Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina Confirmed for tvN Rom-com Drama Seaside Village ChaChaCha a Remake of the Movie Mr. Hong

Rejoice, we have a confirmed great pairing and for a rom-com to boot! After months of rumors and speculation, today Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho have confirmed their casting for the second half of 2021 tvN romance Seaside Village ChaChaCha. Not a fan of the drama title but a mega fan of both leads, who I must say must’ve been cast because who can resist putting the two biggest dimpled cuties in K-ent together. Shin Mina plays a successful dentist who relocates to the remote seaside village after a career setback. She encounters Kim Sun Ho’s Mr. Hong, a ne’er-do-well who does odd jobs and generally is mysterious and helpful. The drama will be penned by the screenwriter of The Crowned Clown and the PD of Oh My Ghostess and Tomorrow With You. Can tomorrow come already and deliver this drama now?


Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina Confirmed for tvN Rom-com Drama Seaside Village ChaChaCha a Remake of the Movie Mr. Hong — 14 Comments

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  2. To be honest the only drama I liked with Shin Mina as lead was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so not really excited about this pairing. But the PD and writer combo is good. Who knows this might be TVN’s next big hit.

  3. Dimple couple! I love both and I’m excited to watch them together. They’re good in comedy and melo and it’s pretty rare to see actors doing both very well.

  4. dimple couple has arrived!!!!!!! so excited!!! ??? hope the pd amd the writer won’t screw this up. please god of drama!! make it one of the best. i really love both of them.

  5. After Beyond evil, Mouse, i need of a good romcom . Like both leads so ” when tomorrow comes i ‘ll watch it “!!! I tried the one with Lee min Ki and Nana but the couple doesn’t work for me . Sad !

  6. YAY! a win for us all. This is such a great pairing and yes, who can resist those dimples????????? And its a rom-com nonetheless.

  7. Dimple couple has arrived! Thank you drama gods. I want a decent rom-com to lighten up the mood. No need to think too much & easy on the eyes.

  8. To be honest, I don’t have much of an impression of who Kim Seon-ho is.

    But am totally on board bec:
    1) I loved the original Mr Handy aka Mr Hong (it was Uhm Jung-hua, and the late Kim Ju-hyuk) and
    2) I enjoy shin Min-ah. It’s been ages since her enjoyable Drama with So Ji-sub in Oh My Venus. / Also crossing my fingers she’s will remain securely with Kim Woo-bin

    KDramas are NOT sucking me in much, these, days. Some selective C Dramas are. Not sure if it’s the Scripts or acting/chemistry etc ///
    I can only mention one I am watching – the one with Li Min-ki and Nana (and another I flit in and out of and am considering dropping A drama with Kang Min-hyuk and Jeon In-sun (acting/chemistry leaves much to be captivated. while i loved Jeon In-sun with So Ji-sub in the highly entertain My Secret Terrius, she’s so ?!? blah here for me)

    Ironic since they’ve made up most of my viewing time to last year, since 2001 – which was even earlier than Hallyu wave days.

    • I find that the younger breed of K-actors mostly lack acting skills & ability to generate chemistry. I thoroughly enjoy So Ji Sub’s chemistry with Shin Mina & Jeon In Sun too. Now imagine substituting SJS’s roles with someone else in Oh My Venus & My Secret Terrius, they will flop. I’m also very selective what I watch from K-dramaland these days. The only one that caught my fancy this year was Flower of Evil (yes, I only started after the hype died down).

    • Hi Jusash! If you wanna know Kim Seonho you can watch his four- episodes drama titled You Drive Me Crazy with Lee Yooyoung. That drama made me swoon to him and because of that i became a fan. He was so good there. It is a romantic -comedy drama that aired on 2018.

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