Meteor Garden 2018 Leads Dylan Wang and Shen Yue Reportedly Cast in Xianxia C-drama Sea of Flowers in Reunion

Oh man, these two were impossibly cute together and a reunion would be must check out for all drama lovers. C-ent casting gossip is saying that Dylan Wang and Shen Yue of Meteor Garden 2018 OTP fame have been casting 2023 xianxia C-drama Sea of Flowers (Chinese title Yue Du Hua Luo 月都花落 Moon Capital Falling Flowers). It’s a xianxia novel using the Classic of Mountain and Seas as the underlying inspiration with the romance of the God of the Sea and littlest Princess of the Capital City of Yue. The novel was published in 2014 and is just now getting a live-action adaptation and makes me want to check it out. Hopefully by the time the drama airs I’ll have gotten around to reading it heh, it’s been hard to find time to read as much as I used to. I never finished MG18 despite loving these two as the leads in those iconic characters since I think this would be my 4th MG drama and at some point it’s been there done that one too many times. But a fresh xianxia drama with these two could be the perfect next step.

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