Darren Wang and Jelly Lin Take on Iconic Leads in Preview for C-movie Version of It Started With a Kiss

Valentine’s Day feels apropos for the premiere of the C-movie version of It Started With a Kiss (Itazura Na Kiss) adaptation, this time starring TW-actor Darren Wang with C-actress Jelly Lin. It’s the umpteenth take on the story of a dim and persistent high school girl and her all consuming and ultimately successful crush turn romance with the smartest cutest guy on campus. Thanks to their parents being friends and the close proximity of cohabitation, of course, but we cares when the leads are written to feel like complementary halves that help patch what’s lacking in the other and make each other better. The movie is from the producer Chen Yu Shan who did the hit TW-movie Our Times which launched Darren Wang’s career a few years ago, and now he’s back in high school uniform in likely his last go-around for that age bracket. The preview looks cute and I think the story is lightweight enough the be enjoyable even truncated to a two-hour running time. Continue reading