Yoon Eun Hye’s Dramatic Shades Steal the Airport Catwalk Spotlight

guhjkI don’t stalk Korean celeb airport pictures but occasionally post when there is something interesting to report. Yoon Eun Hye was snapped at the airport this weekend headed to Paris for a photo shoot, and since I love her then it’s clearly report-worthy, heh. She was clearly dressed to impress, but amazingly also looked dressed comfortably for the long flight. It’s not sweats level comfy but a simple loose white shift dress with low heeled boots is something a chic lady would easily wear on a flight. I think she looks supremely adorable and am surprised to see her sporting a shiny new red hair color.

Yoon Eun Hye’s hairstyle looks a bit like her hair in the early episodes of Lie to Me, with the bangs in front and a simple longer blunt cut, except she’s freshened it up with a much brighter color that works really well with her complexion and style. She’s wearing Vanessa Bruno, a line that she reps, and clearly folks will be talking about what she’s wearing after this airport walk. Especially those sunglasses! So eye-catching and different, to say the least. Not anything I would dare wear since it screams look at me, but she’s Yoon Eun Hye and everyone would look at her anyways so might as well go for it!


Yoon Eun Hye’s Dramatic Shades Steal the Airport Catwalk Spotlight — 34 Comments

    • Nope, probably every watch is for a different time zone. 1 for South-Korea, 2. for Paris, 3. for the time zone where her BF is 😛

      • One ‘watch’ is for Jesus.
        Another ‘watch’ is for a boyfriend.
        The third (and very important) ‘watch’ is for a good drama.

    • No, you’re not, lol. I didn’t noticed the 3 watches until I saw your post mentioning it. I was distracted by her eye-catching shades. 😀 Love that her iPhone case/cover matches her new hair color. Miss YEH, always looking chic and fab! 🙂

  1. I miss Eun Hye! I hope she goes back to a light hearted drama soon. but then it might be a while coz she working on that movie.

    I hope she and Hyun Bin can be paired next time!!!!

  2. Aww..new drama this year pleaseeeee. I miss her in drama-land. I wish she could be new lead for great drama this year. Chaebal

  3. Love her shoes. I hv one similar to this. Steve madden troopa boots. Going to wear it now bcoz of this post. Lol

  4. Oh this lovely girl…what a sight for sore eyes. Love her to pieces and miss her a lootttt!!! Watching her upcoming movie will be a burden, but I will see it for her. Hoping her next drama will more than make up for the last ones we have had to endure out of sheer love.

  5. Oh how much I love her ..my girl crush ..she looks fab ..I am waiting for her to pick up a good drama again that I can watch ..please

  6. She looks fabulous! I love YEH. She’s my favorite K-Actress. I’ve only started watching K-Dramas last summer and I’ve already seen so many dramas (in less than a year too…guess, I’m now a K-drama addict, lol…). For me, she was and still is the K actress (and I’ve seen others and enjoyed them too) who’s memorable and that standout the most. I love that she’s multi-talented, her acting is so great and just so natural, she’s so gorgeous, humble, and just a wonderful person (inside and out). She’s the whole package. I’ve seen all her dramas (yes, including her two not-so-good dramas: I Miss You and Marry Him If You Dare…) and the variety show X-Man (saw several episodes on YT featuring her and that showed her lively personality and her singing/dancing talents). I’m very much looking forward to seeing her new movie, After Love and whatever new K-Drama she does (it would be awesome if she joins the upcoming drama: Descendants of The Sun…she’d be perfect for the female lead character who’s a doctor from out of borders). Hope she’ll star in a very good drama soon. I miss seeing her on K dramaland too. I’ve already seen and re-watched her dramas multiple times now (esp. Lie To Me, Princess Hours, The Vineyard Man, and Coffee Prince – this one has recently been added to Netflix!). It’s time to watch a new YEH drama soon. I heard her agency said that she’ll do one sometime later this year. Hoping she’ll do one in the summer or early fall of this year.

    Btw, first time posting here…though I have been reading and visiting this awesome website since late last year when I stumbled on this site while searching for Lie To Me recaps (in English too…since I’m not Korean nor do I speak the language) and only this lovely website had posted the best LTM episode recaps. Thanks okoala. I love your website (you do such a fantastic job on posting and updating your site all by yourself and you’re quick on breaking K-ent/T/C/J-ent and drama news and recaps too! Your hard work is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work. I love visiting this site!) and it’s awesome that you love YEH too and some of your favorite K-actors/actresses (ie. GY, KJH, HJW, and PSH to name a few) are my favorite too. Also, I love that besides covering K-dramas, you also cover T-Dramas, C-Dramas, and J-Dramas too. I’ve enjoyed watching a few T-Dramas lately including the currently airing Someone Like You, you’ve mentioned in one of your posts recently. I’m loving it thus far (I’ve already seen 8 episodes and looking forward to episode 9!) 🙂

  7. Whatever she wears, it really suits her well. She is a trend setter and I’m pretty sure, that eyeglasses she was wearing will be a hot item not only in S, Korea but other countries. It looks different and very attractive, and looks expensive too. I miss YEH a lot and hoping that she will be back in small screen very soon.

  8. Oh god, you got me in my LTM feels again. I’m still holding out hope for her and KJH haha! Anyways, I really like her shades and her outfit, she looks very nice.

    • Loved her and KJH in LTM. I’d love to see her reunite with him in a new drama (or hope for them to hook up in real-life, haha! :D) or with Gong Yoo. 😉 KJH and GY are my two favorite previous co-stars of hers. They are both handsome and talented actors and has the best on-screen (as well as off-screen) chemistry with her. If not these two, I’d love for her to co-star with other talented actors (older than her, but closer to her age) she hasn’t co-starred in a drama yet such as So Ji Sub (One Sunny Day), Hyun Bin (Hyde, Jekyll, & I), Joo Sang Wook (Cunning, Single Lady), and Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, That’s Love).

  9. hope yeh will comeback for good drama like korean version of loving never forgetting of jerry yan last year it is indeed nice one drama hope partner with such great actor this days jang hyuk gives me point of views as great actress to receive if they will give their shots with this drama version…best luck to it…

  10. I will wait for another drama…she made a poor choice, I am a woman’s advocate and there are always two sides to every story….women aren’t always in the wrong.

    Since she reps. that line of sunglasses, she dressed accordingly…all in a day’s work. I liked them but though they were to large for her face.

  11. Yeh looks amazing from head to toe,i really llike her dress elegant and comfy to wear for a long travel,she is really fashionable and very cool to look at.no wonder she isvery indemand for international brands as endorser.hope to watch her again in drama.

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