Chris Wu Attends ALS Event and Reveals Girlfriend and Upcoming Project

I have a weak constitution and can only handle shock attacks in waves, so there better not be another bomb dropped on my psyche in the near future, or at least until I recover from this latest inevitable hope crushing news. Chris Wu, who has been laying low enjoying his time off for the past month and a half since wrapping King Flower (Substitute Princess) with Nikki Hsieh and James Wen, popped up last weekend for a charity event for patients suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. June 21 was World ALS Day and Chris has been the Taiwanese national celebrity spokesperson since he filmed the movie The Third Wish back in 2011 where he played a single father trying to raise his son as his body slowly deteriorates from the onset of ALS. To prepare for the role Chris became very involved with the ALS association in Taiwan and since then he’s remained a public face to help raise money for research. I’m glad to see Chris out and about, especially attending an event for a cause he’s so passionate about. But then he opened his mouth and out tumbled news I wish I could unhear.

Normally very reserved about his private life, reporters are always trying to fish for gossip so when discussion veered towards James Wen’s recent daddyhood and marriage (James and his long time girlfriend registered their marriage quietly a few weeks ago), Chris expressed great happiness for them and confessed it did make him long for that phase in his own life. When asked the obligatory question about whether he was seeing someone, the media was stunned when he candidly revealed he was in a committed and steady relationship with someone. He wouldn’t reveal who she was (whether an entertainer or someone outside the industry), but said that he was indeed quite serious about her. I probably burst into tears upon hearing this news since obviously his girlfriend is not me, but then I also had a brief bout with amnesia that made all the pain go away. TERRY IS TAKEN! Now I’ve lost ¼ of my will to live with this hope dashed, so if the other three of my drama guys gets nabbed by other women I will promptly need to be resuscitated. On a happier note, Chris revealed that he’s signed on to a new project that starts filming in late July-early August, but no word on whether it’s a drama or movie. Make it a drama, as the leading man, and I forgive you my boy for taking yourself off the market.


Chris Wu Attends ALS Event and Reveals Girlfriend and Upcoming Project — 28 Comments

  1. Wow. Ouch; but love a guy who can reveal his status without worrying about fan girl reactions! Hope we get to know who it is soon – just for curiousity’s sake lol.

    P.s. Who’re the other three guys that completes 3/4? Lol.

  2. Omg, I’m so shocked LOL.

    Terry, noooooooooooooooooooo.


    But on a happy note, Chris is awesome and sweet, his girlfriend is damn lucky !!!!!!

  3. Koala, Koala, Koala, You are obviously NOT very good at being deluded.

    Technically, since he hasn’t announced her name yet, it still could be you…or ME!! HA! Just kidding about ME…

  4. Koala love your blog the most and Chirs Wu loved his acting in his last project. plz do a review on Goddess of fire 🙂

  5. Man.Lucky you had it in the headline otherwise…

    After the shock,awww… someone has his love.
    Okay maybe that didnt come out right cos’ it ‘s devastating.

    What is in the waters this year?I am still not over Kim Jae Won getting married and having a baby.

  6. Like if a charming guy like that could be single. Pffft. I’m happy for him and I wish him all the best, personally and professionally. See you soon Chris! ^^

  7. WHAT. That’s shocking. I mean I guess it’s not that surprising haha. Darn. And here I was hoping to go to Taiwan after the bar and looking for him hahaha. I can’t wait to see his next project and I agree, he must be lead male this time.

  8. I’m never sad to hear an actor is in love or married. The news that breaks the fantasy for me is when they tell me they prefer the same sex. I don’t know why Doogie Houser is less watchable when I know the actor is gay, but that’s the case for me.

    Personally, the actors I have enjoyed watching I want to have very happy lives. Be in love. Have lots of babies. Enjoy life. You’ve given me so much just by doing what you do so well, so my hope is you get back bucket loads of goodness in your life.

  9. Finally found a site that have Chris’s news or at least his news published in English 😀

    Thanks for sharing.. and totally understand your disappointment! He is indeed a heartthrob ;)not too mentioned his great acting skills.

  10. Just like him tons and loads on Substitute Princess. Nice storyline. I was never interested in Taiwanese dramas but he just got me hook, and is growing strong after watching every episode of it! Great acting skills esp. when he cries….so natural!

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