Honey Lee Completes the Cast of SBS Weekend Drama Modern Farmer with Lee Hong Ki

The Modern Farmer drama family has been firmed up this week with the addition of Honey Lee to round out the main cast. It’ll be her first drama in a year since last year’s underwhelming Shark. Have to confess I like Honey Lee way better in real life than onscreen. She’s super brainy having graduated from Seoul National just like her good friend Kim Tae Hee, was a former Miss Korea and is a professional level gayageum player, and is dating smexy hottie Yoon Kye Sang. She’s also got a dimpled smile that’s to die for. The only Honey drama I’ve watched the whole way through was Pasta and that was for the chemistry between leads Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Kyun. Here’s hoping she brings whatever ephemeral charisma has been missing to Modern Farmer where she plays Lee Hong Ki‘s first love and the leader of the farming community where the four rock stars move into.

Earlier reports had AOA‘s Kwon Min Ah as the female lead but with Honey Lee’s casting I’d say she gets the top billing over newbie Min Ah which is fine by me. Not sure how the chemistry will be between 31 year old Honey and 24 year old Hong Ki but I’m game to give this a shot. The rest of the members of Hong Ki’s onscreen four-person rock band will be Park Min Woo as the second male lead, actor Lee Si Eun from Answer Me 1997, and another FNC Entertainment add on in rookie¬†Kim Jae Hyun of the rap-rock boy group N.Flying. The drama is described as funny and heartwarming as it showcases how the rock band members bond and find love and meaning in the countryside as farmers. Modern Farmer premieres in October on SBS following Glorious Day. Continue reading