem with the age difference. I mean I love older guys. Its really rare for me to connect with guys my age, unless its on a friendship level. And even if I don have a crush on a guy my age, its fleeting. So I dig that she likes older guys and he is older. So great.

    • Age doesnt matter that good looking of an oppa for YEH. Who cares.The greater the love for a much younger YEH.
      @ Tet
      You remember that connecting dots ha.As if that was not lesson enough he re we go again.But this time I seemed to be connecting dots AM,PM and MIDNIGHT.No dicipline I tell you just all insanity. Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wow! everything is pretty much connected! 🙂 amazing!

      in future we just need their DNA’s connected too so HwanHye can make it official 😉

    • Their ages are perfect for the both of them, I think. YEH, although seeming to be innocent, demonstrates such maturity for a woman her age, and yet, because of her shyness and insecurity(?) seems to need the strength and experience of a naturally protective and nurturing gentleman like KJH.

    • I noted that too. Wanted to post this coincidence since last night (but my mom used my pc to watch the Gisaeng drama). Another coincidence is…..Ha Hee Ra started her career ealier than her husband. Same goes with Yoon Eun Hye….she started her showbiz career earlier than Kang Ji Hwan.

    • The 7-year age gap isn’t really a problem cos YEH is pretty mature for her age. She manages her own agency and has been in the entertainment industry for a looong time. I think KJH is pretty smitten by that as well cos other girls her age may not be on the same emotional wavelength as him. Guys in their 30s usually go for intelligence over looks but YEH has both so KJH had better act fast before it’s too late!

      • He even said in a short interview in housewarming party BTS that despite her young age she is so caring and mature that sometimes she feels like a “noona” and he liked it.

    • I actually did a google search on Ha Hera when I heard that she is the real wife of the “President”. I enjoyed that drama and i appreciate it more when I read somewhere that CHOI is such a doting husband. Hope YEH found one too – if it is KHJ- so be it.

    • @Hwanhye

      they so fit together… how can poor romantic like us NOT dream about them dating for REAL??? They just exude a different aura together… omooooooo

  91. here are the slow motion version of ice cream kiss and cola kiss. enjoy!

    • enjoyed that. thanks. did you ever watch the making of the cola kiss scene? (youtube) i did and i got embarassed watching it because there was sound when they kissed.

      • Hahaha…the sound is loud in the bts. 😛
        I would like to see bts fo last kiss on Ep16!!!!!
        sbs, when u gonna release it? !

      • @ria015: I watched the bts of cola kiss and I learned that KJH was supposed to drink the cola and then kiss YEH but this two can’t stop laughing that is why they never got to shoot it right..I tried watching it again at allkpop site but the video is not available anymore 🙁 I’m glad I was able to watch it before they took down that video 🙂

  92. my heart is beating fast 🙂

    thanks koala..the goodies your feeding us works wonders. you have just beautifully written what one or two of us noticed, gathered it will definitely make out a good lovestory. of course we all could hope and if they end up all much better.

  93. From the latest Power interview, he said he will keep it in his heart if he like the girl!!?? Why? and wonder why he is changed? 🙁
    Please don’t keep it to yourself…

    Interviewer: Are you the type to pursue the woman directly?

    KJH: In the past I will tell the girl I like directly, but now…. I think I will keep it in my heart.

    • I think there’s some misinterpretation. It wasn’t like “I WILL keep it in my heart”, but more like “I tend to keep it in my heart.”

      • yes, u are right. I just back to soompi and read the translation again.

        here is the translation from MariYEH@soompi:

        KJH: in the past i was quite forward when talking and approaching women but now….I think I tend to keep it inside and go through a heartache..

  94. Oh! Dont keep it in your heart YEH’s Oppa. Get another populated corner and mightily shout it out for all to hear.It will do you both good and many crazy HWANYEH as well.

  95. Why go out and celebrate the 4rth of July when you can huddle in bed cradling your laptop like an infant til 5am searching for every little ounce of evidence that, indeed, they are in lurve. Are we talking about combing for fibers, hairs, paint chips, fingerprints, footprints, handwriting, intonation…? My years of training through watching CSI:NY and Forensic Files may not be enough for this task. However, I did a rough tally of all the “love taps” YEH gave KJH throughout and she did a lot of playful slapping or tapping: Let’s go sweat scene, window shopping scene, Jeju kiss through the window scene. She was just tap tap tapping away. Are there more? It’s like when kids (and adults too sometimes) have a crush and playfully hit as an excuse to touch their boo. So yeah, that’s what I was doing instead of sleeping last night.

    P.S. Doesn’t KJH kinda look like an eager meerkat or adorkable gopher-chipmunk combo after she paid the fare during the car window kiss?

    • @coffeebot
      HAhahahahaha!!!! i was laughing until i was blue in the face. I can just imagine you holding a magnifying glass and flash light infront of a 50″ plasma TV, tap tap tapping around for evidence.Bwahahhhhh!!! You made my day friend thank you.

      • hi che! i bet a lot of us, if not all, are wearing out our that magnifying glass and flashlight. love reading your posts by the way!

    • LOL! And my deductive skills honed by years of experience with the BAU (Behavioural Analysis Unit) of Criminal Minds tell me that:
      YEH – is one of the most beautiful and popular actresses in South Korea. Despite her fame and fortune, she remains shy and innocent. She remains single and unattached not just because she could not find the time to actively date due to her busy schedule, but because she is deathly afraid of the “antis” that might misconstrue her actions when she starts a love relationship, which might explode into a full blown scandal. This “scandal-phobia” is the mountain she needs to overcome, and she is struggling right now to find the courage to take the risk to claim the happiness she knows is already hers for the taking.

      KJH – is another popular, charismatic actor also from South Korea, who recently starred with YEH in a drama. Despite the troubles he experienced recently in his career as an actor, he continues to strive to better himself, as a thespian, as an artist and as a man. Outwardly, he is amiable, friendly and easy going, and yet, deep inside, he is also sensitive, caring and nurturing. His goal in life is to create a safe, comfortable and happy nest for the love of his life and their future family. He has been preparing for this for a long time and now he is convinced he has finally found his one true love (OTL). However, she has made it known that she is not ready to gamble everything that they have worked for, just so they can fulfill their love. He understands, respects her sentiments and even wants to protect her from the potential backlash their relationship might create. So he will wait.., and for now… “he will keep it in his heart and go through a heartache”.

      • good drama-god wits! you put criminal profiler dayle hinman to shame. TO SHAME! i gotta whip out my psych books and review.

      • @wits: I like your comment!
        In the previous interview, KJH said that he had well prepare for the married and waiting his girl to appear…I think in the previous birthday, he did mentioned that he wish to marry before 35 yrs old (which is next year).
        I hope he not keep in his heart for tooooooo long.
        Next year is a GOOD year!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Hahaha… thanks, guys. @drmjs, Gideon is my mentor. But I like Dr. Spencer Reed and Morgan is hhaawwwtttt!

    • @lizzy, not sure what ji hwan is doing. we are updated with eun hye. hopefully someone can update us though.

      he is probably getting ready for his film project.

  96. Koala, oh koala, you forgot to mention that BOTH KJH and HEY touched each other’s buttlocks, during the last episode, which i m quite sure it was adlibed.
    Isnt it too much of intimacy if there is not something going on?
    Personally, I don’t need ad libs, or touches to be sure. They way they look each other, is already telling everything.

  97. i joined this playground without asking permission and saying thank you before so i would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Koala for all the hard work she has put into this ship. Koala, your passion for LTM and OTP has benefitted me so much i can’t thank you enough.

    just my speculations but maybe something to mull over. granted that the first meeting of YEH and KJH was the Baeksang awards where they were quite chatty to each other and YEH looking comfortable sitting and standing next to KJH, the sudden change in their behaviour during the wrap up party is a total give away of the kind of relationship they have at the moment. the awkwardness and nervousness we saw belie the real status of their relationship. the relationship is still very new and maybe they have not exactly defined it. the transition from an Oppa-Dongsaeng relationship to that of Bf-Gf oftentimes can make the girl feel confuse if it is the guy who is showing the initiative. her first reaction would be she will start to put a little distance because she does not want to read through the guys action in case she will get it wrong. she will be more shy towards him and would quickly look away when get caught watching him. all these symptoms i saw in YEH. i can only hope that KJH has opened up to her because it will be difficult for her to differentiate what is reel and real. i further believe that most of their dialogues and ad libs are said true from their hearts. this is the only way i can think of for YEH to be comfortable acting with him especially with lots of bodily contact that are very intimate to look at. maybe at this time they are still in the courtship/dating (while at work) stage and have acknowledged that they are in lust, sorry i mean like each other. well it was pretty obvious anyway. the way i see it at the cake cutting vid, YEH seems to be checking for KJH’s reaction if she is behaving accordingly because she can be quite giggly when flustered or embarrass and KJH sneaking glances to check if his girl is revealing too much of herself. i think he was covertly (using the cake cutter) assuring her she is doing fine or telling her not to get too excited. a submissive YEH is refreshing to watch after a whole brassy and confident GAJ moments who isn’t scared of going head to head with HKJ in LTM.

    thanks for the HD 1080 version. i again watched the last 10 mins of the ending scene. KJH has got a slightly naughty expression on his face. his smile was a dead give away. the smile i often see when he is out of character. even YEH was struggling a bit to stay in character because KJH has got that “i can’t wait to kiss you again” smile on his face. his look only became serious when he is about to kiss her. their smiles after the second kiss was like wahhhhh “we have finally done it” now they are not merely just the old Oppa KJH and Dongsaeng YEH. both of them looked very happy before they face the waters. the last seconds before the screen freezes, YEH was ready to let go but then KJH pulled her again into a tight hug that is why she kind of leaned towards him to gain her balance then hug him in return. KJH is very sneaky. there was not a need for him to do that since the camera is too far from them. all they need to do was to stand with their backs towards the camera and pretend to watch the waves hitting the rocks. i bet he was singing beautiful music to YEH ears.

    btw, i saw a group pic of KJH drinking with YEH much love Oppa buddy Lee Sun Gyun over at DCKJH. my shippy heart tells me that he could have instigated for the two to become closer because KJH and YEH appears to be already very close from the early days of LTM production shots as what has been pointed out by Koala (hence those whisper during press con) and for him to be called Oppa by her after just a short meeting during the awards. who knows that the noraebang KJH mentioned might have happened way before LTM and not just during the warm up to it.

      • LSG is really good to YEH. i appreciated his presence during the MBMD star premiere. he has been visibly supporting YEH like a real Oppa. i know YEH calls a lot of her male seniors Oppa but seems to be the only one i see who has gone out of his way supporting YEH as of late. the other one i know is MC YJS. he respects YEH every time she is a guest on his show by not asking difficult question especially with regards to her personal life.

        if KJH wants to be in the good book, then he has got to win the approval of this 2 men. many from the variety entertainment sector adore YEH and would simply wants the best for her. i think KJH has so far managed to get 1 vote.

      • LSG is the closest to YEH in Coffee Prince and they do go out in groups. One time LSG said in an interview that he went on a party with YEH, Chae Jung Ahn and CP PD and people immediately created rumors about him and Chae Jung ahn which he thought was very unfair.

        LSG also admires YEH very much… at the farewell BTS he said “Yoon Eun Hye IS Coffee Prince!” I thought that was the nicest thing a co-worker ever said to her.

        YEH’s My Black Minidress movie premiere was scheduled the same day as Kim Dong-wook (ha Rim in Coffee Prince) movie premiere Romantic Heaven, yet LSG chose to go to YEH’s movie premiere showing how much of a loyal friend he is to her.

        So hmmm maybe LSG and KJH have talked about YEH before.

    • @ kokochulberryjam
      you forgot to mention but I think KJH kissed her again. probably just on the cheek b’coz saw his head bent down a bit on that far away shot. yes the wonder of HD tv. never notice this before when watching on my laptop.

      • he might have kissed her at the end though it was very difficult to see from that angle and at a distance. what was very clear though is how he burrows his head to YEH neck like he was drawing energy from her. as i have said there was not a need for a tight hug but both did. thing with YEH is that she readily reciprocate as intensely as KJH that is why they combust our computer screen every time they kiss and have skinship. maybe the last scene was very exhilarating plus all the emotions both reel and real that went with it.

      • yes Elma, I had that thought in my mind as well…I had been wondering, did he kiss her again in the last scene, or just merely hugged her? I could not really tell for sure since the camera was too far away…… 🙂

      • Guys this is where the bts would come in handy. But where are they? Kept hidden to protect the people we all know?

      • i actually love most of your imaginations, musings and love for this drama and OTP. this is something all LTM fans can relate with each other.

    • @kokochulberryjam
      I like your analysis! Yes, the last scenes they seem can’t get enough for the kisses..:)
      Sometime I really hope they are kissing the room (u know something will going next..) .hahahaha

      • one thing that i am suspicious with the lack of a full length BTS at the later stage of the drama is that the production staff in respect to the growing intimacy on and off the screen between KJH and YEH may have decided not to release anything that will incriminate the couple. what were released were snippets of a scene taken not exactly as detailed as the night club fainting scene, rubber duck boat scene, ice cream and karaoke scene. maybe there was half truth in that speculation of them mutually agreeing not to have any kiss scene until the last episode. my guess at that time they were prolly trying to grasp the changes in their relationship. they were still playful up until the coke kiss scene although we knew that they were starting to get shy with each other during the karaoke and ice cream kiss scene. the later half of the drama, YEH seems more reserve and shy towards KJH maybe because they were doing a lot of outside shooting with spectators watching their every move. KJH on the other hand has been consistent in showing his interest on and off screen. maybe a break out of their feelings finally happened when they did the airport scene that is why both were nervous yet very giddy.

      • @ vegaspink it was KJH and LSG with a few drinking buddies not with YEH. i saw the pic over at DCKJH. i think the 2 men are friends or know each other well in the business. not sure if they have work together in a project before. i just thought that if KJH and LSG are good friends and YEH is close to LSG like an older brother then it is not an impossibility that they may have hang out together way before LTM. there was no mention when they went out for a noraebang. it could be one of their bonding moments with common friends. i am just guessing that friend could be LSG.

    • “btw, i saw a group pic of KJH drinking with YEH much love Oppa buddy Lee Sun Gyun over at DCKJH”–can you post the pic here please? I would really love to see it~!Love koalas playground!this place is awesome!so wanna see EH&JH to get married soon,haha~

      • oh gawdd i wish i could. i just chance upon it so i think i will get lost looking for that. there were tons of pics i have seen in the DCKJH gallery. it was an old picture prolly taken 3-4 years ago. if by chance i see it again i will post it in here. i just got excited to find out that YEH and KJH both got a mutual friend who is very close most especially to YEH.

  98. OMG, I was watching the endong again for LTM (psh, as if you guys didn’t know what I was talking about). A
    And That end kiss. I swear its awesome, but I cant help thinking that its “perfect”. I just realised why I think its “perfect”. When watching it, from the first to now, I kept subconciously comparing it to the BTS vid of YEH and YSH kiss, and how YEH kept telling YSH to grab forcefully but make it soft or SLT. And you guys know how I can aboslutely not get over the fact that during the last kiss, KJH hauled Yoon Eun Hye up flush against him to really sucks lips. Well i’m looking at that and I’m thinking “I bet YEH didn’t have to show him how she wanted that kiss. Because he did it forceful yet soft. I mean it just showed the desperation of Hyun Ki Joon’s love for GAJ. And I showed that KJH really wanted to get in some good PDA for the last time under the guise of Hyun Ki Joon. Long Live Our Kissing Bandit!!

    • LOL last night my son caught me watching that kiss again and he said “you’ve been watching that for a week now…i guess you really miss kissing somebody”!!! God! that was so embarrassing!!!!

      • By any chance, did you see they still kissed after the long kissed then a tiny one??..They looked at the ocean and camera zoom fr far away..their bodies faced each other again..were they still kissing…maybe just my eyes playing tricks on me!!

      • me too i don’t know how many times i rewatched that kissing scene becoz i think that kiss is between YEH-KJH than AJ-KJ….

      • @ mizweng
        d lang ikaw , I have 4 sons who lives w/me n they always caught me watching the scenes over n ever. my younger son keeps rolling his eyes everytime I asked him to teach me how to do the gif header ms K has onher banner…lol

      • @ Mizweng…


        @ Leishers,
        I still feel goosebumps at my back neck, feels butterflies in my tummy and my mouth starts to open slowly everytime I watch that scenes.. the cliff kiss can not be described in words.. too beautiful and too intense *sigh* i need to see it again…

      • @Julieng
        Many shippers keep saying that KJH went in for another kiss after when the camera pans out to show a wideshot of the couple far away. He didn’t.

        I was watching that 1080p HD scene using my apple TV and the giant flat screen and you can see YEH’s lighter face peek through her hair as KJH pulls her in for another tight hug (where she goes a little unbalanced because he I guess surprised her with the hug), and they remain hugging until the silly PD freezes the scene as KJH pulls away slightly.

        After that, we don’t know if there was another stolen kiss. Damn PD. Don’t know why he had to go straight to more non-juicy BTS clips as the credits rolled.

        But no, there was no 3rd stolen kiss at the end.

      • Oh man, that is embarrassing…ehehe…how old is your child? Mine is 6 and 8 years old…so I dare not watch any kissing scene in front of them….

      • @julieng I catched that tiny bit after re-watched it and in a super slow motion,haha~it was truly tiny and quick but soft kiss that KJH gives YEH~so sweet and unnoticeable in normal speed.

    • @leishers, I totally burst out laughing at your last sentence LOL.. indeed it looked like a real urgent kiss our dear KJH had been waiting for..

  99. I can only think of the last kissing scene in Jeju. YEH is usually very artsy with her hand when she has her kissing scenes. As if she is working it to look artistic and elegant. There was a part though that she actually clutched at KJH’s arm. Hmmm, affected?

    • yeah i noticed that too… her hand kinda linger a while on his arm when they are turning to face the sea… it’s nothing much actually but i find these little gestures really sweet lol… oh my I really need to stop myself from staring and analyzing and repeating their scenes! >.<

      • @minchin-much, thanks for sharing! Though their kissing scenes are always hot, I really love their hugs as well… so natural and I can feel for YEH that she is very safe in KJH’s arms. KJH’s height is perfect for YEH in my opinion ^^

  100. wow wow…thanks all…..at first, I already guessed could it be the guy in white….but since I could not really see his face clearly there….hence I decided to ask. hehee…….so, he had been “eyeing” her all the while…….LOL….finally after 3 years, he ended up working together with her.

  101. I still wish I could understand why the ratings were so poor for this drama. I mean… I am still spending hours reading posts about nothing – lol – and still love to rewatch it. I realize the actual script was not that great (obviously) but still it had so much charm and just puts a silly smile on your face and a strange curling of your tummy at times… Why didn’t their actual TV audience come to appreciate this?

    • Based on how the amazing sageuk that followed LTM is doing (also with 10% ratings for first episode), it looks more and more like what I had suspected before. That because LTM premiered much later than its competing rom-coms (which have good plot and characters), LTM didn’t really stand a chance.

      Baby-faced Beauty had been airing a week or two ahead of LTM and I guess viewers were already invested in the story. The Duo, also a really good sageuk with fantastic leads, was finishing up. Given that LTM was a “trendy rom-com” with a pretty basic storyline and its synopsis of characters were also traditional hero/heroine, it just didn’t have the type of first-sight-appeal that something like a Hong Sisters drama would have. The only thing it really had going for it was YEH and KJH. And as lovable and fantastic as the two were, there were no true angst-ness going on to snag viewers apart from the insane firework kisses. So the ratings went down after the Cola Kiss also.

      It’s not YEH or KJH’s fault. It was a matter of timing. As “trendy” as the story was being sold to be, it just wasn’t in the same trend-thread as all the other shows being shown. I guess because it was an unconventional story, the Korean masses just didn’t take to it.

      But that same unconventionality and the fireworks b/w the leads definitely grabbed international viewers. We LIKE the unconventional, mature love story in LTM because it’s never been seen before. And we lapped up the fireworks b/w the OTP.

      Hopefully LTM will fare better during syndication and international play.

    • It does not matter at all – having high ratings or not. Most importantly, to what extent it can touched you.

      On personal level and apart from the sizzling chemistry of the leads, I ended up discovering the answers to those questions that I was left pondering for so many years.

      Especially in episode 9 when Ah Jeong said “So, you like me a little, and you like her a whole lot?” and in episode 10, Ki Joon said “can you still like me if I don’t be responsible for the past?”. Those scene reflected my own situation and while enjoying the drama, I happened to find the certainties in the most unlikely situation.

      So, low or high ratings means nothing for to me, what matters is that LTM has touched me deep in the heart.

  102. I don’t mind if they’d end up with other people eventually. But I hope this time, they’d try to go out and give us some more sweet pictures together. Anyways, wishing them the best in their love lives and careers. still having a LTM withdrawal syndrome, hmmm

  103. Koala, thanks so much!

    I do agree with a lot if you that there is obviously some attraction to each other way back from the 2009 Baeksang. Maybe more so in KJH’s part, why else would he want to do LTM if he is not drawn to the role of KJ?

    I’m just waiting for good news…
    Meanwhile hopefully we’ll see pictures or videos for us to do the CSI and LTM (US version).

    • Some have pointed out before, and rightfully so, that though KJH has always been a fan of YEH (especially after Coffee Prince, who wasn’t?), KJH is also trying to rebuild his career and reputation.

      A reason that he probably went ahead for the rom-com is, as he said, to work with YEH who is the “queen of rom-coms”. She’s got great comedic timing and has had amazing chemistry with all her co-stars before. What’s more, and I think the reason why KJH and his agency chose this project after Faith went downhill, was because YEH (pre-LTM) guaranteed >15% ratings which is just what he needed since all his dramas, as good as they were and he in it, weren’t all high-ratings type shows.

      I don’t think he expected fireworks on the screen, but that came as a lovely surprise. Doesn’t matter how they got to work together, we all agree that it was the stars aligning. That’s all that matters when cupid’s arrow hits anyway.

      • wahh so true. their stars did align. fate intervened so i am praying every night (include them in my novena to the Holy Sto. Nino of Prague) that they will find true love with each other and be happy. i have good feelings for the two of them and i knew just by looking at them that they are intended for each other.

  104. OK – 2 more things I love – WP – when they plunge cake cutter into cake – YEH could easily have taken half a step to her right – there was space between here and JB – but she chose to stab the cake leaning over KJH!

    KJ is drunk and AK is tucking him in – when she pulls the cover over him and strokes his arm and runs her thumb on him – and after she plays with his eyelashes – she again strokes his arm.- that’s not acting.

    • The eye-lash thing, I feel, is a trade-mark YEH move in intimate scenes like that. She’s done it before in her other dramas and it’s such a perfectly sweet move, too.

      What I thought was so great in that drunk scene 1 was how she adlibed a kiss to quite down an ad-libbed drunk KJ moaning “Ah-Jung ah!”

  105. I noticed that YEH and KJH have quite a number of coincidences and factors that working on bringing them together:

    1) YEH was that close to star in Capitol Scandal opposite KJH but she did Coffee Prince instead.
    2) KJH was sitting in the same row with YEH when she was named “Best Actress” at the 44th Baeksang awards.
    3) They were paired to be the presenter at the 2009’s Baeksang Awards.
    4) He was slated to star in My Fair Lady but Yoong Sang Hyun was cast instead.
    5) Both waited for 2 years to come up with a new project and they were paired together for LTM.
    6) Both ever worked for dramas that has “Coffee” for the titles.

    And I also noticed that KJH loves to wear white, though I prefer him in black. But he’s so good looking, anything would look good on him.

    • It’s the “law of universe and the rule of the world” that they get married 🙂

      P.S. I love KJH in all white. He looks so sexy and clean.

      • ohhh but you just can’t beat him in a form-fitting long-sleeve, black turtleneck/shirt. I nearly died swooning at the airport scene 2 where he steals a kiss from AJ, and the Jeju hotel scene where he asks AJ to meet him and aunt on the 25th wearing the necklace…

        Seriously. Looked so good, I wanted to rip the screen open so I could rip his clothes off. *eep…*

  106. Hi HSIers!
    As a playmate from the adjacent lot ( GSI ) in our wonderful playground , I’d like to welcome ya’ all here!!
    Alto we sorta crush on & predominantly , adore a different set of
    ‘Reel-Real’ LoveBirds , we all sense & ‘see’ wt our heart’s eye ,
    the strong undercurrents of Passion & budding Love between our beloved couples . Its ALL NOT from Nothing that we believe !
    So , may I wish you all , Happy Digging & may you all have as much Pleasure & Fun from yr section of d playgd , as we , the GSI chingus , have at ours!!
    Welcome! Welcome! (^_*)//

      • If Im not mistaken, Sharon is from GeunGeun forum. Thanx for welcoming us, sunbaenim 🙂

      • Geum-Geum Scene Investigation team?

        Where as we’re in HSI: HwanHye Scene Investigation team…

        I think…

      • LOL, bo, same here. I was hoping this (HwanHye SI) would be explained in time. My patience paid off. Mea culpa… I have only strayed into Koala’s playground due to LTM, and has now pitched tent semi-permanently. I guess I should have asked our Captain for a briefing first…

    • @ Sharon – awww thanks for the warm reception! Koala’s playground is really full of warm and friendly people! How’s GSI doing? HSI seems to be up to a good start! We’re now busy digging…LOL

    • Thanks for the welcome, sistah!!! This is such a happy playground. We feel so warm and at home. We have become so cozy here that we never want to leave! And so.. how is your investigation into the GeunGeun RLP (real life pairing) coming along? Yey! RLP! I like that… if I may so myself…

      • Gotcha! hahaha now you are coining terms yourself huh! At least you gave a hint. . lol

  107. this forum is doomed! I leave for 8 hours sleep and now oredi over 400 comments!!! insane…
    i missed it again..shoottt… :((

      • @ Nowhere,
        still catching up..
        jeez..the paperworks are pile up in my desk….
        thank God I bring my external HD everyday, so I can starts rewatch LTM as soon as I get free time…

      • Take your time sis…this thread running so fast..all the shippers here are awesome..n sharing tons of info n thoughts….I’m sure after this thread end..we officially become HwanHye expert lol!!!

  108. How about the part of cosmo interview where Ji Hwan says that he gets to know his LTM costar(s) by going drinking with them *coughactuallyitsjustheandhisEunHyecough* LOL Can you imagine them running their script/lines together, after works? Did I mention that there’s alcohol involved? *cue to barry white songs*

  109. I just asked my hubby.. whom never watch Korea drama..watch portion of the last kiss if KJH into YEH..he took a quick look at the kiss..and yes 100% he into her ..the way he pulled her body closer and haul her lips..and he said they do this in Korea drama.. I am lol with a happy face!

    • Agree. That was such an intense kiss for a K-Drama caused those that I watched back then used to be about brushing and pressing lips only.

      But, I happened to watch KJH’s drama, Coffee House. Got a scene where he kissed the main lead on a train and OMG, this KJH is such an intense kisser except that, I found that he was simply mouling her mouth.

      So, I wonder, whether he is simply the type kissing his leading ladies that way or there’s really a special connection with YEH.

      • I know…same here…I’m so curious and it is annoying that other people talking abt CH and I have no clue.So I decided to watch it backward to know the ending and how Hwan did his kissing scene with other co-star..He did the intense kissing at the end in front of the sea and also the train 1..So I abit wonder whether he is really a good actor who is so good at kissing scene or what??? I better believe in fate..

      • Just as a response, all actors have to plan out how scenes go and YEH and KJH agreed beforehand that kissing scenes shouldn’t just be lips touching. Both actors are known for intense kissing scenes, and YEH has never had a scene where her lips don’t reciprocate unless it was a surprise stolen kiss and that’s what the reaction should be. KJH is no different. He’s a great kissing bandit, that’s for sure. But planning goes into it (for KJH, just watch the BTS video for that scene in CH).

        Here’s a fantastic clip of GY, YEH’s CP co-star, candidly talking about kissing and bed scenes as an actor. Yes, they do enjoy kisses, they’re human too. But they do get paid to do it right, and some actors are just more open to going all out than others.


  110. It’s been a long, tiring …and trying day at the office and I stagger home to find… THIS! Holey moley! Ms. Koala, you have outdone yourself, and I prostrate before you out of sheer gratitude and happiness. *bow* *bow*

    My OTP! My fantasy, my dream… is it true? is it really true? I have believed it in my heart but my mind has refused to concede …and now, your analysis has broken down the logic barriers. I was not just hallucinating, it was no mere illusion…Indeed, it is possible, it is conceivable and very probable! Our OTP are truly in LOVE!!! mwahahaahah… *insane laugh*

  111. I’m so glad I am a part of the HwanHye’s family at AKP. You guys are the funniest people ever! I love your analysis of our OTP, it always bring a smile on my face.

  112. what can i say???? not much!!! i like everyones comments and analysis of everything and because i’m crazy i’ll believe everything..whatever…
    keep it coming…good news is what we want the admission…

  113. Why am I feel shy when watching the bed scene *blushing*… i feel like am watching KJH and YEH is dating… *start to watch again..sorry works, you have to wait*

    • @ peipei

      i know why you’re feeling shy… could be… you are thinking… of what’s gonna happen…in Bali????? hahaha yipppeeeeeeeeee
      hey, peace gurl…. muwahhhhhhh

      • @ Angelito,
        I’m in *hot mode* after rewatch it…

        @ Mizweng,
        I’ve been daydreaming about that…LOL… Oh Em Gee… my mind a mess plus watch wuri OTP.. giggles whole body hahahahahaha

    • OMG!!

      And the song says:

      “Hot in…..
      So hot in heerre…..
      So hot in…..

      Wan’ a lil bit of uh uh and a lil bit of.

      (Uh) I was like, good gracious a** is bodacious
      Oh, flirtacious, tryin to show patience
      I’m waitin’ for the right time to shoot my steez (you know)
      Waitin’ for the right time to flash them keys
      No deceivin, nothin up my sleeve and, no teasin
      I need you to get up up on the dance floor
      Give that man what he askin for (oh)
      Cuz I feel like bustin loose and I feel like touchin you (uh uh)
      And can’t nobody stop the juice so baby tell me whats the use

      (I said)
      Its gettin hot in here (so hot)
      So take off all your clothes (eh)
      I am gettin to hot, I wanna take my clothes off”

      Artist: Nelly
      Song: Hot In Here

      LOL for those who are in the HOT MODE, you know, by the climate that changes sucks, and the global warming, is annoying!!! Yeah right!! LOL

      • I want one!! Chocolate for me, and a lot of whip cream!!! Mmmm Yummy!!

      • this soongg is sooo meee!!

        @ nowhere : My head is spinning again.. here we go.. the migraine of happiness… LOL

      • @angelito I like chocolate too..can we share? One spoon for you n one spoon for me (like Ice Cream song) lol….
        @peipei get some aspirins..you need that..n Ice cream or Cola to cool down lol

      • @ angel,

        that’s the reason why Ms.K open this forum..so we can withdrawal LTM slowly.. we’re soo dilemma… one side we need and must back to reality but the other side our need and should have the fantasy to keep us alive..
        so at the end what we must do?? well… rewatch LTM again..again..again..and again…

        happy feeling always helps us to risen up our mood and good mood can helps us to do our daily activities … *my own quotes*

    • omo am in trouble… my blood sugar rising with all these sweetums… hehehe i miss the pastry called KJH… yummmeeeeeeeeh

      • @ mizweng,

        better drink your diabetic pills…read the hater comments, it will make your blood sugar drop off to the bottom hahahaha….

  114. For those, like me who want to know all the secrets in our LOVELY OTP, yes they always are gonna be our LOVELY OTP, there is a song, that I love, and I know, you’re gonna love it too….

    Mister DJ, hit it!!! LOL

    “I need another story
    Something to get off my chest
    My life gets kinda boring
    Need something that I can confess
    Til’ all my sleeves are stained red
    From all the truth that I’ve said
    Come by it honestly I swear
    Thought you saw wink, no
    I’ve been on the brink, so

    Tell me what you want to hear
    Something that were like those years
    Sick of all the insincere
    So I’m gonna give all my secrets away
    This time, don’t need another perfect line
    Don’t care if critics never jump in line
    I’m gonna give all my secrets away

    My God, amazing how we got this far
    It’s like we’re chasing all those stars
    Who’s driving shiny big black cars
    And everyday I see the news
    All the problems that we could solve
    And when a situation rises
    Just write it into an album
    Singing straight, too cold
    I don’t really like my flow, no, so

    Tell me what you want to hear
    Something that were like those years
    Sick of all the insincere
    So I’m gonna give all my secrets away
    This time, don’t need another perfect line
    Don’t care if critics never jump in line
    I’m gonna give all my secrets away

    Oh, got no reason, got not shame
    Got no family I can blame
    Just don’t let me disappear
    I’mma tell you everything

    So tell me what you want to hear
    Something that were like those years
    Sick of all the insincere
    So I’m gonna give all my secrets away
    This time, don’t need another perfect line
    Don’t care if critics never jump in line
    I’m gonna give all my secrets away

    So tell me what you want to hear
    Something that were like those years
    Sick of all the insincere
    So I’m gonna give all my secrets away
    This time, don’t need another perfect line
    Don’t care if critics never jump in line
    I’m gonna give all my secrets away
    All my secrets away, All my secrets away”

    Artist: One Republic
    Song: Secrets
    And the video:


    *Every right to the respectives owners, I don’t own anything*

      • Thank you, it was the afterward of LTM!!!

        LTM Post Mortem!!

        Habeas corpus!!! LOL

      • nope.. we’re celebrating that we still crazy with LTM and never end it.. 😀

    • Angelito howdy? Missed your songs and insane laughter but I had an inkling you will crawl out of the cave any minute. How can you miss the fun we are having in the open!

      • @ bo,

        dun wuri…she’s back on track, she’s just pretending to be a good girl by being silent reader.. but if you throw Vincenzo in front her face.. I bet she’ll gonna make some crowd and starts to sing again.. ^^

      • @ Peipei

        I think the reason she is out of commission is Vincenzo! They had been holed up somewhere not covered by cable and internet nor wifi (my guess -Bermuda Triangle!) She must have derailed Yoon Ju’s return to Paree instead escorted her in BT with Vincenzo in tow, then let her lie with the fishes lol . . .

      • @ Bo

        You know too much!
        Be careful!

        I’m back!!! Where’s Johny?? LOL
        I was taking a sabbatical!!!
        LOL LTM hit me hard, so I needed some days to recover by myself!!!

      • @ bo,

        aah that’s right, you’re so absolutely right…

        @ angelito,
        who’s johny now?

      • Johny is the “new” boy toy!!!
        You know, for the weekends only, when Vincenzo is around the globe, doing “his saving the world part”


        Me and my imagination!! Really!!!

      • @ angelito,

        you don’t know how crazy my imagination are…I even surprise myself that i can and have such wild imagination…LOL

  115. LOL ohhhh my little angel… thank you for coming back….miss you much and tho am not familiar with this song I just RAP it!!! hahaha halmoni rapping???
    love you gurl…. muwahhhh

      • bwahahaha am wearing one… i think i badly need a new one my eyes have gone worst from too much replaying of LTM adorable scenes especially the kissing scenes and scrutinizing the wrap up videos and pics… not to mention too much playing here at AKP reading every comments and posts… too little sleep… oh dear….

      • I need to buy an infra red goggles.. to see what’s the inside of KJH… errrmmm I mean his feeling toward YEH… LOL

      • errrmmm peipei

        no need to look at the insides of KJH because outside it’s plain to us to see that he is buff and sexy…ahhhh what i mean is we can see he truly care about wuri YEH…

    • Mizweng,

      I’ve just recommend LTM to my friend in US. and ask her to watch the cliff scenes…and when the scene play on ala bollywood (running)
      1st thing she said.. euww.. that’s chezzy no wonder low rating in Korea..then after the kiss starts ..she said ” hm.. you should practice wit ur … when he come”… LOL
      but at the end she’s decided to watch from 1st eps next week…she love K-drama but since she’s a nurse in SF hospital with disaster shifts..she barely manage to watch K-drama…

      • @ peipei

        so you have recruited another addict huh… hahaha LTM virus still spreading…. keep it up!!!

      • actually I’ve spread out the LTM virus more than 3 persons…and most of them now officially infected with the virus… I’m very good in spread out virus, gossips and happiness .. LOL

      • @peipei
        she probably won’t be an addict like us. I know from experience SF general is busy place to work specially if ur assigned to ER.

      • @ Elma,

        yea…her reaction just plain…LOL..she’s too long get involved with patients.. she’s not in ER anymore, she’s now in ICU unit….but still don’t have spare times to addict any kind of drama.. so far only few K-drama that she’d loved.. All About Eve (I hate this drama…how come there’s an evil in this drama), Hotelier and Goong….

  116. I’m so energized by the non -stop flow of comments and information about out OTP. Glad that our YEH & KJH are both moving on to their next projects.

    Happy that I’m able to keep my bearings in this cool place in contrast to ^^digs^^ where puking and spewing nonsense is the norm.

    Few observations;

    1. YEH may still be hurting from the bad local press and ratings and is trying to overcome her sorrows by throwing herself to piles and piles of work. She needs to have a place to let off steam (HAWAII?) Hope so.
    2. YEH needs to choose her next project smartly. This must be the downside of owning your own Company since she makes decisions and knowing how loyal she is (burned twice story wise) you know where she leans. She needs a better manager who will choose the right vehicle objectively and fight for the right production team.
    3. Then she’ll have more time to spend to start and nurture a “love life” with whomever she chose
    4. KJH can very well take care of himself (I agree with the observation that men actors have longevity in the ENT world vis a vis women actors)
    5. KJH better behave himself with his future leading ladies or he will face the wrath of the KOALA’s GANG!

    ^^^Exiting with a big BANG! Ewe my shield is not working ^^^ ewwwww

  117. I find it cute/funny/adorkable that we all try to get out Yobos, boyfriends, significant other, guy friend, brother etc. for the male perspective!!!!

    My Yobo is 100% on board. In fact immediately after finishing ep 16 – he said this is one to watch again. He said he’d read Michael’s article at Thundie’s first and then do the 2nd watch – says it’s more fun with analysis!

    • hmm i want to ask someone too but then the male members of my household are minors so that is no chance at all.

    • Smart idea. It also helps that Michael is very much a man, who likes the romance of LTM. He recapped just the love story between GAJ and HKJ , which I think is what LTM is all about anyway. That post is a must-read for all LTM fans!

      • I kinda agree…. he didn’t mention the part where HKJ put GAJ shoes back on and the part where GAJ has to paid the fare for transportation. Those are some of the best scene in my opinion.

  118. thank’s koala,I’m so glad this post.I hope they will be together in real life
    I will wait for further news about hwan hye,hopefully we’ll get the news they had been invented he he…^^

  119. Reading the above brings back fond, fond memory of Binkyo in WW….
    The chemistry between both couples are so intense and the emotions so telling onscreen that we the viewers can’t help but melt into their world.

    Koala, I admire you for your close observation. I find the thumb rubbing almost an endorsement of HwanHye.

    One of the scenes that stuck to my head was when JH put his arms around EH when he was laying on her lap in Epi 18. My first thought was “Was it necessary since its not really obvious onscreen.” But it was really a action of comfort and ease which hints at something more!

    HwanHye fighting!

    • aww that wandering hand which landed on YEH lower back hehehe. it was a very spontaneous act when he did it like it was a very natural thing for him to do. maybe he has done it many times before which is really not a problem but then doing it when you are consciously filming a scene is another matter. you would quickly remove your hand in respect to your leading lady because there was not exactly a need for it even just to make the scene believable. BUT it stayed there (well until the camera panned to the next angle) and his fingers moved (as in caress?) so i can only speculate that he felt it right to do just that because the lady in question is already accepting lovers gesture in real life. i bet someone confessed before or during epi 11. same time HKJ and GAJ admitted their feelings for each other.

      wahh what is this? is their love story mirrors the transition in HKJ and GAJ’s love in real life? are all those declaration especially the public scene is a great idea in masking the real truth that he loves her and making it known to the world? when did KJ start calling himself an Oppa? was it in epi 13?

      wahhh this is getting really exciting. all the clues are in the drama. drat SBS for not releasing a full length BTS during the second half. not even a collection of NGs.

      • i also noticed they have BIG change after ep11. 🙂
        maybe someone already confessed when in Jeju? too excited when think abt this..hehe

    • Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Given that it was an intimate scene and KJH was already lying on YEH’s lap, it wasn’t necessary to wrap his left arm around her waist (anyway it was out of range for the camera) unless they both want the skinship 🙂 It would have been sufficient for KJH to keep his hands on his stomach and as a professional actor, he would know better that any unnecessary skinship will not be welcomed by the co-actor. And I really don’t believe the writer included so much details about the scene and where his hands should be. So my conclusion is – KJH and YEH are really comfortable with each other to have all these additional skinship…they do seem to enjoy it very much 🙂

      • i too want to know which bits are ad-libbed in the bedroom scene 🙂 cuz wuri OTP are too comfortable with each other and yes i believe they do like it (skinship) a lot 😉

      • Hi!

        KJH is also a director 🙂 so he knows what to do..

        Saw the BTS of the rubber ducky boat ep that he’s discussing the scene with YEH 🙂

      • @BT9108
        yup! i caught that one, too. i had to rewind and pause just to make sureif he did really keep his left arm around her waist! wuri Ji Hwan is sneaky sneaky, making secret sweetie! Yahoooooo!!! I say, “go for the gold! go get her, man!”

    • And remember when KJH was lying face down on the bed, pouting and complaining that AJ’s dad was probably going to get married ahead of him (he was so cute there), YEH leaned over and lay on his back? That was so sweet and natural. The script, I am sure called for her to coax and sweet talk him out of his misery, but was it really necessary to wrap herself around him? I would like to think that was adlib acting by YEH.

      Love the whole bed scene. It was one of my favourites in the drama – they were so casual, playful and loving – just adorable.

      • totally agree wits 🙂 i saw hwanhye instead of aj and kj in the bedroom scene 🙂

        i loved it too because of the lines 🙂 like kj saying his head is full of aj that’s why it’s heavey hehehe

        ah love!

      • @wits n minchin..totaly agree..I just saw Hwanhye not ah-ki..n I think all purely ad-lib..I’m amazed with Yeh..she so pretty n Kjh so charming n naughty..their hotness almost burn the bed lol…**blushing ***

      • @nowhere!

        “their hotness almost burn the bed”

        heheheh so true! i got hot when kj said the “come here” look! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i wish i was aj! lols!

      • One of my favorite scenes! D’ BED SCENE hehe

        I admire them because they are discussing what to do in every scene & that i think when the adlib comes…that’s why it’s comfortable for them to execute the scenes 🙂

        Also let’s not forget the PD..he did Secret Garden so he is not a small time Director..I admire you, Direk! 🙂

    • I noticed it also…and I really felt that there is something going on between them!I hope that even though it takes time (same as lie to me), they can be real lovers in the future..if not (but I hope not)…they can be just best of friends!!!

  120. Yes I remembered the shoot of coffee prince whereby gong yu accidentally touched YEH leg while lifting her up (beg scene) he quickly withdrew his hand.

    We all viewers can tell they both have affection for each other. They are afraid of scandals cos paparazzzi will chase after them and its more difficult for them to date if both are not ready.

    • Really? hehe need to go rewatch the CP BTS… anyway I do understand and prefer them to keep it low at this point of time.. i think most celebrities relationship which got exposed in their early stages did not last long..

      Btw, does anyone have any update of KJH? Sigh he suddenly just went mia this past week..

    • Well, I seemed to remember to read YEH was crying after they finish CP, she was not over with her role in CP. but i like KJH better than GY for YEH.

      • @ rowina

        yes she did cry buckets after the last shooting day of CP… hey, there are some CP BTS videos that some of our chingus shared…just check the older comments of this post… I think the reason she cried was she’d miss the camaraderie the cast have developed in the whole duration of the drama… the friendship they had created was very apparent in the video…

        Nado I like KJH for her tho there’s no contest because it’s clear that the off screen vibe with GY was purely friendship in contrast with KJH as compiled above… hehehe

  121. Miss Yoon is the highest pay actress in Korea She leads the fashion trend , Most Korean ladies(special OL ) ‘s role model. Her dresses, jeans, Shirts, hand bag, chains and watches sold out after LTM on air.

    LTM, she is the lead actress, so from epi 1 to eps 16, the story is round her
    not KJ. Because she is highest pay actress, when casting for her co star(actor) KJH is so lucky to get the co actor role. Two years after the ban. He tries all the best to show the viewers, he can do it. From epi 4, you look the way he shows his emotion to attach to AJ. He is so natural and real, the way
    he looks at AJ. Of course, Miss Yoon is a very good actress, the chemist
    between them are as good as real and like a real lover. That is the reason
    most chinese viewers like to watch. They like part of our lives— we are
    so comfortable to have their company.
    In real life , KJH just comes out from his ban. He tries to be the best actor
    (he gets so many rewards as a new actor in 200x) and carry on as his career.
    For the time being, YEH is the high pay actress in Korea and KJH is not(for
    the time being, I can not read the future).
    As a fans of LTM, will you happy to see KJH to drop his career/opportunity
    Tell the world I am in CRAZY IN LOVE with YEH!!!!!!!

    International fans of KJ and AJ, I agreed I want to see AJ AND KJ LTM
    if SBS continue to have LTM I, LTM II, LTM III
    In real life, please let go of KJH and YEH, They are lovely actress and actor.
    They deserve have their own live. Five hundred comments after LTM
    drama finish on air, look like all the fans still miss KJ and AJ.
    The PD already followed international fans request to have bed scene
    and lots of kisses……………….. let go , LTM finish on 28 Jun 2011
    All the international fans are still want to see more …………

    • i don’t understand. are you telling us not to ship KJH and YEH in real life and just stick to KJ and AJ? my apologies because i really don’t get what you mean about letting go of them?

      • yes i really don’t get your point bobo….. it’s like pointless….. sorry….

    • Calm down…. it only take 1 person to ruin it for everybody and you’re that person right now. Not sure about everyone else but I’m not bothering them or anything, I don’t send email asking if it real or just acting :P. It just fun stuff to pass the time, you can think of site like this as a way to attract more western fan to watch Korean drama.

    • bobo, this is our fantasy land, so there’s no harm all of us here having own fantasies for shipping our HwanHye couple. In fact all dramas are also fantasies put into vision for our watching pleasure 🙂

    • Finally we got our first troll! Well, at least in our own beloved world. 😆 Just ignore her and shipping away!! Hwanhye FTW!!!

      • @elsie… a TROLL indeed! hahaha! a troll is needed to make the fairytale more exciting. we all know how trolls end up in beautiful love stories anyway. fare thee well, troll!!!

    • If I’m not wrong (apologies if I am), I think I’ve seen you post before about not feeling the Jeju’s kiss or something… if you really dislike this shipping, it would be best to avoid this discussion forum.. the purpose for this forum anyway is for us to spazz and discuss about them. Cheers! =)

    • @ bobo

      errrrmmmmmmm the purpose of this forum is actually to have a venue where we, the ever loyal fans of LTM can discuss anything about our beloved OTP… yes, we do feel unsatisfied with the 16 episodes of explosive chemistry that we all just WISH for them to date in RL, but then, at the end of the day, it is their own decision and we shall be happy to support whatever it may be… we may sound crazy because here we are scrutinizing everything from BTS to interviews (past and present) but hey,that’s our prerogative… we enjoy doing such and I do believe this playground is open to all these insanities… now all you can do is either join us or ………

      • well said, misweng, I can’t agree more. Just ignore her. We are just happy camper to express our selves and opinion. Have a blessed day. I really enjoyed reading every comments here.

      • @ mizweng
        atta girl!!! tell her to go to DB site. this is theplace for hwanhye’s “circles of friends”. by the what is a Troll?

    • It’s ones perrogative to ship them or not. After all, this posting is about shipping them so if you want us to let go, I’m sorry that you are obviously at the wrong place.

      It’s sad to think that love can actually ruin ones career. It’s possible to have great love life and outstanding career at the same time. I don’t think it anyway that this may hurt the career of any one them. After all, there are so many LTM’s lovers out there whom I believe will offer them the utmost support should they decide to go on with the real-life coupling.

      I’m a big fan of LTM, the only K-Drama that I’m obsessed about since Winter Sonata. I love the pairing of BYJ and CYJ but obviously, they just look good together but reel-life romance is no way a chance. Unlike these two, I’m so into wanting them to hook up in real life. The tell-tell signs are just to obvious that I don’t think I was blind-sided. Could I be wrong? May be but with more than 500 comments supporting my suspicion, then is it right or wrong?

      It’s no harm shipping these two. After all, they make the cutest couple ever. BTW, the actress who potrayed Yun Ju is older than YEH and should age appropriately matching KJH but somehow, YEH (despite being younger) looking so compatible with KJH. There are so many coincidences between them, what is there left other than to put all the pieces together and let them becoming one.

      • totally agree! I guess that person is really in the wrong place.well, if she/he doesn’t like whatever we discussed here, she/he should not come at all! Like others said, we are not sending hem emails/letters etc to ask them about their personal lives. It’s just fun to share how much we love about this drama! And I mean we have freedom to address our opinions here and we are not saying any hurting comments about them BUT ALL THE BEST WISHES from all the fans AROUND THE WORLD. anywayHwanHye fighting!

    • Ehhh, I think you should let go and not us?? It’s not like we’re stalking them or doing anything extreme here. If they happen to become a real item and better still, get married for real, we’ll just be incredibly happy for them. On the other hand, if they end up with other people, we’ll still be happy for them. We are just simple people who wish the best for KJH and YEH from the bottom of our hearts. Hope you find peace too.

    • Look it’s not like this forum is a direct communication with HwanHye and we the meddling ahjummas trying to force an arranged marriage!!

      We are here to have fun and to go a little nuts to keep the LTM flame burning. Why?? Well cos that’s what dramas are for – for some of us to escape reality for a little while and be entertained, be happy, be transported back to younger days – whatever the escapism!

      And while on the subject – what’s so wrong in having a career and working hard and being in live at the same time? Like AJ herself said when fighting for her job – I paraphrase – Love can’t be a crime if it does not interfere with integrity at work!!

      A lot of the conversation AJ & KJ had mirrored what they would possibly discuss is RL – and that was part of the charm that ensnared all of us – the RL type of interaction coupled with the RL type conversation onRL type situations – starting as early a the – “if it’s no acting what is it?” and “is it acting or for real” rhetorics!

      So with all due respect – this is obviously not the right playground for you – try the other one.

    • @ bo
      You seem to be a loyal fan of YEH. I admire your passion to defend YEH the best way you think you can. But, you should also respect our interest to see her with KJH. LTM moved us in more ways than one, that’s why a lot of us, international fans, want to see if our speculations about them being a couple in real life are correct. It’s that simple. We are not being intrusive, we are not going out of our way to concoct “lies” (LOL), we are just stating observations and having a good time while we’re at it.

      • Kang Ji Hwan and more ways than one – LOL it rhymes! Oh and @ Conie – absolutely. We will be happy with whomever they will choose as future partners. Well…we will be over the moon, if they would pick each other. 🙂

      • No worries! I don’t feel alluded to. I’m not just a shipper, airlift is possible too. hahaha

    • first, we are in LTM gang forum. We are here because we love to talk about LTM and our OTP. Ms. K gave us the permission to talk about them in her own playground and its the main reason why we keep on visiting this playground. Honestly? I respect the “no shipping” rule in yooneunhye.net that is why I rarely goes in there and instead spend more time here.

      Second, as much as we love YEH and KJH to be together if time comes that they will announce to the whole world that our fantasy will remain fantasy forever we would respect that, now both sides are not saying anything. I guess all our fantasies here are well-accepted and I’m thinking that they understood us and took it as compliments because all of these clearly shows how effective their acting in the drama is. We are all dreamers here but despite it all we knows when to stop because we are not stupid fans who wants to control the lives of our beloved OTP. We all want to see both of them happy whether they are together in RL or not, they are professional actors who are in the business for quiet a long time I guess they already understand their fans and not they know that they do not have the obligation to follow us if they do not want to.

    • @bobo
      this is the time when respect is very obviously in consideration. respect for the right space, respect for individual opinions and most importantly respect our rights to express our opinions freely.
      This space at Koalas Playground was given to us for specific reasons as HWANYEH people can only understand.Like how we interpret,understand,like and express what we see, what we read and what we hear.I say for as long as we are not disrespecting or dishonoring YEH, KJH or anyone we the international fans will just continue with what we already started.
      I LIKE YEH FIRST AND FOREMOST because of her I came to like KJH.I have never seen her with such intensity and affection towards any of her leading man. IF THE CLOSENESS we saw is really A beginning of some kind of a love eternal for both of them then whats wrong with that? If its not meant to be life goes on for all of us.
      This is all I have to say since my esteemed collegues said most of what needed to be said.
      Che Rowley

      • WOW!! & this is what we called “GANG RAPE!” hahahaha

        Bobo…Sorry you choose the wrong forum 🙂 THIS IS SHOWBIZNESS, BABY!

      • Angelitocurioso….hehehehehehe we are a GANG right 🙂 I’m just exaggerating with the (rape) word hehe

    • Sweety BoBo! Chill! This is KOALA’s playground of make believe. You think because we fantasize of YEH & KJH being together with babies that they will follow suit? This space is created for dreamers to dream and express one self without being judge according to reality standards. If we want facts we look at newspapers and official reports (lol even these are sometimes imagined). But here, we are free to express what we feel, see what we see, hear what we want to hear and believe what we want to believe without forcing ourselves to others. We share, we exchange opinions, news, banters, rumors, boyfriends , . . .

      Anyway, don’t be so serious about everything. there is a time and place for that. It’s just not here honey. .

      • well said bobo…

        that’s exactly what I really want to say…

        why must you make such comments which will trig others tobe upset?
        my opinion…I really don’t give a damn whether KJH or YEH end up together or not…that’s not my business and my life..even more I don’t know them in personally… I just wanna enjoy what people crazy of.. I love LTM as well as I love wuri OTP.. I LOVE the speculations, gossips, banners, nonsense chat…. I JUST LOOOOVVVVEEE them….

        hate to see us chit chat of nonsense… then leave… don’t ruin our happiness.. simple right?!
        *sigh*… too much energy are wasted …

      • @bo…lol…I think u should change your name with something unique..so ppl not make mistake..n if u do that announce it first!! lol

      • Nowhere suggest a very ” unique one” I’ll consider it. The problem in changing is when dementia and lunacy crossed path I might forget who I am! Lol

      • @ bo

        I don’t exchange boyfriends!!! HELL NO!!!

        Oh poop!!

        I did that!!!

        I gave Pastry Smurf to Peipei!!!

        *sobbing* I forgot!! *crying*

        *truth being told, I’m lying, I’m not crying*

        Oh well, Pastry Smurf wasn’t important after all!!!

        *Totally Evil Laughter*
        OMG the craziness is back!!!

      • @ bo

        why your name is ssoooo common…?? I feel so ashamed wrongly type the name … and still till now.. 🙁

        @ angelito,
        welcome on board.. I know you’ll be back if there’s some “evil” try to ruin our dreams towards LTM hahahaha

      • Bo means 10 don’t ya know? Means perfect! I’ll consider once i find a better one.

    • @ bobo
      i’m curious about your comment…maybe you know more than anyone and you’re not really in for the otp to become real in real life…are you in any way related to either of them that you know so much…just curious very curious…that you want to say it’s ok to be in the drama but not in real life…i’m confusing you??? i’m confuse about your comment as well…do you think it’s getting out of hand???

      • @ bobo…
        r u kjh or yeh?????
        just asking….being paranoid… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • @Sarah you questioning whether @bobo is KJH or YEH is really funny… LOL. 🙂

        That’s why I love it here, we HH shippers are a humorous bunch!

    • How interesting.. I’ve nothing much to add to this other than … This parallels the situation that Choi Joo Sung and Ha Hee Ra were in. 🙂

      He was rookie but she was already well-known. And look at them as an example.

      If one considers suitability of marriage prospects based on $$ and fame – then I think it says a lot about the person who makes that choice.

      Just sayin. 🙂

      • Oh lala! Lynx spoken like a wise sage. That’s the crux of the matter!

        In dreamland materialism is not an issue we are all hopeless romantics there is nothing impossible money and fame are of no object it’s Love, love , love ok kinship too a lot lot of it . . .

      • hahaha. yes, machines that makes auto-correction. lols. at least you cant say its your fault for any faux pas! lols.

    • @ Bobo

      I understand your opinion, I respected, don’t supported though! I will try to make my point clear, and I write too much, so bear with me, will you?

      It is a fantasy… We as “the insane fans” we fantasies that they can be together in real life, because, their chemistry is undeniable. But did you read well, IT IS A FANTASY!!! If it happens, YEHAA!! BOOOYAHHH!!!
      OH YEAH!!!

      LOL, but if it doesn’t happen… We, as their fans were gonna be equally happy, coz, we lurve them, respect them and support them, no matter what. As you said, they are normal human beings, and need to have their own “private lives” BTW; when YOU choose a career in “the industry” you don’t have a “private life” per se… Just saying!!

      We are not meddling, or “pushing” anything on them, I think, that they don’t even hear about us dreaming of them, and loving them so much, that we want them to be together. They know that they have a huge number of overseas fans, but I don’t think they read our comments!!

      *Drooling, dreaming if they do that*

      LOL, I hope Yoon Eun Hye laughs like a maniac(if she really read our posts) when we at the playground, wanted to kill, and skinned Kang Ji Hwan’s character Ki Joon, after hurting her, and make her cry on episode 8.

      We are INSANE… About LTM, about how it ends, about wuri OTP, about anything and everything that have to do with it!!!

      If you don’t like it, or feel awkward, please don’t come here, you only gonna find people, who are INSANE about LTM, and wuri OTP!!

      People don’t call her/him a Troll! Please, that is disrespectful, and here at the playground, we are not disrespectful. We are insane, but not that. We appreciate, and acknowledge anyone opinions, even If they don’t match ours. If we like it we support it, if we don’t, we respect it.

      At the end “pulvis et umbra sumus” (we are dust and shadow). The dust of the past that we never want to let go, and the shadow of LTM and our LOVELY OTP!! After all, they will always be our LOVELY OTP!!!

      • wow!!! is this my little angel??? standing ovation in order… claps…well said my dear!!! muwahhhhhh

      • I’m just saying, this are the “deliriums” of INSANE Ajhummas, Unnis, Hyungs, and Ajhussis, who got infected with the LTM Virus!!!

        Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta, have issue a warning, saying that every one who get infected by the LTM virus, are gonna have “zombie like” symptoms!!!! LOL without the rotting flesh, and the brain eating!!! There is a high consumption of cola and ice cream, when you have this illness!!! And a lot of kissy-kissy, huggy-huggy, but not bang-bang though ….

        Dang, that sucks!!!


  122. Queeninee8, omo omo omo!!! thanks for this .gif! i wish there’d be more evidence of this sweetness between wuri HH overflowing behind the scenes. Sigh…… the waiting for their formal announcement (puleazzzeee!) is agonizing! Hihihi!

  123. I wont understand when ban started he has finished his CH last year isnt? So his ban starts from which year to when?

    • It started last year. He was originally cast for JH’s role in Chuno and he went to Japan to do fan-meeting and other works before the shooting started. And he came back to find the role went to JH, because Sidus (JH’s company) decided to get in Chuno and KJH’s then agency just went on with it. It was last year of KJH’s contract with them and they knew he wouldn’t stay anyway.
      So that’s when the dispute started and he left them. And they started to churn out bad rumours about him. And the Management Association, which Sidus has heavy influence and president of KJH’s old agency has a directorial post, tried to ban him on the grounds of not fullfilling the contract. But he ignored it and did CH. And when he was cast in Faith at the end of last year, they claimed the ban and he dropped out of the project. I’ve heard that they unbanned him with the condtion of giving up Faith.

      • Thanks for information OneTruePeer…

        I hope everything will gonna be alright for KJH in the future, success for you carreer and love life (I wish it’s with YEH).
        KJH, Fighting! (^^)/~

      • @ onetruepeer

        hmmmm poor baby KJH… but i think it’s a good thing he didn’t do Chuno (JH IMO was right in the role and I hate to see KJH dirty and with a big scar on the face) but I saw some of his stills in Faith (madame K showed some here) and he was really hawt!!! and I’m really happy he did CH… liked him there but not as much as I loved him in LTM…

        thank you dear for the info…

      • Thanks I’ve been looking for this info regarding the “alleged scandals” surrounding the ban about KJH.

        If all the premises are true then he has a valid reason for breaking the contract with his previous agency. They did not protect his rights. What is wrong in pursuing gainful pursuit in place of a “stolen” one?

      • @bo

        it seems to happen a lot with big name management companies… it’s really messed up how they play subjective favoritism

      • Water off a duck’s back. Bad of the agency but that looks like industry wide practice. He did well to rest and recuperate during the ban.

        His got ambition, and his career still has long way more to go. We’re def watching out for him isnt it. 🙂

        Thanks @OneTruePeer for the brief. 🙂

      • @ Best Luv

        Wow! KEnt is a scary world. No wonder wuri OTP are being very careful. They must be under a lot of pressure.

  124. My korean colleague told me they only date each other if they find that they are their potential marriage partners.

      • Korean colleague dont quite like KJH but definitely like YEH saying she is too pretty.

    • That’s interesting. How is it to know whether there’s any potential for marriage if you never dated each other. But that ones culture and I must respect it.

      It doesn’t matter. Everyone has his/her own likings. Most importantly, I like Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. 🙂

      • Koreans are very private with their lifestyle and they dont usually date without knowing that person is a good or nice guy or not. They usually go out in groups or talk alot thru phone could be months or so if both they find comfortable then they start to date or relationship. That is their culture according to my korean colleague.

      • I agree. This is exactly why YEH hasn’t dated often. She’s stated before that when she was younger, she was attracted to the bad boys but now that she’s older she just wants the marriage-material guy.

        I think a lot of it is getting to know the person without dating as friends. Then letting the romance blossom if there is mutual attraction. Consider that many of YEH’s co-stars and guys in the industry have found her ‘easy to fall in love with’ or have serious wishes of getting to know her personally (even if they’d met before working), but ultimately it’s her choice.

      • I always say I can tell if a guy is potential husband material just by observing him for 3 minutes. Here are the criteria: 1. like the eyes? 2. want to kiss those lips? 3. want your children to look like him? 4. like his scent? (chemistry/scent is scientifically proven a major deciding point in selection, healthy people smell better.) 5. just the right height – tall enough so that you can always have him to look up to, stand on your tip toes to kiss him. 6. smart & diligent? (you don’t want to live on love alone & have no food to eat). 7. is he courteous even to others (shows how he is as a person).

        I can go on and on for the ONE DAY date day observation musts…

      • @ Blue Ocean

        According to your list. KJH is a PERFECT husband material!!! LOL I don’t need such a list to decide he is… Just looking at his face and those yummmy lips are enough FOR ME!!!

        ahem… I wonder if KJH fits YEH list… well, sometimes the list jumps out the window when certain sparks come flying yunno….

        just sayin…. hehehe

      • @ blue ocean interesting criteria! Hope the ranking is flexible. .

        For me the first point of attraction is the SMELL! Non negotiable ! The person can have all the best conditions but if I don’t like his smell no chemical reaction will follow. Don’t mind me I’m just anal.

        Btw since he can afford it how can he not improve on his smell, right?

        This forum has made a blabbering idiot of me. . Lol

  125. I liked his drama in sam soon but not in fireworks and that drama is really wreck. As for CH I find he is lifeless and no chemistry with co-star or i may be wrong. As for LTM a big change like wow wow so real ar??

  126. Thank you Koala for this playground. Let me say it once more:
    Countless love Lie to me for the sheer sweet sensuality of the love of Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon. YEH and KJH stick together like red chili paste in any korean dish. You hold on to each line and each action just because of these two and every thing else does not matter. Pity those who did not watch Lie to me, they missed the kind of exciting romance that only YEH and KJH can portray. They have missed a lot. Lie to so many was rare pleasure!

  127. I totally agree with all of you guys! This playground belongs to everyone who adores LTM, AJ & KJ which automatically worship YEH & KJH. This playground serves to be an outlet to let out the emotions we feel towards the drama, towards the OTP, towards YEH & KJH. If YEH & KJH turned out that they really are dating so what?! That more we have to rejoice and thankful for! Spread good vibes, please no ruining of own happiness. Hahaha!

  128. Koala, you’ve done it again! Exactly what we, I and some friends are talking about. I’ve met with new friends who are also into LTM (YEH). And this is what we’ve discussed! We can’t stop laughing and giggling for the possibility of this two hooking up in real life! With the same conclusion from the BTS and adlibbed! If ever they are really dating, I could finally die of HAPPINESS!!!

  129. OMG, I can never get enough of LTM as well as our OTP/OTL. Im smiling and laughing like a crazy person here when I read the post and the comments. I know Im such a romantic fool, but that was great watching LTM and our couple. It is now almost 6 am in my part of the world, yet Im still reading and searching for anything LTM. hehehehe

    • I agree with you zip.I felt “not right” to just sit there and not doing anything, have to wishing my heart out for HwanHye. They are both great people (with great sense of humours, kind, caring and great passion abt acting) from what we all have observed thru times and their movies/drama ..if they fated to meet in a drama and watching their spark on screen.I can not help myself other than trying to get it out of my lung that they deserve each other, mutually.And it is AWESOME if they are together in real life even later or now, we-who appreciated all their hard-work will always support and love them no matter what conditions…is that what love is all abt…hahah….Their love story on screen will be kept and remembered for alot of us…And thanks to Ms.K I found home and folks who shares my wish to HwanHye.

  130. I’ve admired YEH for a long time and this admiration is borne of the consistent observation and comments people put forward about her in the many articles I’ve read: she has a good and generous heart…always thinking of and doing things for other people without making a big fuss about what she has done. I love the way she handles her fame and the fatc that it hasn’t gone to her head.

    I love the GAJ-HKJ love story and I like what I saw in the BTSs—two people comfortable with each other and thoughtful of each other’s needs.

    Of course the wishful thinker in me wants them to be together in real life…however I have to admit that I don’t know much about KJH. I read in one of the comments here that his fans said he liked Sung Yuri and that he was rumored to be in a scandal with Lee Dae Hae. These are all rumors but for a YEH fan who wants the best for her and who wants a loyal and devoted man for her to end up with, I would like to know more about KJH the person…
    what is he like in real life?

    • I read Lee Dae Dee that forum she was ex Eric g/f and she happened to be in thailand and happened KJH into CF there thats where the rumour started. Suri I dont think so.

    • @bibimbap

      I agree we all want the best for YEH, so it’ll be splendid if we use the quote we got from AJ in LTM “if you like me, why can’t you just like me only?”. I hope KJH will just focus on only loving YEH.