Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Wraps VIP Access Run with and Has a High Douban Opening Ratings of 8.3

There is absolutely nothing wrong or problematic about modern sports romance C-drama Nothing But You but then there was also nothing gripping and exciting about it. It felt very hygge is you asked me to ascribe a mood to it, warm and cozy. The drama had Zhou Yu Tong as the older competent career woman falling for college aged hot blooded Wu Lei, she encourages him to kick start his sports dream and he shows her that she’s got a lot more fun and sexy in her than as a capable EA. Now that this drama has concluded its run today, at least for the VIP members of the platform, can those who have watched the entirety share thoughts on whether it’s worth the full commitment to finish?


Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Wraps VIP Access Run with and Has a High Douban Opening Ratings of 8.3 — 20 Comments

  1. It was OK to be honest but I did use the FF button a lot than I normally do cause it wasn’t very engaging and sometimes it felt like a chore. I like Wu Lei but his character didn’t work here at all and I struggled to see any chemistry with Zhou Yu Tong who is sooo boring as an actress.

    At the same time it’s not a bad show that I’ll advise people to skip so just watch without really expecting much to happen.

  2. This is a show well written, for the most part, well directed and well acted that manages to be somehow realistic as a sports show but at some point cannot decide between being a romance OR a sports show. The result is that most of the romantic tension disappears and also the sports drama gets improbable. I don’t regret watching it, but it could have been a lot better.

  3. I enjoyed it tremendously and was literally binging through it. I have 4 remaining episodes left. I sort of suspended my brain cells where the tennis parts are concerned. I’m not a tennis player but I really doubt things can progress that way in real life.
    What I initially enjoyed was the chemistry between Song San Chuan and Liang You An and their evolving interactions. He is straight up adorably in love with her very much early on. Although he may have the brashness and passion of youth, he is still very much a considerate person towards Liang You An.
    While waiting for the last 4 episodes to drop, I went to (finally) binge on ‘Love Like The Galaxy’. HAH, what can I say but Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi totally slayed it. I can understand why if we are to compare the ‘love intensity, action intensity etc’ between these two dramas, ‘Nothing But You’ will fall short.
    Having said that, I still highly recommend ‘Nothing But You’. If nothing else, just to see Wu Lei smiling so brightly is so heart-warming.

  4. I paid for the express view.

    Watched the final episodes and then never looked back.Its a happy ending and that’s just it.

    It just did not have the rewatch factor for me. Probably because I am still stuck with Fei Lu era of Wu Lei which is a weird because i also finished LLTG by paying express watch. So far Wu Lei owes me two express watch premiums already. LOL.

  5. Kinda Blah to me… I FF most scenes. I stay because I like both leads… but I feel they did not reach full potentials because their characters were outright watered down boring. This drama is definitely not worth re-watching. Instead I will re-watch Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy, and Zhou Yu Tong in Begin Again. LOL.

  6. Finished for Wulei. I thought both the writing and direction were problematic and maybe someone more discerning can tell which is more at fault. Character development is not even. The writer seemed to have invested a lot more thought into developing the female lead than the male lead. In a romance, this kind of imbalance where one lead becomes somewhat of a tool to the story can be a chemistry killer. This could also partly be the director’s fault because many scenes where choppy and overall story telling was flat and at times incoherent. Both main actors did well with what they were given and I actually thought they had pretty good chemistry. Not the tension-filled kind but very natural and sweet without being too over the top.

    • Wanted to add that despite my dissatisfaction with the overall rhythm of the story, there are some scenes that are very good and the drama overall is worth watching, especially if you are a fan of either actors.

  7. I watched trailer and clips but not the whole drama. Part of me couldnt buy d story and their CP even after watching them guesting at Hello Saturday variety. Wanted to support their works as I like both of them indovidually as actors. Maybe I dont usually like noona-doongseng romance. Hope to see another good Wu Lei drama soon.

  8. I watched it twice already and I would watch it again some time next month when I have more free time. Obviously, I’m a minority in this regard but, for me, NBY is really one of the best works by Wu Lei (I even like it more than LLTG) in terms of the storyline, acting, directing, and editing. The only thing I don’t like about it is the second couple who got a lot of airtime. Haha. But I definitely fell in love with both leads and ML’s stepdad!

  9. Never planned on watching it after Seeing the trailer before i knew it would be a waste of my time. Wu Lei’s team after the succes from Zhao Luzi pairing should have been more attentive on his next pairing. This is definitely a bad move.Now the reviews here cemented my decision.

    • ZLS trolls are shameless. They’ve been relentlessly smearing Wulei and his new drama on all the Chinese platforms/forums since before it even aired, as part of some convoluted attempt at proving LLTG success was only due to her. It’s so transparent and laughable. Using paid “fans” to smear her previous co-star while at the same time fanning flames of real person shipping, her media team is truly one of the most vile in the C-entertainment industry.

      • lmao here come anon the zls delusional hater. as expected you will come out with theory how lusi did that bla bla bla. Its so laughable. paid fans ? LMAO ok hun whatever in your brain

    • Success of Zhao Lusi pairing? Some of us care more about other things than just CP. To be honest, I watched LLTG for Wu Lei and for other aspects like its excellent supporting cast/good scripting/wonderful music/cinematography, etc, not for the pairing or love story…which, I personally feel fell quite short. “Nothing But You” is a feel-good, modern sports drama so it doesn’t have all the dramatics of a historical series but I felt it was a really refreshing role and a good change of pace for Wu Lei after the rather negative, frustrating, and one-sided love story of LLTG. This one was fun and I enjoyed watching the two leads consistently supporting and picking one another up through difficult times. I think this drama also solidifies Wu Lei as an actor who’s very capable of being a versatile lead actor. He was so incredibly natural in this drama as a more realistic 22 year-old.

      • I loved Nothing but you (unexpectedly since I’m not really into noona dongseng plots, ) but the story is so positive and naturally flowing with great chemistry and great acting by both leads)
        It definitely deserves this douban score..I encourage everyone to watch it !
        I really loved Wu lei as Song sang Chuan and watching this directly after Ling buyi portrayal really shows how versatile his acting is!
        He has a great future ahead of him!!
        Congratulations to Nothing but you team!

    • “ Success from ZLS pairing? “ 🤣 Don’t you think that’s a bit much?
      Wu lei was first billing in LLTG, he’s much more well known in China and brought in the endorsements last moment to LLTG.
      The success of LLTG was a joint effort by all the cast and crew.
      ZLS and her fans need to stop trying to push CP to make her and her drama successful , at least stop being so transparent in putting down Wu lei’s coactors and focus on your own dramas..

  10. After Love like the galaxy, I was excited to see wu lei star in another drama. The drama was very good but a little boring in some aspects. I only watched it because it starred my favorite actor wu lei. I just absolutely love the guy voice, smile, gazes and expressions

  11. I really enjoyed it, personally. It was very different from LLTG where I felt LBY and Shao Shang had a pretty negative relationship all the way until the very end of the drama. The main leads in “Nothing But You” shared a positive, nurturing relationship where they picked each other up rather than teared one another down and it was so refreshing after the incredibly frustrating, rather one-sided relationship of LLTG. I guess some prefer that kind of a relationship where one spends almost the entire drama hurting the other. I personally do not so I, for one, really appreciated this drama. Two years later and I still prefer TLB and Wu Lei’s Ashile Sun over all though.

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