Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin Reportedly Cast for the Third Drama in the Fox Spirit Matchmaker Series the Wang Quan Chapter

The just finished filming and highly anticipated Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun is actually the first of three Fox Spirit Matchmaker dramas. That chapter is called the Yue Hong chapter (月红篇), and was supposed to go into production second behind the Zhu Ye chapter (竹业篇). But the Zhu Ye chapter with female lead Liu Shi Shi and Chen Xiao got delayed and the Yue Hong chapter with Yang Mi and Gong Jun got filmed first. Zhu Ye chapter actually will go into production next and this week there is reports that the third chapter the Wang Quan chapter (王权篇) has cast as leads Wu Lei and Yu Shi Xin. The production is clearly pulling out all stops to cast very high profile and/or super popular leads which makes sense as this is a top IP that is insanely popular with younger audiences so the live-action dramas have a core built in awareness already. It’s also funny that the two big summer 2022 C-drama leads are swapping to work together here.


Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin Reportedly Cast for the Third Drama in the Fox Spirit Matchmaker Series the Wang Quan Chapter — 14 Comments

  1. Lol they haven’t even secured the male lead for the 2nd chapter, this is fake as hell. As usual Koala posts a lot of fake rumors.

  2. Omg. I hope this isn’t true. Wu Lei’s acting is on another level compared to Esther Yu. I’ve tried to like Esther. I cannot stand her childish nasal voice. I couldn’t even get past the first 3 episodes of her drama with Zhang Bin Bin. I’ve tried 3 of her dramas and have given up all 3. Even if I like Wu Lei, I don’t think I would want to watch it if Esther will be the main female lead.

    • This. I finished her drama with Ryan but her other dramas… duh, she always got casted with the same type of character again and again. Hope to see her with different role and more mature character.

      Wulei proved that he’s a great actor. But his next project jie-didi love story i wont watch it. Not a fan of this genre.

    • OMG My sentiments exactly! I cannot stand her caricature like, childish style of acting and her high pitch nasal voice is like nails on chalkboard. Compared to Wu Lei, Esther is such a sub-par actress. Feels like she’s only getting good projects coz she’s a rich girl with lots of connections. Nepotism is very real.

  3. Hoping this is premature news. Wu Lei will act rings around Esther. As much as I love watching Leo’s dramas, I don’t know if I can watch this show with Esther in it – her voice is so irritating.

  4. Saw this melon online and immediately thought this would be a great match. I think they were also trying to cast Wang Hedi first for a reunion. Anyways gotta love this pair both are visually compatible. Esther’s vivacious is a good match against the rather shy Wu Lei. Hopefully this works out and soon.

    • I also like Esther yu, she can play any role beautifully and naturally, also her voice is nice in a lot of ways! It her natural voice, she can’t change it and why should she.no one perfect, sometimes we just have to look for the good in a person, not just their imperfection, especially when she causing no harm to others!! Just saying.
      Can’t wait for the drama, I’m sure It’s going to be worth seeing!😊✌️

    • Really? Visually compatible? I personally think they’re not. Esther is far too ordinary looking compared to past female leads Wu Lei has had. And as for acting, she’s too sub-par to be even compared. Not to mention her voice w/c isnlike nails on chalkboard.

  5. Hahaha, let us see how this will fare. This is just a rumor of casting but I can’t say if I’m IN or NOT. Well , they have their CP advantages and CP disadvantages. I just hope, fans will not start the FAN WARS for this rumor casting since LLTG and LBDAF are both HITs.

  6. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t take xianxia dramas seriously. The CGI is annoying. The storylines are always a bit similar. With how Wu Lei is choosing his projects, I kind of doubt this news is true. He seems to be taking on heavier roles.

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