When I See You Again with Liu Yi Hao and Mandy Wei Release Cute Promo Teasers

Upcoming SETTV Sunday night drama When I See You Again shockingly looks better than even my lowest of low expectations anticipated. Thanks to casting charisma such Mandy Wei as the female lead, even having dimpled cutie Liu Yi Hao as the male lead couldn’t get my hopes up very high. Which is why I’m the first to ready a potential mea culpa for Mandy when the drama premieres this coming Sunday because I quite like her in the previews so far. Could the long hair weave for the role be credited for the magical transformation of Mandy into an intriguing female lead character onscreen? I’ll have to wait and see but at least my hopes have gone up a bit. I also love seeing Liu Yi Hao play against type as the suited corporate raider male lead, even if the flashback previews show him as a total hapless dork back in the school. Check out the drama previews below and get ready for a bit more energetic lighthearted fare compared to the just completed warm languid Someone Like You. Continue reading

SETTV Holds Lunar New Year Party with Plenty of Star Power Attendance

It’s Lunar New Year on February 19th this year, much later than the usual early February or late January dates during most years. That’s because the Lunar calender only has 30 days in every month so after a few years … Continue reading

SETTV Holds Thank You Banquet with Stars and Brand Sponsors in Attedance

Taiwan’s biggest producer of nicely packaged idol dramas SETTV held a thank you banquet at the Taipei Le Meredien over the weekend, the second successive big celebrity packed event at the fancy hotel after Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan‘s … Continue reading