Yamapi Sizzles Up the Screen in Official Movie Trailer for Kinkyori Renai

I am sooooo ready for Yamapi as the teacher falling for a student in the upcoming live-action J-movie adaptation of the popular shoujo manga Kinkyori Renai. There are multiple excitement factors as play for me with respect to Yamashita Tomohisa‘s first movie in three years since Ashita no Joe. That one was also a live-action adaptation of a classic beloved shonen manga of the same name, and it says something about Yamapi’s manga male lead looks that he’s always on the short list when an adaptation is considered. It was a matter of scheduling conflict that he wasn’t in the J-version of Hana Yori Dango, that drama aired from Oct-Dec 2005 on Fridays, and that very exact time frame Yamapi was starring in Nobuta wo Produce with Kame and Maki which aired from Oct-Dec 2005 on Saturdays. Crazy heydays for idol J-doramas if you ask me.

Yamapi has been transitioning for the last five years to adult roles and sometimes he does an in-between character like in Buzzer Beat or playing the least believable doctor ever in Code Blue. His last few dramas have all been duds from me from playing a funeral home director to a cop to the most morose plodding romantic male lead in Summer Nude. I need Yamapi to be (1) hot, (2) snarky, (3) intensely interested in a girl. Those three elements appear all be present in Kinkyori Renai if the just released full movie trailer is to be believed. The newbie leading lady Komatsu Nana is a big question mark and so far her acting doesn’t impress in the trailer. I’ve watched plenty of turkeys just for Yamapi alone so this one will be an easy swallow since the source story is decently plotted and lacks the icky teacher-student taboo treatment. Apparently Yamapi has been immersing himself in English lessons for the last year leading up to filming because he plays an accomplished high school English teacher. LOL this I gotta see to believe.

Movie preview for Kinkyori Renai:



Yamapi Sizzles Up the Screen in Official Movie Trailer for Kinkyori Renai — 17 Comments

  1. Teacher/Student romances have always creeped my out, so I guess I won´t be watching this – which is a shame since I´d loooove to have a fluffy manga adaption to watch…

    Offtopic: Does anyone else see adverting for a David Hasselhoff CD (or something like that) everytime they visit this side on their phone or is it because I am German?? Makes me laugh everytime… 😉

  2. I’m so looking forward to this! All the characters at least look just like their manga selves. As far as I’m concerned, the leading lady doesn’t have to be amazing, even if she is just okay it will still be good.

    On a bit of a tangent… the scanlation team for the manga hasn’t released a new chapter for a month now. I hope they haven’t abandoned it.

  3. Wowser, that’s a sneaking kiss in the classroom! Not a fan of teacher/student … Just why can’t it be college and professor in closer age.

    Kinda wish yamapi changed the hairdo…

  4. Oh… You have got me super interested now. Should I be reading this manga?? It reminds me of when I read the iswak manga. I am actually not a huge manga fan but I almost always love the anime If there is one. Anyhow, I think I am going to have to look up this manga. Just have to know the story.

  5. Lol i just remember my senior in high school married my french teacher exactly after graduating XD. Will watch this XD, the manga is quite good anyway.

  6. Yamapi is hot, the girl looks pretty but it looks so cheesy. I like the manga but I think it won’t make a good live-action. I’ll pass this, I’m still patiently waiting for Oguri Shun’s Lupin the 3rd movie.

  7. When I was in my teens, I wondered what’s the big deal abt student/teacher kind of romances. And I used to devour such mangas too. But now that I’m a mother, everything in me screams NO, ESP when I imagine the student to be my child

  8. Haha, this looks terrible. Still. YAMAPI!!!!! *groupScreech*

    Way back, didn’t we have a conversation on OT along the lines of… koala: “Who is this Yamapi creature?” Me: “WHO IS THIS …. ???!!!!! Only, the worst J-actor ever whom I love and can’t stop watching.” Ha, I even used to follow his (fascinatingly commonplace) daily web updates (does he still do them?). Hee, how he and we have grown.

  9. Arghh, I really dislike that ugly-ass Kimitaku hair on Yamapi. He looks like a Korean adjumma with a perm. His Kurosagi hair was the best.

  10. No one does creepy japanese teacher /student movie like japan. Something about this trailer creeps me out. I felt guilty after watching it. So I guess I won’t be seeing this movie.

  11. There’s so much cheese in those trailers…I feel a little uncomfortable lol, even though the acting is super bland (to put it nicely). I wish Yamapi had a different hair style. Can’t take him seriously when he still looks like an idol/boyband member.

  12. Yay for Yamapi acting in something I’ll actually watch!! Loved him during his heyday… Nobuta wo Produce is my absolute favorite: I still do kitty power ups (hugging a cat) instead of Nobuta power ups! Yep, I’m a crazy cat lady who watches dramas…

    For me in Southeast Asia, the Blogher ads show Agoda bookings, scholarships and Zalora blogshops…

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