MBC Insider Reveals Records of a Night Watchman Costars Yunho and Seo Ye Ji are Dating

This is a fun little dating rumor to come out of drama land, of which we have to all admit has been royally lackluster lately in terms of quality or buzz. An insider on the MBC set of the fantasy sageuk Records of a Night Watchman has tipped off the press that a budding couple has emerged from filming together. Second leads Yunho of DBSK and young actress Seo Ye Ji have apparently developed good feelings for each other and are in the early stages of a dating relationship. The insider describes the couple as being open about their affections on set and the cast and crew all know about it. This is totally Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum on the set of Goddess of Fire all over again. Is there something in the water over at MBC?

It doesn’t matter if Yunho and Seo Ye Ji go kaput much like Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum did after dating for a short while, I still think it’s healthy and normal to meet someone in a working environment and grow fond of each other. Since neither are actors I follow I’m more curious what the Yunho and/or DBSK fandom will react to this dating news, which is the first time Yunho has been romantically linked to a costar if my recollection is correct. If it’s true and he admits it, then he would be the first of the five original DBSK members to date openly. His other DBSK member Changmin has been romantically linked to Victoria of f(x) for years now but that’s never been confirmed by either side so it’s still just speculation. These two were really cute at the drama press conference so if this rumor is true then yay for them!

Having survived the first few episodes of RotW before I had to stop lest my brain exploded, I can safely say that Seo Ye Ji was the best actor in the lead foursome by a looooong mile. But I did also find Yunho vastly improved, though to be fair he was playing the stoic warrior that didn’t require too much emoting. Improved is better than none, right?

[Update] Both agencies have just coordinated their responses say the couple is not dating. Seo Ye Ji’s agency says they are really close oppa-dongsaeng and Yunho takes care of her. SM Entertainment kept it tidy with a rebuttal that the two are merely colleagues working well on the drama together.


MBC Insider Reveals Records of a Night Watchman Costars Yunho and Seo Ye Ji are Dating — 16 Comments

  1. Ockoala,
    It’s your opinion that seo yeji is the best actor among the 4 main leads. I disagree but we’re entitled to our opinions. Yunho does get the most attention out of them all because of his star power.
    Surprisingly, he’s been getting a lot of positive reviews from critics for his acting in his first sageuk drama. I’m not one of those die hard Cassies so here’s my unbiased point of view.
    He is playing a stoic character that doesn’t need too much emoting, but *despite that,
    Yunho has good eye expression and shows emotion through his eyes. His crying scene episode 13 was quite good and looked real. he’s got stable intonation and his action scenes are quite good..doing his own stunts too.
    When it comes to sageuk, Yunho’s acting is pretty good, but of course he’s still got a long way to go.

  2. It seems to me like SM’s publicists have been working overtime for the last year or so…it’s been one thing after another for them

  3. I like Yunho’s improved performance. Go Yunho! About his love life, in an interview a while ago, he said he falls for kindness, he observes before he courts the girl seriously. He has had long relationships. Good luck, Yunho!

  4. I really tried watching this but it’s so bad. It’s such a waste of talent (Jung Il Woo whyyyyyy)
    But I agree otherwise Seo Ye Ji is the best actress in that show, Go Sung Hee is just lackluster and lifeless. Yunho is okay, he has improved a lot.
    If they are dating then good for them!

  5. I’m sorry but even in BTS (in some shows) I always got a gay vibe from him. I could be way off because it’s kind of odd how “bromace” is SO encourage to the point were sometimes I cringe just to watch some of the shows in that country and the way they edit…. (even BTS)

  6. And on the other side of k-biz, G-Dragon is beginning to openly date his Japanese model gf too. Oh wow, love news all around

  7. I always admired celebrities dating openly especially giving more credits to the guys. I find guys are really cool having a courage to love his women and showing his sincerity in the relationship. Working out or not is another question, but a man should act like a man.

  8. OK. This nixes all the “gay” rumors I’ve read about him online. I’m glad he’s comfortable dating openly and hope their relationship is in for the long haul.

    Question to Ockoala – “Seo Ye Ji the best of the lead four actors by a long mile?” Whatever happened to Jung Il Woo – he’s practically carrying the whole drama on his shoulders?! Not to say that the supporting actors aren’t carrying their weight. I find the mad Kings performance fascinating (both father and son), Sadam is carrying his evil role well, and the Nightwatchman compelling in his role, in my humble opinion.

    • main le@d jung iL woo ~ not gre@t, but good acting
      seo yeji ~ prety good rookie actress but not gre@t
      main fem@le le@d = very bad acting
      yunho = pretty good acting but keep improvin’

    • Well. I think out of akl character , I enjoyed sadam the most. Found him intriguing. Hope he wont be wrinkled up once his spell is over he he

  9. I like yunho because he works hard at whatever he does. He will be a success, look at how he and Max turned themselves around after Jae, yoochun and Junsu took a hike. They went on to hit it big time, because they were not only talented but we’re willing to work their derrières off, they made it work.

    That couple thing with Jae and Yunho was, from what was written, was nothing more than a publicity stunt. It worked, didn’t it. I do not care if he is straight or gay, actually it isn’t any of my business. Anymore than what I do is his business. I am a fan but that is as far as it goes, being a fan does not mean ownership.

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