SBS Drama Remember Breaks 20% Ratings in Final Episode as Cast Celebrates at Wrap Party

The current bunch of prime time K-dramas hasn’t been all that buzzy but that doesn’t equate to failure. SBS leads the ratings for both Mon-Tues with Six Flying Dragons, and especially on Wed-Thurs with Remember (Son’s War), which was netting even better ratings than Dragons. In fact, the final episode of Remember which aired this Thursday broke 20% ratings, that magical number in this day and age probably equal to what breaking 40% in rating was like 5 years ago. I liked Remember, and not just because it starred my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho, it was actually second male lead Park Sung Woong who stole the show for me six episodes in.

I took a break after that because I wasn’t in the mood for a drama where the good guys continually get outwitted and outplayed, that would have driven my blood pressure up to watch weekly, especially if Yoo Seung Ho tears are heaped on top. Now that it’s done, this weekend is all prime for a marathon session and hopefully all the solid reviews are on the mark. If not then I’ll consider it a worthwhile time suck to admire Yoo Seung Ho’s expressive face for 14 consecutive episodes with some judicious FF-ing. The ratings for Remember really were awesome so the hardworking cast and crew definitely earned their wrap party honors as the cast looked happy and tired arriving to the shindig.


SBS Drama Remember Breaks 20% Ratings in Final Episode as Cast Celebrates at Wrap Party — 43 Comments

    • I agree. As a fan, I felt quite cheated. Her character seemed like a filler. And for once, I dreaded the romance. I love her & YSH individually, but I didn’t like their dynamics when they came together on screen.

      • Such a shame ,she has so much potential and I feel like she’s being limited with just playing these side pieces.

    • I agree. It was the same supporting lady-lawyer role she did in A New Leaf — just hanging around reacting to whatever the main guys do. So I wonder why she took it.

      • Sometimes these actors take these roles with a synopsis or just a few episodes written. She might not have realized. Regardless, she was in a hit drama and that does count for something (though I skipped this one).

  1. Aside from YSH being the always cute and lovable guy in my eyes! Just how cute is to see Park Sung Woong with an iron man charm on his phone! LOL!

  2. I don’t like the leads (actor and the characters). The supporting characters (or maybe because of the very strong actors)are more interesting for me.

  3. I dropped this because the stupidity was just too much. Regret that this was the show that introduced me to YSH. Now I have just two expressions of YSH stuck in my mind, one of Jin Woo’s wide happy smile and the other of his woeful crying face. I’ve read so much of this wonderful young actor so it’s unfortunate because first impressions stick.

  4. Loved Park Sung Woong. He was amazing and I am a new fan! I am not surprised this drama did well with the ratings. I have seen better dramas, but it’s the kind of drama that the ahjummas and older generation koreans like.

    • I agree that this is the kind of drama that does well with a certain generation of Koreans. Good for the actors and crew. However, this type of melo mixed with makjang does nothing for me. I’m happy YSH had a successful post military production regardless of whether it’s my cup of tea or not.

  5. I really loved this drama, the actors were great. Park Sung Woong was really great. But this kind of story is depressing… Corruption, power of rich ones and they add alzeimer for the hero, it’s too much for my little heart 🙂

  6. As much as I loved this drama, I had to skip some episodes because I was so infuriated at the writers for giving Seo Jin Woo Alzheimer’s. The storyline was already compelling enough with the mistrials, corruption, and revenge/justice plot. If they wanted to emphasize on JW’s misfortune, witnessing his mom and brother’s death as well as failing to prove his father’s innocence before his death already caused him suffering enough. There was absolutely no point for him to have Alzheimer’s on top of that.

  7. You need a lot of patience and tissue boxes to watch this drama. Those who stayed and watched through all the agonizing and frustrating episodes would prob enjoy the ending a lot more than someone who dropped midway and just skipped around to the end. It was a really satisfying ending to me cuz all that frustration paid off from the beginning.
    This isn’t a cliche, happy-ending drama where the main characters skip off into the sunset, this is an all-too real, bittersweet-ending drama that sticks to it’s genre (a MELOdrama) from beginning to the end.
    Overall, it’s not a drama for everyone I would say, esp for youngsters… And the drama did drag a bit in the middle but it managed to pick itself back up like in the last 4 ep. I’m just glad it didn’t end up like Yongpal. Congrats, you learned from your mistakes SBS.

    • You think SBS cares about anything besides ratings? They would love to have another drama like Yongpal which had consistent higher ratings than this drama. Viewers like us can rant about crappy endings, lazy writing and quality but the broadcasters are just looking at ratings and all sorts of revenue that their dramas can bring in for them.

      • Dramas like these are like bait-click lol. They get your attention and lead you in only to drop you off in a pool full of disappointment, sadness, and frustration. And the funniest part is that for some ODD reason, you can’t leave until it’s all over, until all the water drains out. So in the end, you fall victim to SBS’s trap. (And that’s how they always get high ratings.) As a viewer this is like playing dirty, and as fan of the actor, this is just plain sad, cause you KNOW they have so much more potential… Idk was this drama a success? A failure? It’s just a matter of preference imo. I hear ppl praising it to high heavens and I also hear ppl talking smack abt it. To me, it’s just another drama w/ my bias YSH in it, that’s all, nothing too special. Sadly =/

    • I totally agree with you. How this show ends is so great, realistic yet satisfying for OTP. A bittersweet happy ending, I think.

  8. Honestly what was Park min young was doing in this drama, her character was just a filler. This drama was waste in term of her talent, really disappointed. Its true it got good rating but i found it awful drama with boring story…

    • I am not going to talk about how her character was supposed to be the pillar of incorruptibility, In Ah existed purely as a love interest. The casting was however wrong. There’s no chemistry between PMY and YSH. Foremost, the writing was bad and the romance forced. It didn’t help that YSH looks like PMY’s dongsaeng, not that she looks old. Well, at least she didn’t come out of this badly. Whatever the drama was, good rating is a cause for cheer.

      • Yes, the chemistry between the leads was non-existent. This is the first time in my viewing experience I felt relieved that the leads didn’t concretely end up together.

  9. I actually stick through the whole thing week after week just for the cast. The storyline is so boring and elementary. For a thriller drama, there was no thrill at all. Park Sung Woong character really got the short end of the stick. The winner that came out of this drama is Nam Kyung Man. He’s such a fun and crazy villain to watch and the actor seem like he had a field day playing the character.

  10. As much as I love Yoo Seungho, Nam Goong min playing the villain was just WOW! He pretty much nailed it from beginning to end

  11. SBS does it again. The best ratings performer in terms of terrestrial broadcasting; whatever they’re doing seems to be working. Obviously the quality is suspect – both Yongpal and Remember suffered some weak writing, but their production values are still heads and heels above KBS and MBC.

  12. Its one of the most frustrating dramas I’ve ever seen. I promised myself after dropping it at episode 6 that I will at least try to watch the final episode. But truth be told, YSH’s incessant crying and the awful script traumatized me so badly I just can’t find the inspiration to do so. Its a drama that should ended at 10 episodes since it was rehashing pretty much the same scenarios over and over again to drive the point (if theres one at all) of the story. EXHAUSTING.

  13. @megan, i agree 100%. Did the same, dropped it after 6. YSH has too too too many emotional scenes. The writer – utterly horrible. Not sure why YSH is Korea’s boy next door but I liked him onky as a supporting actor not a main lead.

  14. To watch or not to watch????? I’m struggling. First I’m curious about the main male leXad YSH since Ms. Koala is so fond of him and I’ve never watched any of his dramas. But then so many negative reviews about this drama even Korean ratings are pretty good. I really dread to waste my time watching undeserving and draggy drama after being so overworked at work. Quitting a drama after unsatisfying viewing experience gets my brain damage even worse.. LOL…I’ve been gradually losing interest in K dramas due to unsuccessful viewing experience recently. Since the 2nd half of last year, only Yongpal has got my attention through the whole sereis. Now the only K drama I’m following is Moorim School. The rest of my time has been filled with C- and T- dramas. Well, after being a K drama freak for years, it’s really disappointing to see not many K dramas able to pique my interest again.

  15. no PSH/LJS need to come back. they both great at acting. they both real lover too. LMH can have his drama with his gf who sux at acting.

  16. Despite many plot holes, I am hooked on this show from the beginning & love this show to pieces. It was difficult to watch at first, because many good people were mistreated. The more frustrating this show is in the first half, the more I appreciate Jin Woo’s victory in the second half.

    And the way how this show ends is really smart. An open ending that you can imagine what happen next, but it’s obvious that even though Jin Woo lost his memory, his brain can’t regconize In Ah, but his heart does. And In Ah will never let him go this time. What a realistic and satisfying happy ending for my beloved OTP.

    I think Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young have developed their acting skills and appearance a lot in this show. I find their actings very decent, so touching. They have become my best favourite OTP from now on. There were not many romantic scenes between Jin Woo and In Ah in this show (not like so many K-drama out there with too much lovey dovey scenes), yet I can feel intense chemistry between them. Hope that they will be paired up in another project with so much romance (in compensation for this show) very soon. I am missing them already.

    I am gonnna miss you, show. Thank you, writer nim, PD nim, all cast and crew. You all did a great jobs!

  17. At this rate, I don’t have high hopes for good dramas from Korea. Occasionally, we might get some surprises but I think the ratings will reward or motivate more terrible writing like this drama.

  18. I just thought it was GREAT! …and the only watchable drama with Dragons. So I am going to be in deep depression now that’s it has ended unless Rain’s drama matches up.

  19. in the beginning, i watch this because Yoo Seung Ho, but when that crazy and physcho villain appears…my taste of this drama changes drastically. He stole my attention from jin woo to nam kyu man until the end…..haha
    Nam Goong Min play his character so WOW….always wainting for his scenes every episode….just like Queen Seondeok, waiting for Mishil appearance…haha. Nam Kyu Man eyes can talk every emotion in his mind, anger and sadness.
    When he in jail and decide to suicide, his teary eyed so touching….*cry so much with him. lol
    he cant believe his father abandoned him alone….he works hard in entire his life just to please his father.

    Park Min Young character so bland….I thought the SW will give her a lot portion to make her character alive but not….miss her acting in Sungkyunkwan

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