K-Actors and Actresses Glam Up the 2014 MAMA Red Carpet

I was aware that the popular Hallyu K-pop awards show MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) took place in cosmopolitan glittering Hong Kong last week. It came to my attention when the ratings took a big noticeable dip for Pinocchio, meaning the viewers for that drama skew young and that night the group tuned into the 2014 MAMA’s instead. Nothing wrong with that but I myself didn’t get around to scouring the net to see who attended until the weekend and color me hella surprised to just how many Korean actors and actresses attended the event.

I did know Yoon Eun Hye was going since she got snapped at the airport looking sartorially bipolar unsure whether she was going to the mountains (giant parka on top) or the beach (short shorts on bottom). She did the same with her awards dress but in general the ladies really did light up the red carpet with IU pulling off ladylike fun, Kang Sora making a thirty buck H&M dress look like a million bucks on her body, Choi Ji Woo showing how its done with a classy older actress glam, and newbie Kyung Soo Jin going for pretty but overdoing the pink. Check out the surprisingly jam-packed K-acting contingent red carpet pics below. Continue reading

Jo In Sung Wins the Daesang at the 2014 APAN Star Awards

I posted two weeks ago about the nominees for the 2014 APAN Star Awards and how some choices were pretty legit while others strangely unfathomable. Pretty much the usual when it comes to acting awards in Korean drama entertainment. Last … Continue reading