Second Teaser and Prayer Ceremony for Cheongdamdong Alice

2012 alone has seen a couple of drama trends – a sudden onslaught of time-travel dramas, sageuks galore, and the back end loading of melodramas as the weather starts to get chillier. I didn’t realize how many melodramas were on air until I stopped and did a count. For the last few years there are generally been more rom-coms than melodramas on air and this is the one reversal I recollect. Nothing wrong with melodramas, though having a bunch all air at the some time makes for the inevitable comparison as well as eventual viewer fatigue. This is less of an issue if the viewer picks one melodrama to watch perhaps due to the actor starring in it, but I found myself checking out all the recent melos and now I’m supremely ready for a rom-com. Cheongdamdong Alice fits the bill with a cast I love consisting of Moon Geun Young, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Ji Seok, and So Yi Hyun. I confess what little I read of the story leaves me underwhelmed, and I’m hoping that while the overall construct seems oft-done, the writer and director will fit in the pieces to make it unique and a worthwhile drama to watch.

The production released pictures of the main cast at the requisite prayer ceremony, and I’m still rather displeased with Park Shi Hoo’s look. It’s not terrible, per se, but makes him seem rather smarmy, which is not a look I want on the leading man. At this point even if the drama turns out to be merely decent, I hope it bucks the trend of the fashion drama curse by garnering decent enough ratings. It can’t be that hard to make a drama set in the fashion world, right? The second teaser continues the fairytale vibe set in the first teaser, but this time Alice actually meets the white rabbit and goes down the rabbit hole, then we get the first look at actual scenes from the drama. I think Moon Geun Young is equal parts adorable and gorgeous but I’m going to need some more meat from this drama before I can proffer any meaningful impressions. I can say Park Shi Hoo looks less smarmy the moment he’s in action, so here’s to hoping the OTP has tons of chemistry and can keep this rom-com afloat.

Park Shi Hoo tweeted the picture below of his gorgeous bachelor pad in this drama.

Below are the screencaps from the second teaser.

Second teaser for Cheongdamdong Alice:


Second Teaser and Prayer Ceremony for Cheongdamdong Alice — 19 Comments

  1. Moon Geun Young is just beautiful, I love her eyes, they are really beautiful and I think she and Park Shi Hoo are insured drama, and form a beautiful couple;)

  2. Am I the only one that was reminded of Devil Wears Prada watching this?

    I’m so excited for CA to air. Everybody looks terrific, and I’m a huge fan of both leads. After watching Nice Guy, I need a drama that will make me laugh, b/c I’ve been crying way too much recently.

  3. What I love more than the rom-com vibe is the whimsy, adult-fairyland feel. Something that I hoped Alice in Wonder City was going to be like and wasn’t.

  4. Wow, with so many Alices in the movie world it is really cool to see my favorite Korean star portraying her even though it is just a commercial long portrayal. She is lovely. I did not realize who the second lead was until now. I don’t like him since Personal Taste but that makes him a good actor in my book because he plays conniving, two-timing, arrogant and weak so well. This is going to be fun no matter what anyone says or what criticisms may come and they will come because there is a cookie cutter thing going on with Korean dramas but we have that here with all the CSI types of dramas and people still enjoy so I hope we have fun with this one or not. Yay!! Ms Moon is back!! Woo Hoo!!

  5. The teasers look cute enough..Hopefully we won’t be disappointed once it starts airing. Am definitely getting a few Devil Wears Prada vibes too – have that ‘afro circus’ song from Madagascar stuck in my head after watching this hahaha

  6. Moonie my princess is too pretty, she missed me so much, watch the Queen
    Oscars is back on December 1 soon ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  7. The stylist is undecided..whether to make dear PSH , White Rabbit or March Hare. He’s dressed in that ghastly mushroom-colored 3-piece suit with the big ribbon, like White rabbit but he’s got that tuff of blossoming hair like March Hare. Hmmm…Stylist , oh Stylist , PSH looks good dressed in clean lines with sleek ,unpouffy hair.
    In the words of White Rabbit :”Help! Yoo-hoo! Help!

  8. I hope they release a full trailer soon. These cartoonish trailers are just…. Whatever… I’ll watch GeunYoung anytime anywhere anyway.

  9. This drama right here is totally on my watching list! Like you koala, too much melos in kdramaland is making me crave for good rom com. Gonna start King of Dramas soon and definitely this too when it airs!

  10. I love Park Shihoo but i really could’nt see him having lovey-dovey with MGY… they look more of a sibling… no chemistry, at this point….but, we’ll see. I want MGY be paired to an actor close to her age…: )

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