Yoona Headlines Historical C-drama Costarring Lin Geng Xin and Kim Jung Hoon

This is definitely one of the most bizarre bibimbap casting mashups I’ve ever come across. I can’t definitively say whether the end product will be good or bad, but my prediction is hot mess with tons of eye candy. Yoona of SNSD will be following in the footsteps of many of her Korean acting brethren and heading over to Mainland China to partake of the bigger pond of dramas and paychecks. She’s just been cast as the leading lady in the big budget historical drama Warrior God Zhao Zhi Long. She’s the second K-actress to headline a major Chinese period drama in recent days, earlier this year Kim Tae Hee filmed Wang Xi Zhi about the famed Chinese calligrapher.

The male contingent surrounding Yoona in this drama is pretty deep in pretty boys. Lin Geng Xin continues his meteoric rise and joins Yoona as the titular warrior god Zhao Zhi Long himself. Rounding out the expected love triangle is another Korean, Kim Jung Hoon will be playing Zhao Zhi Long’s rival on the battlefield, political scheming, and fighting for Yoona’s heart. As if there wasn’t enough already with those two, Li Yi Feng play’s Lin Geng Xin’s best friend and fellow warrior on the same side, Du Chun is famed consigliere Zhu Ge Liang, and Yan Kuan gets to play the juicy role of Liu Bei. Filming starts in January with a schedule August 2015 premiere date on Chinese television. Continue reading

C-netizens are Abuzz with the Gorgeous Cameo Appearance of Dong Xuan in Return of the Condor Heroes

Somewhere in an alternate universe, drama producer Yu Zheng is still filming his massacre drama adaptation of the wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. It’s been seven years since the last major remake starring now top C-movie stars Huang … Continue reading