MBC Plays Up Male Lead Bromance and Rivalry in New Stills for Monster and Goodbye Mr. Black

MBC is going to face tough competition when it premieres two new prime time dramas in the coming weeks. First is Goodbye Mr. Black on Wed-Thurs, going up against runaway hit Descendants of the Sun and lowly rated but getting good audience feedback Please Come Back Ahjusshi. I think Mr. Black has a steeper climb compared to its same network sibling Monster which airs at the end of the month on Mon-Tues, that time slot will see the premiere of this same month of new dramas from the other two networks as well.

KBS has Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho coming while SBS is getting lots of buzz for Jackpot (Daebak). Audiences won’t know if either Monster or Mr. Black will turn out any good but on the casting alone MBC did a great job – both dramas narratively appear male lead driven and Monster has Kang Ji Hwan while the titular Mr. Black is Lee Jin Wook. Even with two good looking and can act leads, either drama can also get stolen by equally talented second male leads in Park Ki Woong and Kim Kang Woo, respectively. MBC clearly wants to play up the bromance and/or rivalry with new stills from both dramas that are pretty wink wink cheeky if you ask me.



MBC Plays Up Male Lead Bromance and Rivalry in New Stills for Monster and Goodbye Mr. Black — 14 Comments

    • Is it an article about “Jackpot”? No.
      And it is the good story that can appeal the audience. This drama is not targeting screaming fans.

      • why so bitter? I’m just expressing my opinion here and i’m not lying. jackpot was mentioned in the article with JGS as a main lead and i’m exercising my freedom of speech. all dramas with JGS as main lead had low rating so I think this one will be the same. my opinion though. if it turns out to be a success good for him.

      • @blep

        Youre the one who sounds bitter, eh? Excercise your right of speech in an article thats relevant because if u don’t, you’ll end up sounding desperate to hate and throw unnecessary commentary. Just a word of advise.

      • you’re ridiculous .. she is free to say whatever she wants and event though jackpot was not in the title of the article, it was mentionned in it. Plus she’s right jang geunsuk has 0 star power in korea and get hated on a lot for most of the things he does which i think is sad cause i used to like him a lot . I don’t know since he let his hair grew nothing is going right for him except in japan.

    • Jang Geun Seuk still strong especially in Japan. And Jackpot has Jin Goo also. I like Kang Ji Hwan and kim Kang Woo too. Not really fan of Lee Jin Wook. But that’s okay. I still waiting for the dramas.

  1. Goodbye mr black is the only drama that i’m waiting for, lately i’m not watching any kdrama, for monster may be a half episode,because it’s long drama or may be not

  2. I think JGS’s drama will be okay as long the story is written well. Also, it’s not just him acting. There are others in the cast that promise viewers a quality drama.
    Park Ki Woong and Kang Ji Hwan!! Oh booy I’m excited. 🙂

  3. Geez I came here to read about 2 dramas which I will check out. Isn’t the 3rd drama in another article? I am a Kdrama fan like all of you but lately I feel as if this blog has been invaded by either rabid fans or anti- fans of various actors.

    Can you guys even write something to substantiated your announcements? Because seriously it all comes across as immature and it doesn’t even have any logic in some of the statements.

  4. JGS drama going to flop. like all his drama. atlease he will make money in japan.he ony doing drama to plz his japan fan.he hardy have any kfan.that why his drama always flop so bad in korean.

    GBMB will not reach 8%. DOTS will kick everybody butt. there no stopping this drama from reach over 30%.

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