The Great Seer with Ji Sung, Kim So Yeon and Ji Jin Hee Holds Script Reading

New drama alert! Upcoming SBS sageuk The Great Seer (Daepyongsoo) has finally started filming as the cast gathered together for a script reading session. The drama is slated for 36-episodes airing on Mon-Tues after Faith, which on the long side of primetime dramas but much shorter than the usual weekend sageuk epics. It’s amusingly apropos for this drama to follow Faith, which is set in the Goryeo period, while TGS is about the late Goryeo period having a fictional great seer who ends up guiding real life historical figure Lee Seong Gye in overthrowing Goryeo and founding the Joseon dynasty. The cast had been set early with Go Soo playing the great seer, Ji Jin Hee as Lee Seong Gye, and Kim So Yeon rounding out the main cast as the female lead and love interest to both men.

Unfortunately Go Soo dropped out last month citing a scheduling conflict, but luckily Ji Sung confirmed that he was taking over in the titular role. I think that’s pretty much an apples-to-apples trade. The rest of the cast is also quite top notch, including among others Song Chang Ui, Lee Yoon Ji, and Jo Min Ki. Ji Jin Hee is a sageuk veteran (everyone remembers him in Dae Jang Geum) and played a Joseon king before in Dong Yi. Ji Sung’s first sageuk was not so long ago with Kim Soo Ro, where he played the founding king of the Geumgwan Gaya (an early Korean confederacy), and I liked him in it but not his character or the drama. This will be leading lady Kim So Yeon’s first sageuk, but I doubt anyone has any worries that she’s rock it like she’s rocked everything she’s tried before. TGS will premiere in early November after Faith wraps up at 24-episodes.


The Great Seer with Ji Sung, Kim So Yeon and Ji Jin Hee Holds Script Reading — 22 Comments

  1. ahhh I love Kim So Yeon but 36 is quite a stretch for me and can’t seem to accommodate more time to dramas as it is! 🙁 but but but thanks Koala for this news!

  2. Ah, I love this cast. I wonder if they and the story have enough appeal to get this subbed as fast as Faith. That would be nice.

    Is Jo Min Ki a good guy? I hope. Loved his quirkiness in M2F, hated, hated him in EoE. He kinda looks like Danny DeVito in that shot with the hat.

    Ji Jin Hee, what a nice hunk of man. If I were Kim So Yeon, it would be tough to choose between him and Ji Sung.

    Song Chang Ui is simply delightful to watch, so intelligent and nuanced. I hope he is Lee Yoon Ji’s love interest. That pairing reminds me of her and Jo Jung Suk since they are all musical actors.

    Thanks for the photos.

    • Not true, viki is subbing The Horse Healer and that at 50 ep can’t be trendy.

      Sigh, I wonder if Go Soo dropped out as his wife is about to have a baby at the beginning of the year.

    • We are also subbing Soldier[ God of war ] and that is currently on episode 54. Not much ppl in the team but the main subber and myself are part of the team subbing this when it airs.

  3. ah, it’ll be so great to see my two favorite ladies, Kim So Yeon and Lee Yoon Ji share the same screen…Lee Yoon Ji, not that long ago tweeted about dyeing her hair black again for this drama..she seems to have been quite sad about that

  4. I love kim so yeon!!! But prefer go soo to ji sung. Anyway ji jin hee is very handsome and i saw kim so yeon in a chinese movie with a historical fantasy setup. She was really beautiful in it!)))

  5. I am sorry, but ‘The Great Seer’ actually follows ‘To The Beautiful You’ and premieres in October. ‘King of Drams’ is the one that follows ‘Faith’.

    • You’re right I was reading that on Dramabeans! The Great Seer will take ‘To the Beautiful You’ place on the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. ‘King of Dramas’ will be the Monday-Tuesday drama on SBS. Both of them look amazing!!!!

  6. Ji Jin Hee is totally my ahjussi crush. Love him in sageuks especially. 🙂 watching this for him.

    Ji Sung is in my favorite kdrama for the longest time stldfm so I have a soft spot for him and am super happy that he picked up the role as I was indifferent toward go soo.

    Kim So Yeon – love her. I loved to hate her in all about eve which I have watched more times than I care to mention. I really loved her in pp where she was so cute.

    I love the love triangle. 🙂 I can’t wait!! What more could I ask for except a good script to suits these three. Please!

    But I guess all sageuks this long have a child portion right? So that will probably be 3 weeks? That’s the only thing that can drive me a little crazy waiting for the adults to appear.

  7. Very excited since this will be KSY’s first sajeuk role. Ji Sung looks good in saejeuk too. Wonder if she will be playing the love interest between two opponents or if both guys are on the same side.

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