Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Reportedly Cast in Modern Romance C-drama Cherry Amber Making it the Third Time Working Together After Love Like the Galaxy and The Long Ballad

It’s annoying when fandoms of popular well-liked onscreen couples turn against each other and such has happened in C-ent with summer hit drama Love Like the Galaxy leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si. Aside from CP fans, their individual fandoms have been at odds since the drama wrapped for various reasons so they don’t like this news much but I’m super excited. C-ent is saying that Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si may team up for the third time for a modern school yard romance drama titled Cherry Amber (樱桃琥珀 Ying Tao Hu Po). The production has offered them the leads and it’s reportedly happening, but will have to wait for Zhao Lu Si to finish filming xianxia drama Hidden Gods (神隐 Shen Yin) with male lead Jin Bo Ran. Wu Lei’s fandom is annoyed that Zhao Lu Si’s fandom leaked this casting news first saying it’s not set in stone and their side is using Wu Lei to keep her name in the papers. Her side says it’s just posting the usual casting rumor and they don’t need to use Wu Lei to drum up interest since there is more buzz for Zhao Lu Si’s next drama Hidden Love than for Wu Lei’s next drama Nothing But You. I sure hope both sides simmer down and get along at least for the sake of this potential third time working together.

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