James Wen and Chris Wang Kiss for The Fierce Wife Box Office Success

When I was back in Taiwan these past two weeks, I actually stumbled across the production setting up the stage for the premiere media event for The Fierce Wife movie (it was near the Taipei 101). I was too lazy to head back out and watch the event later that night, but I saw posters for TFW plastered all over buses and billboards and plenty of folks were talking about it. Since I barely lasted a few episodes of the drama, the movie wouldn’t interest me either, other than a mild curiosity about the ending. Would An Zhen reconcile with her ex-husband because of familiarity and their child, or would she give it a definitive go with the new guy in her life. The ending was on lockdown in the media, but it’s since been leaked. I’ll share it below, but do not click unless you want to know.

While the drama was a ratings monster even though aired on Friday night, the movie might not necessarily do the same numbers. Turns out the audience had an appetite for the movie version, as the box office broke NT40 million within 4 days (which is about $1.35 million US dollars). That’s pretty impressive for a domestic movie, and the two leading men James Wen and Chris Wang had made a pledge to do a certain something crazy and wild if the box office was a success. I thought I’d seen it all in terms of silly promises, but this one takes the cake. The two leading men, with leading lady Sonia Sui laughing her head off as she watched, kissed three times in front of a teeming media throng gathered for the event. The pictures are about as hilarious as can be, not because its two guys kissing, but because how awkward James and Chris were about it.

So the ending had An Zhen picking Lan Tian Wei (Chris Wang’s character), but they don’t get married, and she even asks him “do we need to get married?”. Wei En comes back all sane and matured (it seems) and she’s raising the child she conceived with Rui Fan. Review have been pretty middling on this movie – rushed, unnecessary, plot thin, and poor acting from the two male leads. I guess this means watch only if you really like TFW, otherwise it appears to be a skip. At least the movie resulted in the kissage seen below. James was pleasantly surprised by how soft a guy’s lips can be (though Chris being such a pretty boy, I’m sure he moisturizes and exfoliates more than the average guy), and Chris compared kissing James to eating sashimi. LOL, these two have rendered me speechless now. Btw, if you watch the video of them kissing, they were really really kissing for a long time.


James Wen and Chris Wang Kiss for The Fierce Wife Box Office Success — 31 Comments

    • i’m actually speechless as well! i don’t know about everyone else, but i don’t want a man who kisses another man like that …i just dont know what to say about this

      • Me too, completely speechless. I mean, is this necessary? Makes me think, what these actors wouldn’t do to garner publicity. I am a fan of Chris Wang especially in IP, but after this, I don’t know.

  1. I find it awesome that they just did that! Because, really, what’s the big deal? It makes me happy to see this, celebrities not being homophobic. They kiss female actors they don’t have feelings for all the time too ^^

    • guys can get an erection from many different things. Sometimes it is sexual but also nervous, very happy, rubbed accidentally, to name a few. I am sure he was just a bit nervous about it. He is married with 2 small children. That has happened to him on other Kdramas with women too!!
      Even just jumping around can cause it.

  2. Maybe it’s my imagination, but in the second kiss shot Mr. Beige Pants looks a little excited (if you get my drift) . 🙂

    • it’s not your imagination; you should see the video. The taiwanese media were hilariously attentive to his *ahem* excitement.

      • That is one steamy kiss! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a little something more going on behind the scenes with these two, given how passionate this is. Good for them!

      • Poor guy, it’s got to be terribly awkward to have that splashed all over the news.

        Think of what a great movie plot for some B melodrama – the two guys chasing the girl decide, Eh, we like each other better! and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Heh.

      • @ estel, yeah, that is SUPER awkward. My jaw literally dropped when the program actually CIRCLED the guy in khakis’ crotch area. Regardless of his sexuality, that’s got to be embarrassing. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I certainly got it from the context clues. Also? I would TOTALLY watch that melodrama, but I would prefer it as a frothy Korean romcom. Two actors make a bet to kiss each other publicly and enjoying it a little more than they expected…it would be like Coffee Prince, except if Eun Chan were actually a guy. Even better if the characters are both actors in the public eye battling homophobic fans in their nascent love. With conflict like that, who needs birth secrets, noble idiocy, and/or meddling parental figures?

      • Hahaha, oh mira, leave it to you to find the Apple Daily coverage of this event. Leave to AD to sensationalize it even more. I love the background music, so awesome! I love how they downed their champagne to get their courage up, and then we see Chris swigging mouthwash. So polite, that boy. Its unfortunate his very real and understandable bodily reaction was captured by the media, but heck, so what! It’s all in good fun.

        Of all the rumored gay leading men in TW-ent, neither Chris nor James is remotely on that list. I think that is why Sonia volunteering them to make out was so funny. Her sniggering in the background was the stand in for all of us.

        James-Chris FTW! A new OTP is born.

      • @rearwindow I’d love to see it as a kdrama romcom. I don’t know if I’d watch the melo, but the romcom? For sure. I know some people (including Seo In-guk!) want Yoon-jae and Joon-hee to get together in Answer Me 1997. The premise would make an awesome screwball comedy. kkkk

      • Wow, that kiss went way beyond my expectations! I thought it was just going to be a little peck or something, but that was a very passionate scene. I hope this doesn’t hurt either of their careers (or whatever type of relationship/friendship they had behind the scenes). It’s all a bit of fun, so hopefully people won’t take it too seriously.

        And I agree that it would make a great rom-com story line. Chemistry between two people is always great to explore, especially if it’s not conventional.

  3. I may be alone, but I was hoping An Zhen would choose Rui Fan for a touch of realism. Not a fan of the Prince Charming syndrome in Asian dramas.

  4. looks to me like it’s not their first time kissing another man. Not at all awkward with each! Very mucho experienco!

  5. @ estel and rearwindow: I would watch the hell out of that melodrama 🙂 Even better if they were to cast a pair of actors who already have legendary bromances *imagines the possibilities*

    @ockoala: I think Sonia’s actions just shoved her out of her own OTP hahaha. Chris-James FTW!

  6. hahaha.. just love the link from Mira and your blog Ms.Koala..I guess the male hormone couldn’t care less if its a woman or man..if its aroused it can’t be help..I am very conservatives but that was fun to watch how sexuality doesn’t care gender..

  7. OMG what was that ? my KWX what are you doing ? you’re rueing your your

  8. I’m i wanna ask something… Is he ( Chris Wang ) gay ??? Because I’am from Greece and I don’t know much about him ……… He is so hot <3

  9. This is soooo unnecessary! As actors who are looked up to by young and old people, we should be responsible enough to be good role models.

  10. That kiss was for fun but remember to always be good role models. The whole wide world is watching. Chris is my favorite. I saw this kissing stuff today. Please quit expensive jokes! We are lawfully allowed to do anything but not everything is helpful. Chris, liquor is deceitful and never wipe nor takes responsibility of the stains left on its path. Anyway, for both both Chris & James~

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