Kim Se Jung, Daniel Choi and Nam Yoon Soo in First Look at SBS Summer Drama Today’s Webtoon

The first stills are out for SBS July 2022 Fri-Sat drama Today’s Webtoon, adapted from the Japanese manga Juhan Shuttai which was turned into J-dorama Sleeeper Hit. Starring Kim Se Jung, Nam Yoon Soo, and Daniel Choi, it centers around the workplace of a webtoon publisher and deals with the growth of the characters through the tribulations of publishing a successful webtoon and keeping it going. I don’t know if the K-version will try to shoehorn any romance as most J-dorama workplace stories don’t have it or it’s on the periphery. The time slot is also looking good for this drama as currently airing Why Her (Why Oh Soo Jae) remains in the 8%-9% ratings but also ranks high on the weekly online buzz and chatter tracker.

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SBS Confirms K-drama Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung, Daniel Choi, and Nam Yoon Soo for July 2022 Fri-Sat Time Slot

It’s strike while the iron’s hot and buzzy young leading lady Kim Se Jung is already filming her next drama after the surprise rom-com hit A Business Proposal. She’s sticking with SBS as well which has confirmed the airing of … Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo Takes Home the 2021 KBS Drama Award Daesang for Young Lady and Gentleman as Ceremony Shines with Many Stars in Attendance Winning Awards

The 2021 KBS Drama Awards was the surprising highlight for me of the three network ceremonies, there was so many of my faves in attendance and everyone looked great! Even the black dresses were uniquely cut so it wasn’t so … Continue reading

Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Only Have Eyes for Each Other in New Couple’s Poster for KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection

Man, this drama could be the sanitized version of A Frozen Flower except totally het instead of BL, and that would be fine with me but probably couldn’t air on network television as yet. The way The King’s Affection is … Continue reading

Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin’s Romance Sageuk Affection Adds New Cast Members Jung Chae Yeon, Nam Yoon Soo, Byunchan, and Bae Yoon Kyung

This is a very youth visual heavy drama but since it’s adapted from a manhwa I can totally see the push to cast per the shoujo style drawings. The upcoming romance sageuk Affection (Yeonmo) has reportedly started filming with a … Continue reading