Shin Mina and Kim Young Dae Confirmed for K-drama Because I Don’t Want to Lose

So there has been a male lead swap but the age bracket is the same. Shin Mina and Kim Young Dae, rather than earlier rumored Lee Jong Won, will be pairing up for the K-drama Because I Don’t Want to Lose. It’s from the writer of Her Private Life and the PD of Work Later, Drink Now and is about a woman who gets into a fake marriage because she doesn’t want to lose and the man who agrees to fake marry her because he doesn’t want to hurt someone. The drama is described as a cheerful comedy of errors and found love. Production starts late in the year and the drama is slated for early 2024.


Shin Mina and Kim Young Dae Confirmed for K-drama Because I Don’t Want to Lose — 6 Comments

  1. SMA and PMY getting paired with all these young rising stars just proves that Kdrama has run out of leading men. Older male leads want younger but trending actresses and older female leads are stuck with newbies who can’t act. LDH is the only unicorn in this list of rising male leads.

    • it’s probably because older/ more established actors are not keen to go back to rom-com. someone like Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, having played in a “serious” drama like Hospital Playlist, probably wouldn’t want to go back to acting in light comedies no more. thus the producers have to look for younger male leads still on the rise who are willing to do this. meanwhile, PMY is stuck forever in these kinda roles, while actors like SMA (and Han Jimin judging from her current show) would happily take any role as other accomplished actors are currently more popular in demand and getting the juicy roles (e.g. Park Eun Bin)

  2. Well, I don’t agree that Kim young dae is a terrible actor. I’ll place him above decent infact. And I’m truly excited for this pairing, let’s go, fighting!!

  3. So tired of all these matured actress and young actor pairings! No matter how beautiful the lead actress is, if the age gap with the male lead is too glaring, the drama loses its appeal for me. I am skipping this drama for sure.

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