A Look At Co-stars Who Have Dated in Real Life

Every time there is a sparkling, sizzling, scorching new onscreen pairing, drama viewers of various persuasions suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge to scream at the screen: Just Date Already! I’ve been there, done that. It’s often exhilarating, but mostly painful since the number of co-stars who ended up dating is a tiny fraction of the amount of acting couplings out there. And the number that end up walking down the line I can count on one hand.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a list of various co-stars who have admitted to publicly dating in the last decade. What we all hope for is that all our favorite shippy couples end up like Eugene and Ki Tae Young.

Co-stars who ended up publicly dating:

Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo in All In

Onscreen chemistry: middling (great from him, okay from her – likely due to the acting ability disparity between them since Lee Byung Hun is just a much much better actor than Song Hye Kyo when they filmed All In).

Offscreen chemistry: sizzling

Status: Kaput after 2 years.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young in Save the Last Dance for Me:

Onscreen chemistry: evident but couldn’t be developed because Lee Bo Young played the crazy insane psycho second female lead and not Ji Sung’s OTP (who was played by Eugene)

Offscreen chemistry: low-key

Status: Still going strong after 6 years.

Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young in the movie Love Wind Love Song

Onscreen chemistry: N/A – didn’t watch the movie

Offscreen chemistry: mellow bliss

Status: married with baby!

Lee Chun Hee and Jeon Hye Jin in Smile, You

Onscreen chemistry: sweet

Offscreen chemistry: sizzling

Status: Married and expecting baby

Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin in The World They Live in

Onscreen chemistry: sizzling

Offscreen chemistry: very little since they rarely appeared in public together after they started dating.

Status: Wah wah wah after 2 years.

Lee Sang Yoon and Nam Sang Mi in Life is Beautiful

Onscreen chemistry: lovely

Offscreen chemistry: just as lovely

Status: Dating

Eugene and Ki Tae Young in Creating Destiny

Onscreen chemistry: perfect match

Offscreen chemistry: ditto as above

Status: Engaged to be married

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun in Lovers

Onscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen

Offscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen, but likely fizzled because it was so intense

Status: Teary breakup after 2 years

Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye in Sweet 18

Onscreen chemistry: SO. CUTE.

Offscreen chemistry: Just as cute, but didn’t seem like the type to last forever

Status: Amicable split after 2 years

Oh Man Seok and Jo Ahn in Everybody Cha Cha Cha/Jolly Widows

Onscreen chemistry: N/A, I didn’t watch the drama

Offscreen chemistry: Low-key and mature

Status: Still dating. Yay.

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah in Athena: Goddess of War

Onscreen chemistry: Good, not great

Offscreen chemistry: *no comment*

Status: Got blown up within 2 months of dating by one of the biggest K-ent scandals ever.

Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu in Meteor Garden 1 and 2 and Mars

Onscreen chemistry: Soul-searching

Offscreen chemistry: So in love, but couldn’t make it work. Makes me sad.

Status: Ended after 2 years, and Barbie is now married to a chaebol heir

Co-stars heavily rumored to have dated but never publicly confirmed it:

Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook after My Girl

Wu Zun and Ella after HanaKimi

Mark Chou and Janine Chang after Black & White

Koala’s two real life shippy holy grails:

My GeunGeun Babies FTW!

The Undeniable Power HwanHye Couple 4ever!

My Thoughts:

So there you have it. To be honest, there are certain actors that viewers tend to ship them a lot with their co-stars, and both Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are that type of actor.

There is a sizeable group that ship Eun Hye with Joo Ji Hoon back when they did Goong, and Eun Hye with Gong Yoo when they did Coffee Prince. Along the same lines, lovers of Capital Scandal claim Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min would make a cute couple, and there were some real life shipping of Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri from Hong Gil Dong (she gave him a puppy for his birthday, he named her Yi Nok, after Yuri’s character’s name in HGD, so adorbs).

Similarly, there are folks who ship Jang Geun Seok with his You’re Beautiful co-star Park Shin Hye and think I’m some interloper by shipping him with Moon Geun Young.

I think it’s just amusing to fanservice our favorite star together when it’s clear they have such sizzling chemistry. In the end, it’s their lives, and I’m just a happy viewer of their acting projects, wishing every one of them happiness with whomever they end up with.

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A Look At Co-stars Who Have Dated in Real Life — 138 Comments

  1. I’m really a late-bloomer. Just finished watching “You’re Beautiful” since it was aired almost 3 years ago and I love the drama to pieces. Having said that, I totally love the pairing of “Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye”. Adorable and cute and I super want them to date in real life though I seriously want Geun Suk for myself.

  2. i feel that Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin Hye is the best couple because they are not just good looking but they exude strong chemistry on screen and the girl is well-liked by the guy’s mother.Isn’t it a good sign? And I learned that the two are currently pursuing their studies.Wow! They should be a couple for real.

  3. love ji sung and lee bo young
    they are so match together!and very beautiful couple
    i want to see their wedding ceremony!!!!!

  4. Geun Geun – never gonna happen. MGY too much of an old soul.

    HwanHye – this, I pray for. True, they always make their co-stars look good, but how can anyone make such a drama-fail interesting just by sheer chemistry alone?

  5. The actors give the public what they want, love interests are the going thing. People need distractions and the people who are in all branches of the entertainment field, know this to be the case. I personally don’t care who these actors couple with, I just want to watch good dramas with good actors. There are many out there.

  6. FOREVER and EVER…

    Yoon Eun Hye & Joo Ji Hoon…(Goong/Princess Hours)
    Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook…(My Girl)
    Song Hye Kyo & Rain…(Full House)
    Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun…(Dream High)
    Jiyeon & Jinwoon…(Dream High 2)
    Park Yoochun & Han Ji Min…(Rooftop Prince)

    they may ended up or not I will love these couples FOREVER IN MY HEART…

    • Totally agree..GYEH forever..to GY,there’s nothing wrong to date your co-cast onscreen..brangelina make a perfect one too..sarah jessica parker and partner..and many more..

      • Brangelina ? yeah right except the fact that he cheated on his wife, humiliated her in front of millions of people and that she stole someone else’s husband they are the perfect couple indeed…
        they can adopt 10 more kids and do as much charity events that they want, it won’t change the truth.

  7. Just now i have finished watching princess hours…yearly im watching it.but im so sad.will it be possible for them to appear again in part 2..princess hours part two please.when it will happen again..please send me a message on my email if it would happen soon..


    And my underdog ship would be SONG HYE KYO and WON BIN. Hehehehe. I just love their chemistry in Autumn Tale. :)))

  9. Full of herself? She rather needs a few sammiches. Of herself, or anything edible. I could happily cooperate, but then again this is a PG blog, I assume, so I shall refrain.

    You do know that Korean talk shows are, for the most part, bullshit, do you? That the personalities which transpire from such shows are a mere construct built for the sake of shallow, visceral entertainment, and in no way or form painting a realistic portrayal of what a performer’s real personality might be; that most likely those comments were said tongue-in-cheek (Hello. Neurons. Can I briefly interact with thee? It’s a freaking V A R I E T Y show), and later taken out of context by vultures parading about Korean entertainment as self-christened “journalists,” when in truth they’re I-will-defame-for-food hacks paid a dime-per-hit.

    Only the most puerile of simpletons would take something said on some silly variety show at face value and judge a person she didn’t even make remote acquaintance with simply based on such assumptions. And last I checked, she’s an actress, not the Pope. If you don’t like her, that’s as relevant as an iPad vendor in the Kalahari Desert. As long as she does her job, she can even be a bit of an ass, if the need arises.

    Ha. Kiddos. Mon Dieu.

  10. Though I don’t know what context you are talking about, I fully agree with what you have said. Korean showbiz is very superficial. Talk shows, variety shows, reality shows, it’s all BS…aimed for fanservice and entertainment. Hardly anything genuine and sincere.

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