iQiyi Suddenly Schedules the August 7th Premiere of Fantasy Romance C-drama Love Between Fairy and Devil with Dylan Wang and Esther Yu

Okay, can Chinese streaming sites stop sudden scheduling dramas like Beyonce drops new albums, it’s unnecessary and weird. This Thursday August 4th is Qixi Festival, the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, and is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. A bunch of dramas posted new posters or stills or fan vids to whet fan appetites but xianxia romance drama Love Between Fairy and Devil went one step further and scheduled an airing drop three days hence. The fantasy and soul swapping drama starring Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) and Esther Yu (Yu Shu Xin) will start airing on August 7th for those waiting for it and for those who have no clue what this is check out the trailer below. It’s like every other xianxia drama with gods and fairies and devils/demons but throw in a male and female lead soul switching conceit. I daresay watching Dylan pout like he has Esther’s soul in him is something I wish I could unsee. It’s a hard pass for me unless someone says it’s actually good minus the cheesy parts.

Trailer for Love Between Fairy and Devil:


iQiyi Suddenly Schedules the August 7th Premiere of Fantasy Romance C-drama Love Between Fairy and Devil with Dylan Wang and Esther Yu — 11 Comments

  1. The animated version is airing on iQIYI … that will give an idea of Love between Fairy and Devil is all about … I will give it a try as I like Dylan Wang.

  2. Dylan is hot but not a good actor. He looks kinda like a young Wallace Huo. This is an idol drama so if you like eye candies and willing to switch off your brain then this is for you.

  3. I saw his previous drama and my god it was bad. The main actress in the previous drama just ruined the drama and the animation was just awful as well. Esther is not bad but I don’t have faith in Dylan. I will check it since Li Yi Tong has a quest role in there. Lol

  4. The novel is pretty decent: made me laugh, not too long & available in English, with some twists that I haven’t seen from previously airing xianxias.

    The drama’s trailer, however, is quite iffy. For whatever reason, when I read the novel I imagined older leads. But who am I kidding. I will still check this out.

  5. I don’t like the main actress, Easther Yu in this drama. Her pouts are disgusting. People will definitely hate the drama because of her.

  6. I’m really looking forward to this one, the preview looks interesting. Love Dylan and Esther, both young and energetic. BTW it just reached 4 millions reserves on IQIYI.

  7. This post is so unnecessarily mean Koala. The fact LBFAD scored 7.7 on Douban with little to no promotion before airing while 2 other summer juggernauts were already on air is remarkable.

    It had zero hype and climbed up the rankings only because the drama itself was popular among viewers, the leads Esther and Dylan were less regarded than Leo & Zhao Lusi, or Yangzi and Chengyi but Dylan is without a doubt the breakout male star liuliang of 2022.

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