tvN Announces One Weekend Hiatus for Alchemy of Souls on August 13-14 to Prepare Better Quality Final Episodes

Hhhhmmmm, I wonder if reshoots are going on and changes are being made to the final arc of Alchemy of Souls. If I take tvN at its word then this is nothing more than just good production values at play as the network announced that the drama will not air next weekend on August 13-14 in order for the production to have more time to do post-production work and deliver a better product. This weekend’s episodes 15-16 will air as planned, then the one weekend hiatus, followed by the final four episodes aired over two weekends to conclude the drama’s first season. There has already been an announcement of a shorter 2nd season which is reportedly in production now. I just feel like this drama was doing so well to start, then lagged in the midpoint, and the ending to episode 14 really can shake things up but now comes this news and it just makes me nervous is all. I hope this turns out for the best.


tvN Announces One Weekend Hiatus for Alchemy of Souls on August 13-14 to Prepare Better Quality Final Episodes — 4 Comments

  1. Fans are speculating over whether the script is being feverishly revised bts. On top of this, Somin just joined a new agency 2 days ago. TVN may just be taking these 2 weeks off to polish up the CGI OR re-writing Somin back into Season 2 after sensing the backlash/major trouble brewing behind the scenes. This is just pure speculation on my part personally. It’s possible that contract negotiation btwn TVN and her old agency might have broken down previously. It’s so WILD to change agency mid-way with a currently airing major drama. Gosh, real life drama from beginning to the end. A wild ride indeed live watching.

    • Interesting, I didn’t know anything about her change in agency. I actually think that it would have benefited the previous agency to make sure they secure the season 2 for JSM to make the last $ off her before parting ways.

      At the start of production for Season2, there’s already rumor the original actress who play the Leading lady(NAsku) is set to return. I actually think it makes sense how everything is going right now. From what I read around twitter,instagram,MDL people took it well then expected consider JSM and leading man already established chemistry.

  2. @drama addict
    Thanks for the info.
    Would really love to have Jung so Min back with Mu Deok back in her body.
    While the Naksu can be revived through the ice stone with naksu going after the culprits …

    • @Rei, you are welcome. For me personally, it doesn’t matter whether Somin will be back in S2 AOS or not. I’m enjoying her acting in any way possible whether as Mu Deok or Naksu. This year, Somin is already a heroine in my eyes as she plays a Ripley like cop in Project Wolf Hunting. The trailer is stunning. If she goes to Toronto Film Festival this Sep to promote it with Inguk, I’ll be in seventh heaven. Her progression as an actress is now going upwards and onwards.

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