Top Stars and J-dorama We Married as a Job Leads Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen Announce Marriage in Real Life

JAW. DROP. Ok, I’m not sure what will top this for shocking dating/marriage reveal of 2021 but the bar has been set. The entirety of Wednesday in Japanese entertainment news was dominated by the announcement of marriage by 40 year old singer-actor Hoshino Gen and 32 year old actress Aragaki Yui. Like, in real life. Five years after the entire dorama watching universe adored and shipped them to the moon after costarring in 2016 mega hit rom-com We Married as a Job (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu or The Full Time Wife Escapist), the onscreen costars are indeed offscreen marrieds! Apparently they started dating last year after filming their 2021 SP version of We Married as a Job and the relationship was always predicated on potential for marriage, rather than just dating and having fun. That makes sense as they already knew each other well having filmed the full length dorama together so I guess the SP let them both explore where the spark could go. And it’s gone off to happily ever after land and scores of Married fans and fans of both stars alike must be thrilled, I know I am. Both have pristine reputations in J-ent and are widely acknowledged as genuinely nice people in professional settings and in real life. Congrats to the happy couple and wow again for seriously dropping a doozy.


Top Stars and J-dorama We Married as a Job Leads Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen Announce Marriage in Real Life — 16 Comments

  1. Congrats to the J-couple! They seem like a very grounded pair to me. 2nd pair in 2021 to give joy to fans after HB & SYJ. Hopefully, my own fave OTP from a 2016 rom-com will get hitched in real life too. They are also genuinely nice people professionally and privately. These kind of actors are so easy to cheer for. Many blessings to them.

  2. My jaw literally dropped reading this. The drama has a soft spot in my heart and now the onscreen to offscreen couple… kyaaaaaaa! Congratsss.

  3. So happy for them. I thought the SP was like a Bonus to one of my wishes to see them together again. But now that they officially made it real. Dang it. I am so happy.

    Wishing them immeasureable happiness, good health and blessings…

  4. I’m having a very bad day and this is the BEST antidote. When my Twitter lit up with this news, so did I. So happy for this ridiculously cute pair!

  5. Wow, congrats to the happy couple! I never got around to finishing the drama but now I may have to lol

    Also if we’re pushing potential couple wishes into the universe, I’d love to hear good news about my fave OTP PHS-PBY, who are also acknowledged and genuinely nice people professionally and personally.

  6. They look good together. Both of then had a good vibe and i seriously ship ship them.Never thought this would be real.Congrats for both of them

  7. Congrats to the couple. I loved We Married as a Job. Now I’m wondering if the Koi dance was part of the wedding celebration

  8. This was really unexpected but congratulations to the couple! I have watched Aragaki Yui act since 2007 so I’m happy for her for finding her happiness.

    • Now all I need is Okitegamikyouko no Bibouroku S2 – my favorite of all the Dramas of hers I’ve watched (many, many times for that one)

  9. What a surprise! I feel like no man will be good enough for my beloved Gakki…but if she’s happy, I’m happy too. Let’s hope they enjoy a blissful married life 🙂

  10. @asdfghjkl, thanks for asking. That’s sweet of you. I’ve seen regular commenters chased off this site just bcoz they offered different opinions contrary to the main group that patrol this site. Lol. Maybe in the future, if it becomes true that will be great.

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