Park Min Young and Song Kang to Start Filming in June for jTBC Workplace Drama Office Romance Cruelty

If this drama airs by December 2021 then Song Kang will have four dramas in one year and goodness I’ve never seen that type of striking while the iron is hot. jTBC production is in final prep stages to start filming upcoming drama Office Romance Cruelty slated for June. It’s set in the department of meteorology and both are weather forecasters, he handles breaking news while she does general forecasting. He’s a no nonsense genius type person while she appears cold and aloof at work because she has a strict no socializing policy with coworkers. The drama is from the PD of When the Camellia Blooms and will air in the late second half of 2021.


Park Min Young and Song Kang to Start Filming in June for jTBC Workplace Drama Office Romance Cruelty — 74 Comments

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      • Sunkyunkwan Scandal is my most fave drama of PMY because she is a character actress there. It is not a typical love triangle drama.

        These past few years she had been into rom-com more. I hope she’ll do more than cutie acting because she can do more.

        For SongKang i love his character and the way he portrayed in Sweet Home. He is not a mediocre actor. He knows how to act good.

        Im looking forward to this drama.

  2. Kyah this day knetz getting tired with rom com drama.Her last drama only hit 2-3% rating.My roomate gominho drop to from 5% rating to 4% rating.Sadly in her 30s only choose romantic drama why she didnt choose script mystery or thriller from ocn drama.

    • @vannising

      This will be encounter 2.0?!

      I dont even know why you are so mad at Hyekyo and her dramas especially Encounter?

      I think you dont know exactly what happened to the drama and what its position in the cable drama ranking.

      Emphasizing the comparison of a 2-3% rating to Encounter least / lowest rating of 7.531% is really irritating.

      I know a basher will still be a basher all her life so explanations aint really needed. Dont be ignorant, do research.

  3. Okay lets bring song hye kyo drama now,i want to know about rating.Since romantic comedy only have rating between 3-4%.I’m sure shk can do better.

    • You know what,you really remind me of valentina i think that’s her name i can’t remember. Valentina was also obsessed with shk. Just like you.

      • Eww yuck i’m just predict rating rom com drama.I’m just saying rom com drama didnt do well in rating lol only hit 3-4% today.I will eat my word if we break up now do well in rating.Okay?Park min young drama highly flop for sure.Knetz getting tired with melodrama or rom com.Let see shk beauty and acting can carrying rating or this will be another encounter 2.0.

    • @vanissing

      Hahaha, I’m also looking forward to hye kyo ‘s drama ratings. I hope it will do well. Plus it is SBS, a public network. She has a huge fanbase so i really hope it will do well. Fans are always loyal.

  4. JTBC seems like office romance, after She Would Never Know (plus romance with noona) and then we get this drama (noona romance too).

    and Song Kang is really working hard, I don’t know any other k-actors who become lead more than 2 dramas in a year

  5. Tbh I don’t think this kind of striking while iron is hot is a good thing. There need to be some balance. Overexposure is harmful to the actor and 4 dramas in a year is what I will call overexposure. Audience will get tired to see the same face.

    • I tend to agree. I am seeing him show up so much on my Twitter feed that I can’t distinguish which project is which. Its oversatuation.

  6. I haven’t seen a single drama of his yet I’m all Song Kang-ed out from constantly hearing about him. Take a break, dude! Is he scared he’ll disappear from the scene if he catches a breather? Yeesh. And the character descriptions sound so cliche. The FL is always “cold and aloof” while the ML is always the “no-nonsense genius” who’ll break her out of her shell and make her feel or fall in love. Yada yada yada. Whatever.

  7. The iron isn’t hot. I’ll understand it if he has a hit under his belt. However, afaik, all of his works have gone under the radar. It’s not like he had a breakout role or something…

  8. Park Min Young is heading into oblivion, another office romance again? She was the best in City Hunter and Healer. Her male lead is getting younger and younger too. I think the glory days of K rom-com is officially over. I’m finding myself re-watching older dramas like Oh My Ghost, Fated To Love You, Marriage Not Dating, 1% of Everything, Weightlifting Fairy KBJ, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Goong etc. My heart couldn’t take all the rom poops coming out this year. Even passable ones like Birth Of A Beauty & Single Cunning Lady seem so decent now.

    • @drama addict , you are not old , i’ll add to your list City hall, Kim Sam soon, Coffee prince, 9 end 2 outs, 18 vs 29, Dal ja’s spring, What’s up fox ?, Hello my teacher, Prosecutor princess,I need romance 1,

  9. Another rom-com for Park Min Young?? I was hoping she tried some other genre after a couple of these. She was great in Seven Day Queen or she could do a detective mystery next. Too bad, I really wanted her to pair up with Lee Jun Ki in an intense drama/ melo.

    • Agree she works best with an actor that has a mature look. Her and Lee Jun ki would be amazing casting, I she wouldve been great in flower of evil.

      • Wow, why didn’t I think of that before. I second this. I want PMY to banish her nice girl image. Play someone gritty, world weary, hardened with a hint of vulnerability but ultimately a heroine with a heart of gold. A bit of Sarah Connor mixed with Korean spice.

  10. I guess for all the dramas that he ended up doing after love alarm season 1 until now, he might have found the scripts captivating that he could not resist them (except for LA2 which he probably had no choice).

    So i dont find him striking while the iron is hot in the sense that he wants to maintain the popularity but more on treasuring the interesting projects that he receives and wants to do.

    In all the dramas, he actually had interesting diverse role. From monster to ballerino. Some of them were not even the typical male lead heroic or romantic stuff that can bring in viewers (which might be the reason why his dramas went under the radar for some people). For example, Navillera was so good, but i understand why its not that popular. Even in his coming Nevertheless drama, I heard his character is a playboy type and continues to be one until the end. So it seems like a role that can garner him hatred more than likes.

    In addition, his dramas are also not the normal 16-episode length. They are generally 10-12episodes and there is i think enough gap in between.

    I agree that this overexposure has its risk, but interesting projects do not come often, so i understand him. Among all his drama choices so far, i found this one with Park Min Young, the only that sounds uninteresting and cliche. But the role is still different that the other roles that he has done, so that’s probably the reason.

  11. I’m not of fan of Song Kang, I don’t find him attractive to the point it makes me forget the rest.

    For the drama, I love PMY! But the ML being a genius is a trend what could be forget…

  12. I’ll always have a soft spot for her cause of healer, now that was her peak (funnily enough JCW’s too) .I’m still trying to unsee her cringy acting in wwwsk,that enough put me off her and PSJ for a while.

    Fortunately, watching when the weather is fine helped that and reminded me she still has it. But sadly, her role choices barely excite me now. As a fan of hers I really want her to do a thriller, or just something really different.
    Also meh on this pairing, the age gap is not the problem, Song Kang just looks like a high schooler…

  13. People condemning her choice of drama, let her be…., I like her because she is one actress that enjoy what she does, Kdrama land is crazy.. let her do what she want. Do you know what goes on behind the scenes. She is my fav so I respect her choice any day anytime.

    • Ofcourse I also respect her choices. But it’s also a fair point to say she’s wasting her talent and limiting herself with these roles. She’s also one of my faves pre wwwsk I used to look forward to what she takes one next, now it’s getting boring

  14. Sad to see PMY get typecasted… She and Song Kang are both in Namoo. It’s a big acting agency, why couldn’t they get her better scripts?

    • Is song kang considered a hottie he looks 12 too me. He’s definitely a downgrade from all the hotties she acted opposite, from JCW, PSJ, LMH, KJW to erm this kid…

      • Well for me he is hottie. He is tall , got gready body an d i am sure down there is good too

  15. Park Min Young choice of drama reminds me of Kim So Hyun’s. They both choose romance centered projects. I mean there is sure other genres lining up for them but they always act in cliche dramas. I wish they/she can try mystery, thriller or serious genres too.

    • @janice Based on your comment, I think you only know KSH’s most mainstream dramas like Love Alarm. She’s known as a versatile actress for a reason. Among the genres she already did are:
      historical dramas (Ruler Master o the Mask, Tale of Nokdu, The Last Princess, River Where The Moon Rises)
      rom-coms (Radio Romance, Bring it on Ghost)
      mystery/thriller (Nightmare High, Reset)
      melodrama (Missing You)
      family drama (Suspicious Housekeeper)
      fantasy (Goblin)
      school dramas (Page Turner, School 2015).
      I wasn’t a fan in the beginning of this year, but because I was so impressed with her performance in RWTMR, I watched her works I could get my hands on, and I was even more impressed by how many kind of roles she already played.
      Maybe explore her filmography first before saying commenting lol

      I don’t even know why people keep bringing up her name here in the first place, and then labelling her fans “over defensive” when they defend her ?

    • Another pathetic attempt at shading Kim so Hyun by the same commenter lmao ?
      I remember your shady-ass comment on a previous article where you compared her drama choices with Kim yoo jung’s, saying KYJ makes “good choices”, when everyone knows her most recent dramas are disasters lol
      And FYI, Kim so Hyun already did a thriller drama on OCN called Reset, and other genres as well. Funny how you’re only shading KSH for choosing romance dramas when she only did like 2 or 3 rom-coms as female lead, and the majority of her filmography consists of serious dramas. You’re so obvious with your ill intent lol ?

      Now before anyone accuse me of making this post about KSH, remember that this janice is the one who brought up KSH’s name first ?

      • @HAHAHA…NO.
        I appreciate your explanation to @debbie & @chie but here we go again with your comparison saying KSH has more varied roles in TV dramas compare to KYJ. It’s not right to say that considering that KYJ only has 3 leading drama roles as of the moment (LITM, CWPFN, BR) and KSH has around 9 leading dramas?
        Only CWPFN and BR is the RomCom. So if you want to compare, make it realistic. But much better if you will not compare.

      • The entire first half of LITM is romcom and it is true even her upcoming drama is romance focused and very similar to LITM.KSH does have more variety in comparison. The number of roles doesn’t matter because that will always be uneven.

      • @Hue LITM is a youth sageuk with gender bender and political aspect. If you really want to compare, KSH did mostly romcom with either high school dramas or sageuk with romance focused.

      • @Hue Why do you like comparing them? To feel superior? Not a chance. Just focus on your fave and not mention other actors.

      • @Hue
        Saying things like she has more variety roles is not true at all.
        If you will not stop comparing them, the problem is in your fandom.

      • @Hue Watch your mouth.
        Mostly of KDramas has romance. But her upcoming sageuk drama, Hong Cgun Gi is more than just a romance. It has fantasy genre, and an artistic depiction of a Painter’s life.

      • @Hue Don’t compare your fave with any actor her age or not. If you do, you yourself is insulting her.

      • @everyone

        Can we stop there. The comparison will just be endless. I’m a fan of both girls. They both did romance genre and might be doing more in the future. So what? Romance plot is inevitable. I think @janice really just wants to stir the pot and we’re falling on it again. This is not even an article about them. Geez, ignore this @janice next time she comments.

      • LITM, CWPFN, BR and HCG are literally all romance dramas. Adding fantasy or politics or comedy doesn’t make it any less romance what nonsense. KYJ fans or rather one fan commenting under different names continue to be toxic as always. The setting of high school or sageuk or workplace makes no difference romance is romance and they are both only doing romance dramas deal with it.

    • lmao why is this commenter always mentioning KSH when the post isn’t even about her? Just something I’ve noticed.
      And KSH already did a thriller drama, check out Reset co-starring Chun Jung Myung, good drama by the way..
      Even PMY did a lot of different genres before, Healer, City Hunter and Seven Day Queen are her best IMO
      It’s only after WWWSK when she started with this weird romcom phase lol

      • @K

        For pmy, out of the 3 dramas you mentioned, 2 weren’t doing well in S.K. CH was basically a LMH’s drama. She did ok with those but there are tons of other actresses who can do better. They weren’t on par with WWWSK in term of hype for her.. so can see why she is sticking to that kind of genre.

      • @Jay I see your point, but regardless of ratings, I think PMY really did great in SDQ and Healer, and especially in SDQ, it showed me that she has range. I kind of like her (though not a big fan), so I just hope she did continue branching out on other genres to stretch her talent, especially that she has the potential, seriously she’s not nearly as bad as most people are making her out to be. And it’s not like all her rom-coms had high ratings, IIRC, Her Private Life had low ratings

      • @K

        I see your point too :).

        For actresses, when they get older, I think their offers got more limited and despite performance, ratings and public (S.K) interest are important factors. She tried many genres but for some reason, her well accepted genre is rom com (her past projects like SSKS and WWWSK).

    • First of all you’re talking about kdrama 90% of all kdrama has romance. That is literally why people watch it and every single hit hallyu drama – BOF, Winter Sonata, Heirs, YFAS, WFKBJ. Secret Garden and most recently CLOY. It doesn’t matter what genre it is romance will always be shoe horned in. Secondly name one mainstream actress in their 20s that doesn’t do romance dramas – IU, Suzy, PSH, SSK, PBG, KJW even movie stars like KTR and PSD only do romance dramas because it is the only script that will be written for them. Thirdly KSH is only 21 and has 7 dramas as a leading actress most of them set in high school because she is barely in her 20s. It’s obvious that most school dramas and youth sageuk is going to be romance and nothing else. RWTMR is already an achievement because the romance was not the central plot which is ironic since it was based on a folklore whose main plot is romance. Compared to her peers she not only has the most amount of roles she has the most age appropriate yet varied characters. Her transition into adult roles has been the smoothest out of all child stars since she isn’t forcing the erasure of her previous youthful roles but slowly and gradually easing into more mature roles. Also just to be clear PMY and KSH are so many years apart you literally can’t even begin to compare their drama choices because under no circumstance would they be eligible for the same category of roles and having SK as a common denominator for male lead proves nothing.

      • @ukele Well-said! It’s honestly so weird to me how @janice can compare KSH and PMY. PMY does mostly rom-coms these days, while most of KSH’s dramas may have romance in them (which is, like you said, 90% of KDramas lol), but romance is not the central point. KSH’s and PMY’s filmographies are so different, PMY’s works are mostly rom-coms and light dramas, while KSH is mostly known for historical dramas (hence her title Goddess of Historical Drama) and school dramas (which is understandable because she’s still so young). In fact I can only think of Let’s Fight Ghost and Radio Romance as rom-coms she did as a leading lady, and even LFG is not purely rom-com as it has has horror element. Tale of Nokdu started out as a rom-com but eventually became heavier/darker starting from the middle of the drama.
        Also super weird that she’s saying that about KSH, and praising another actress for her “good drama choices” when that actress’ biggest hit is literally a romance-centric rom-com, as well as her last two dramas lol

        Sounds to me like @janice is either a new kdrama fan who only knows Kim So Hyun from Love Alarm or she doesn’t like Kim So Hyun and is reaching so hard to drag her in a “subtle” way lol

    • LMAO What a weird comment section ?
      There’s Vannising above bringing up queen Song Hye Kyo out of nowhere, and then here we have janice also unnecessarily bringing up Kim so Hyun haha
      Stick to the topic, people ?

      • @HAHAHA…NO.
        Also don’t bring up KYJs name saying that her recent dramas are disasters.
        Backstreet Rookie,although a romcom, has decent ratings. Just call out that Janice commenter without dragging KYJs name.

      • @HAHAHA…NO.
        Can you just defend your fave without dragging actor KYJ’s name? She’s just comparing to attract more hate on KYJs in this blog. Most of KYJ fans don’t even visit this blog. Just call out that Janice without mentioning KYJ.

      • @debbie @chie
        I didn’t want to drag KYJ’s name here because I know it can result in fanwars but it’s needed in this case because I’m calling out @janice’s hypocrisy. She’s literally shading KSH for “only choosing romance dramas” and then go around and praise someone like KYJ, when we all know KSH is the one who has a more varied drama choices and more varied roles, whereas KYJ does mostly romantic dramas and plays mostly the same goody two shoes, but janice here conveniently forgets that lmao
        Her intention is so obvious, and so I had to bring up her past comment about KYJ to call out her hypocrisy and to show her that her comment doesn’t make ANY SENSE AT ALL.
        I mean, if she’s going to “call out” one actress for only doing romance dramas, then why praise another actress who is doing it way more? Just makes zero sense lol

        Apologies to KYJ’s fans, I didn’t mean to drag her name, but like I said, I had to.

        Absolutely nothing wrong with choosing mostly romance dramas by the way. And it’s not like any actress can avoid romance when almost all KDramas, no matter the genre, has romance in it.

  16. Thank you cahill. I think I wanna be a k-screenwriter rewriting all the rom flops this year. Need to adapt & change with the times. We are living in a whole different era now. Covid has killed dating & romance in SK so rom-coms have no demand anymore unless it’s something like CLOY with international appeal. The J-dramas seem way ahead in capturing certain trends.

  17. Why arguing about their characters? We want to have a good time watching them. PMY had done variety characters before. Say whatever…I adore PMY. The new one is not rom com. It’s melo. Last year was not rom com too.

  18. I think being flower boy is the only thing going on with song kang i dont find his acting skill memorable his just bland to me his like cha eun woo but his just alittle better

  19. I think Song Kang is in the right track. He had a slow start in his career. He is just making up those slow years. Note he is already 27 years old and in a year’s time, he’ll leave for the military service.

    He can be selective later on when his filmography profile has a decent number of dramas and films in the list.

    • Exactly. They just like to give comments and they sound like haters. They should watch hers since Highkick. Acting is not her first priority now as she has properties and business to handle too.

    • Oh, I watched and like the others have said the rom com image is still sticking really strong. Maybe you guys should read and understand what people wrote before becoming over defensive fans 🙂
      But what’s new coming from the popular Misty?

      Err, don’t know what you think you can get by writing that ‘acting is not her priority’ in the discussions about her being an actress? She is an actress, so acting and her choice of projects are the main things people will look at. Why should we care about her ‘other priorities and business to handle’ when we are talking about her upcoming drama?

      • @Sally Sounds like you are confirming that you are a hater. Did you enjoy such life bashing anyone? What a lowlife!

      • @Misty Eyes

        Wow, you can’t even give a proper argument and screaming ‘hater’ is all you can do? How old are you? and the lowlife comment.. LOL. People who read my comment and yours can make their own judgement. You sounds like a kid throwing temper tantrum because others don’t agree with you. And yes, you are famous here with your ignorant comments

      • Ignorant you say? Read your comments so you know the real definition of it. You probably have nothing to do in life so you keep sprouting non-sense and spreading hate.

  20. Thank you @Kiki
    Toxic your face @ives.
    We are just asking some to stop dragging KYJs name. That’s it. Our fandom will not let rude commenters spread hate with KYJ. If you’re insisting she’s doing more romcom, then both are doing it.smh

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