More Stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun Filming Who Are You Premiering Monday

The first of this Season’s ghostly-themed drama offerings arrives in the form of Who Are You being the first out of the gate. Will it give this drama an advantage? Probably not, there is no saturation point with this topic yet and the other drama The Master’s Sun airs on SBS as a prime time offering so it’s appealing to different audiences. The same thing went on last year with Big versus the cable drama I Love Lee Tae Ri. The body swap conceit seemed like it was quite popular but neither got great ratings so that horse didn’t have any legs. Only time will tell if the ability to see ghosts concept will be the new time travel quirk for 2013. I don’t think the ghostly beings in these dramas will be so scary as to alienate audience members not keen on watching horror as nightly entertainment. I think once the audience gets uses to seeing scary specters, the drama will focus on how the dead simply have last wishes that will need the help of leading lady Yang Si On to finish. I’m not going to let the presence of Taecyeon deter me from checking out this drama. He plays a cop and if all he does is look very intense and dogged, that might be enough to tolerate his limited arsenal of acting range. I really really want to see Kim Jae Wook‘s comeback project, and he normally plays suit-and-tie characters or bohemians, so seeing him play a manly cop turned protective ghost will both be something new. I liked the preview for episode 1, the drama seems to strike a balance between lighthearted laughs and intense suspense. I like what little I saw of So Yi Hyun, her character has spunk and sass and she always shines in those type of characters which juxtaposes with her more elegant image. I’ve watched the cast in BTS videos and everyone seems to have lots of energy on set with great chemistry. I hope that all transfers onscreen and the drama is an entertaining ride.


More Stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun Filming Who Are You Premiering Monday — 7 Comments

  1. I had a bit of an aversion to So Yihyun at first, but she’s looking amazing here, both in stills and in previews. Still torn on whether I want to watch this, since Kim Jaewook’s character’s going to die. :'(

  2. I watch this for so yi hyun…. Shame on me… Just finishing ressurection this night…. I love love her spunk and her char fashion’s sense there… In fact… I think her char had more active and give an impact to me than the actual fmale lead….lol
    she is really shine when her char require her to be more elegant…. Hope this drama will be good
    I need a good fluff drama right now… Too much consuming dark theme drama as off late… Not good enough for my healthy hehe

    • Ps: please don’t tell me it will more darker tone than I could imagine… Because it seems likely soo….


  3. This is so frustrating, I am trying to watch this raw and I cannot find it anywhere.I am a Kim Jae Wook fan so I really want to watch this.

  4. I jut finished watching first 2 eps and I like it so far. It’s scary but not too scary. I haven’t seen any of Taecyeon’s work but why do I get the vibe that ppl don’t like him? He is kind of a d-baggy character???

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