A Countdown and Poll of the Best and Worst K-drama OTPs of 2012

I was wondering if I should do this post next month but I know I’ll get too busy with year end work crunch plus the holiday prep not to mention this year I’m traveling again back to Asia the last two weeks of December. It’s better to start now and I’m sure this will be fun for everyone. I always do a year end drama review but I’ve never taken the time to do a retrospective of the best K-drama OTPs of the year. Of course this is totally subjective, as is everything I write, but it is fun to share my thoughts and gauge everyone’s own reactions to seeing the same things onscreen. One person’s pleasure is another’s poison, and this year brought me equal measures of pleasure in some truly epic OTPs as well as deadly poison in some woefully misguided pairings. There is only one more major K-drama set to premiere before year end and that is Cheongdamdong Alice with Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young. I know doing this post and poll now won’t let this pair be discussed alongside the others, but if they end up having explosive chemistry I promise to be all over them like cat on cream and gush to my heart’s content. I say 2012 is a great year in terms of interesting actor-actress pairings, some of which unexpectedly worked while others turned out to be as bleh as I expected. Some of the OTPs managed to turn an otherwise crappy story into something bearable to watch, while others tanked my desire to even check out what was otherwise an interesting set up. All in all it was a fun year and could be considered a rousing success for shippers since it produced one genuine onscreen couple turned real life couple. With that said, let’s get on with the show! Continue reading