Park Hyung Sik, Jeon So Ni, Pyo Ye Jin, and Lee Tae Sun Start Filming K-drama Sageuk Loosely Adapting C-novel The Golden Hairpin

Okay, I need an official name for this drama because there are so many translations. Filming has commenced for upcoming sageuk drama Youth, Glancing at the Moon (Youth, Climbing Over the Wall) which less important than what the title means is that the drama was what would have been the K-drama adaptation of the C-novel The Golden Hairpin. The direct adaptation was scrapped after the Joseon Exorcist debacle and a heightened K-netizen criticism over anything Chinese in the media so now it’s just borrowing the story outline with substantive changes. Park Hyung Sik remains the male lead and his female lead is rising actress Jeon So Nee, with Lee Tae Sun and Pyo Ye Jin as the second leads. I felt like Park Hyung Sik was shafted in his first sageuk role in Hwarang and really deserves this do-over with a good sageuk project. Park Hyung Sik remains on a intense work stream as he just finished filming Happiness and now starts filming this drama.

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