Recess: Fall in Love with You Again

There was once a K-drama on my top-10 list. I raved about it here and there, trilling that it was so amazing and wonderful and everyone must watch it. This was a long time ago, when I first started watching K-dramas. One weekend I was bored and decided to rewatch it, and to my utter shock and horror, I grew to hate this drama. Not just find it so-so, but flat out dislike it. Where was the joie de vivre and cuteness that I recollect? How come the narrative made no sense once I actually watched it without rose-tinted glasses? I was so sad actually, to realize that my love had turn to hate, and I no longer had this sweet drama to fall back on. I’ve now grown wary of rewatching dramas, for fear that my initial favorable impressions would be ruined and obliterate the happy memories I had when I initially watched it. But similarly, this has made me appreciate the dramas that do hold up on rewatch. And it makes me freaking worship dramas that get better on rewatch, because that is a hard feat to pull of indeed. Time Between Dog and Wolf is one of my all-time fave dramas, but I was merely meh about it the first time I watched it. Upon every subsequent rewatch I’ve grown to love it more, and I’ve rewatched 5 times already. So which dramas make you fall in love with it all over again? Continue reading

A Performance To Remember

Do you remember the drama and/or movie that made you fall in love with your favorite actors or actresses. … Continue reading