First Couple Still of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye in Lie to Me

I need to invest in smelling salts. Yes, tubs and tubs of smelling salts, because I don’t think I can survive this trek to May until Lie to Me (and Best Love) premieres. Each new goody literally makes me scream like a four-year old spots the ice-cream truck. If that picture above – the first official couple still of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan in Lie to Me – doesn’t make you gasp and then want to get down on your knees and thank the drama gods, then perhaps you should avoid AKP for the next 2 months. Because it’s fangirly Koala at the helm, objective Koala out the window when it comes to the magical pairing of Eun Hye and Ji Hwan. Oh yeah, and we’ve got our first peek at second male lead Sung Joon below.

See, I think he’s cute (like a puppy), and hopefully can act and has screen presence, but let’s not kid around that this drama even has a possibility of second lead shipping. So I vote for his character to become BFFs with Yoon Eun Hye and not as a stumpy rock inserting himself between my glorious OTP.


First Couple Still of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye in Lie to Me — 31 Comments

  1. sung joon definitely has screen presence…the acting, i’m not so sure about. he was kind of stilted in “white christmas”–which is an excellent mystery thriller, by the way–but that could be due to his character. by the end he and the other actors had all grown into their roles so i’m excited to see more of him. he can’t compete w/kang ji hwan, yet, but maybe in a few years? he has a nice voice and great charisma but his acting could go either way. in any case, i’m really excited about this drama and “best love”, too!

  2. OMG..OMG..OMG!!!! This drama is one of the reasons I’m a confessed KDrama Addict!!!
    2 of my favorites in one drama!!! Bow…KDrama gods!!!

  3. Yeah… sorry, but there is no way I will be second lead shipping haha. I just love KJH, can’t be helped! They look so awesome together.. 🙂 I gasped!

  4. Well, there’s a gloomy brooding second lead for you. Doesn’t stand a chance.

    OMG! Her lipstick matches his buttonhole and pocket hankie! ::swoons::

  5. Golly just by looking at KJH and YEH on that pic, my screen is on fire… What more seeing them acting together owww and kissing and a bed scene… its gonna be a beautiful disaster… Wahhhhhhhh… Thanks Ms. K for feeding my sweet addiction…

    Oww by the way KJH will surely raise the chaebol standard to the next level. Looking back his Capital Scandal days when he played the role of Wannie the period drama Chaebol.. He was so adorable and he did pull off his Chaebol role.. May of 2011 is surely will give many sleepless night..

  6. Yeah, he doesn’t stand a chance and I second your vote on him becoming BFF with YEH’s character.

    You know what I love about that pic of KJH and YEH? That the color of her lipstick actually matches the flower pinned to his jacket. It was a nice touch imho!

    omg let’s hope this is good. I really, really need this to be good. Cos their last dramas weren’t favorites of mine and I love KJH and YEH so much.

    Technical question is technical. Is there a way to track single threads rather than the whole post?

  7. don’t hate me,but KJH doesn’t do anything to me(hehe,maybe I just want to save him for @Javabean,@Samsooki & @hjkomo)… I still look forward to see a new drama with YEH…my fav kdrama actress since Goong 🙂

    • Forced? If most posts say that the pair is oozing with chemistry, I don’t quite understand where this comment is coming from. Loved the YEH’s facial expression frm the first moment I saw it.

  8. I love Yoon Eun Hye! I never missed a YEH series before…it’s like tradition in our family
    to watch all YEH series. She has so many fans here in the Philippines.

    YEH and KJH make a gorgeous pair!

  9. OMG Ahjusshi! Not gonna lie, I love KJH more and I find YEH really good but mmm not for me, so I hope this drama’s gonna change all that? Haha. But dang if there ain’t oodles of chemistry right there. The only misgiving I have here is- WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE COUPLE PIC?! I NEED MOAR MOAR!!

  10. Oh my!!
    Here we have the queen of chemistry with 2 very handsome guys!!
    Also, she happens to be one of a handful of Korean actresses who can actually KISS and if he can kiss like he did in Coffee House, we have a mighty combo!!

  11. YEH excuding HOTNESS! Gotta admit not a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan though…but since YEH is in this guess I have no other choice but to watch this.

    I wish YEH was paired with Lee Min Ho, they were oozing chemistry during her cameo in Personal Taste…hopefully next time! Why is it that when you really anticipate something, days go by a looooooooooooot slower?!

  12. I love YEH sooooooooooooooooooomuch! She is the best korean entertainment export in the world! Love K-drama, K-movies only because of YEH, YEH, YEH!

  13. Omo so excited! I am dying to see their chemistry.

    Taken from soompi:

    April 25, at 11 am, SBS economic life of the interview RT @ kg_jiny RT @ DC_kissgall: 4 월 25 일오전 11 시. Sbs 생활 경제 ‘내게 거짓말 을 해봐’ 의두주인공. 강지환, 윤은혜 인터뷰 방송. 모두모두본 / ë°© / 사 / 수 /!!

    Two leading actors of ‘Lie To Me’, Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye’s interview will air on SBS Life & Economy on April 25 at 11am. Everyone, watch it live!!

  14. I can’t explain how happy I am, just reading all the comments here. As for me I love this pairing of YEH and KJH, although I’ve been longing for so long for the YEH-Eric team-up. I thought, it will be them then in Love Song, so disappointed that it didn’t materialized. Well anyway, I think there is a positive vibes surrounding this YEH-KJH pairing. Just wanna wish them good luck for LTM.

  15. Ok back from the cave….have a date with the easter bunny tommorrow ahihihi 😉 All I can say is I love YEH, she’s my all time favorite…. ciao!!!!

  16. who’s not excited ? 😀
    i jumped out off my seat the first time i saw this picture ^^
    i’m so happy 🙂

    abt sung joon, hmm .. he’s ok
    i think he acts not that terrible ^^
    but i’ll go for KJH YEH 😀

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