The Girl Who Sees Smells Cast Holds Cheerful Mid-drama Press Conference

Someone at SBS drama planning clearly can’t count, how else to explain the timing of the mid-drama press conference being held this past week? The Girl Who Sees Smells just aired episode 12 with four more episodes to go, making it a few weeks late to try and drum up publicity and interest in the drama. With that said, I really do adore the drama which is a godsend for me, coming on the heels of the indescribably bad Hyde, Jekyll, Me experience. It’s like a solid sweet boyfriend after the last trainwreck hot mess relationship.

But the ratings for Smelly Girl have been less than sweet even in this era of low ratings all around. It’s a shame because the OTP romance is delightful and one of the better drama rom-com perfected pairings in years. The police procedural is the biggest weakness, but made up in part by having a stellar villain who delivers the heebie jeebies by the boatload. It’s also nice that I’ve finally found a Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung performance to love, even if this ends up being the only time at least I’m loving it while it lasts.


The Girl Who Sees Smells Cast Holds Cheerful Mid-drama Press Conference — 29 Comments

  1. YC and SSK look good, together and apart. love the drama, it’s really addicting in some way but not in a way that suffocate you .

    are the ratings really not that good? that’s a shame cause it deserve a decent one. i agree with you ms. koala this OTP and the rom com is one of the better in those years. not to mention NGM is killing it with his creepy villain role.

    for me this is by far the most favorite role of yoochun (IN SKS he was cute but still raw, didn’t watch miss ripley and i miss you, dropped 3 days cause it was too boring and while i loved him in RP too, i think his role in smelly girl is more interesting).

  2. The ratings is suffering maybe because they against Unkind Woman and Angry Mom which both also very good dramas. Audiences must be really happy to see so many good dramas nowadays. It’s shame that ratings always the first indication of success or not of a program.

    Maybe by the ed of Angry Mom, the ratings would increased at least to the second.

  3. I think the ratings are suffering because Unkind Women was already a strong competitor. This show has at least maintained 2 position for most if its run and it’s not worse in these days when ratings can reach even 3%.

    • It actually was 3rd in most of its run with Angry Mom, but Angry Mom is doing around there as well like 7%ish. Sensory Couple dropped to 6%ish recently. And to be fair, those recent episodes were horrible, so can see why the drop.

      • They really were bad. There’s bumbling cop, and then there is about twenty coincidences too many and the cops and heroes behaving like they are literally too stupid to live – I mean, you knock out a serial killer and then leave him untied without any supervision? You let a killer know that you are onto his plan instead of arresting him for bugging a police phone? What even.

  4. I just realised, yoochun has a nice teeth…the symmetry and shape is good…
    and the hairstyle completely can bring different vibe: with bang-normal person, gel hair-celebrity with strong aura

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one watching for Nam Goong Min. So cute with the glasses! So creepy when being the villain!

    • He’s so handsome and cute when he’s not being murderous that I actually feel even more scared of him when he goes into killer mode. He makes a great villain!

  6. I used to be so excited when it was a Smelly Girl day, but unfortunately, the writer has eroded most of my enthusiasm for the show. I don’t know how he can be good at writing such wonderful OTP scenes, and then suck so badly when it comes to the investigation scenes. Even JH is doing some really stupid things these days, but I don’t blame him– I blame the writer. Luckily, the OTP is still delightful.

  7. The ratings were rising every week for the first few weeks so I think it definitely stalled because the writing went downhill.

  8. The mid-drama conference was originally scheduled at the half way point but due to scheduling conflict, they had to push it back by two weeks, thus the delay in the press conference. This drama started live shooting around episode 3 so I can see why they were pressed for time.

    The ratings dropped to about 6% with the last two episodes due to poor writing and also due to Angry Mom ending. Otherwise, TGWSS has been alternating 2nd and 3rd spot with Angry Mom for most of it’s run – both spent the same amount of time in the 2n and 3rd place . Considering TGWSS started a lot later than both Unkind Women and AG, it did pretty well to raise its rating and surpassing AG a few times even with the dismal rating their predecessor left them. Kind of hard to pass UW especially since KMHM and AG weren’t able to.

    However, while the live TV ratings is low for TGWSS, it’s been number 1 in internet ratings since the first episode, raking in average more than 20% compare to the other dramas in the same time slot. I guess most of the TGWSS viewers are young viewers who watch on their phone/mobile/computer. Also, since TGWSS started airing, TGWSS has the second highest CPI behind Infinity Challenge and has the highest CPI among all dramas.

  9. The ratings aren’t great but it’s still like double or triple what Hyde Jekyll and I had. And the reception seems to be generally positive, too.

  10. yuchun is promising actor. TBH he should leave after he get many positive review & awards with his movie. poor boy his last project doing bad in rating.

    • No need to worry about the live ratings of his drama – the drama is very popular overseas, esp in China where it was the number 1 drama in Korean/Japanese category and number 2 overall. Plus he’s getting a lot of positive review and buzz for his range of acting (comedic to serious) in this drama – not to mention TGWSS has the highest CPI out of all the currently airing dramas. He’s going to leave for the MS on a high note.

      • People only care & remember about the low rating. They didn’t care if drama doing well in oversea. like Jang geun seuk’s drama also doing well in oversea.

  11. The last few weeks have slowed down for me narrative wise with Cho Rim nearly escaping Jae Hee like 6 times now, everything with her dad, and the cops now solely working only on the barcode killer case. They should have had some more of the mini side cases up to episode 12 (while finding clues about Jae Hee) and then switch over to the barcode case for the final episodes. I hope the writers do come up with a good explanation in these last episodes for why Jae Hee became a killer, what the books and barcodes represent to him, and if there was a reason he killed the people he killed.

    Cho Rim and Moo Gak continue to be the main reason for watching, just because they are so cute together and actually seem like a realistic couple. I know that after all the bad stuff (that is still to come) our OTP will get their happy ending. Maybe he’ll still be a cop or he’ll go back to his scuba job and hopefully she’ll finally get her dream of being on stage doing comedy (or maybe they’ll be a comedy duo together…lol)!

  12. Yoochun is first and only my obsession of k-pop artist once before I’m getting married and then everything died. He and DBSK always. This is the best hairstyle he ever had. Looks dashing and sharp.

  13. It’s disturbing how adorable Namgoong Min is for a 37 year old man who’s playing the role of a psychopath.

  14. shin se kyung brought maturity and intelligent to an obviously country that can only portray women as foolish bumbling fools

    women everywhere (especially feminist) should thank ssk for not giving in to conservative conventions

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