Stars Step Out for the Chanel 2015 Cruise Collection Fashion Show in Seoul

French design house Chanel light up the fashion skyline in Seoul this past weekend for the 2015 Cruise collection, which also happens to be the first time ever the haute couture brand has staged a runway show in South Korea. It was a veritable who’s who of Korean entertainment and famous Hollywood faces attending the show at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, with the attendees turning out to see and be seen.

Everyone was wearing Chanel, of course, though some pulled off the classic structured pieces better than others. Karl Lagerfeld didn’t randomly select Seoul for this resort collection, he explained that the pieces were actually inspired by traditional Korean dress in colors, fabrics, and accessories, and he described Korea as filled with beautiful mystery that he sampled to create this collection. Check out the arrival catwalk to see if your fave stars showed up for the fancy shindig.

Kristen Stewart

Tilda Swinton

Gisele Bundchen

Namie Amuro

Han Ye Seul


Jung Ryeo Won

Choi Siwon

Go Ah Sung

Park Shin Hye

Lee Jong Seok




Stars Step Out for the Chanel 2015 Cruise Collection Fashion Show in Seoul — 46 Comments

    • I don’t agree at all. I think her looks are severely overrated. I seriously don’t get it.

      Everyone more or less looked a mess but that par for course for fashion shows where attendees try too hard to fashionable while trying to emulate a fashion house’s signature style.

  1. My bb Go Ah-sung needs to fire her stylist, they never seem to get it right.

    Jung Ryeo-won and Han Ye-seul are like always hanging out together (and they’re like all over each others instagrams), it’s cute. Also, it took me a second to remember that Krystal, Lee Jong-seok and Park Shin-hye all know each other – through High Kick and Heirs.

    It was funny to see GD and Siwon interact since they don’t really hang out in the same crowds.

  2. I would have never guessed that was Jung Ryeo Won. She looks great, but I did not recognize her. Gisele knocked everyone out of the water.

  3. Park Shin Hye played it safe but she looks so good! I see how LJS is looking at her in that last pic LOL!

    I screamed internally at Jung Reo Won. She’s been skinny before but this is the worst i have seen. I hope she is ok.

    Gdragon and LJS look a mess. Just throwing stuff together. The other big band member (i forget his name sorry) looks hot with that hair.

      • LJS always look perf in this kind of event, Chanel clothes needs a revamp. it looks ugly to everyone

    • Do you mean Taeyang? yeap i agree he looks good with the hair and i also think he gotten prettier as the years pass..but still Top is my bias hehe

  4. Park Shin Hye looks so old in that outfit & didn’t have great legs to show. Disappointed. Han Ye-seul & Krystal look good! The guys are quite disappointing too.

    Gisele the best!

    • Agree that her dress is too old for her but her legs are just fine for me. She’s not skinny like most idols but she certainly has an S-line that is really sexy.

    • I thought the same thing like you. Jong suk and GD look messy. Of course, LJS was a model. He looks uncomfortable maybe he is the only one male actor in that crowd. Anyway, I am happy that I saw Darling couple together again.

  5. What is the sack Go Ah Jung is wearing? Lee Jong Seok’s suit looks messy and trying too hard. Yes, fire their stylists.

    • if you fire their stylist that would be unfair, all they are wearing were from Chanel. Chanel sucks a long time ago.

    • not to mention, Yoona’s exposed bra….it’s a look that can work on some people but here it just looks sloppy.

      • What does “sloppy” mean? Is there a different way for any woman to wear a see-through white blouse other than this one? It’s far more classier especially with the black underwear since the rest of the outfit is also black…and some brush of royal red color to amplify that Parisian chic!

  6. Ahhh Darling couple reunited! I just love them. I’m so happy they sat together and appeared at this fashion show. And also Han Ye Seul, GD, Taeyang are ♥

  7. wow I never thought I would see THE Gisele on a k-ent blog, I find her so unconventionally gorgeous and her hair is amazing.

    I thought the mini Heirs/Pinocchio/High Kick reunion pic at the end is so cute. But Chanel needs a severe talking-to for some of these stylings, wtf did they give Go Ah-sung to wear, a literal garbage bag with a few pin tucks?

  8. I find that the Korean celebrities trying hard to outshine each other but in the end, Gisele rules with her simplicity and effortless looks. Just that simple black tops and black pants (with little pattern), minimal make up and free styling hair and she outdid everyone. That’s what they always said, sometimes, less is more and Gisele proved it.

  9. Jung Ryu Wung has always been beautiful to me but this event, I can hardly recognize her. She looks so gaunt. What happened to that beautiful woman I know?! Park Shin Hye and Yoona looks so elegant and lovely. LJS is good looking as always but thwe bling blings on his suit don’t suit his actor persona. Though i enjoyed seeing him, PSH and Krystal chummy together.

  10. Chanel is just way too matronly for my taste. I’ll wear them in maybe like another…oh 50 years!! All the young actresses literally aged 10+ years in those outfits above! And gaaah… LJS looks atrocious!

  11. I don’t like most of their outfit lol. They all look messy and trying hard-kinda look. Yoona’s outfit might be okay if no ‘bra expose’.

  12. Gisele, Park Shin Hye, and Yoona are stunning for their Chanel show, but the rest need to post an opening position for a personal stylish because like Donald Trump said, “You’re fired”! 🙂

  13. Gisele looks gorgeous, maybe it’s the way she carries herself, so confident and beautiful.

    Park Shin Hye and Yoona look great, love PSH’s bangle and Yoona’s skirt. Krystal’s jacket is too “old” for her.

    And what is Goh Ah Sung wearing? My eyes hurt…

  14. So agree with those who said that Giselle outshone everyone with her simplicity. It’s kinda funny how the headturner at the end was not the one wearing bling bling or other fashion antic.

    And.. Kirsten… dark red lips and no smilley??

  15. GD’s clothes aren’t the best, but the guy has enough confidence to pull it off. Taeyang looks like a mess, just like Siwon and LJS, who is still in dire need of a haircut.
    Han Ye Seul looks really good, CL needs to lose some of those pearls, Krystal and PSH are cute, but those clothes make them look older than they are and Go Ah Sung, sweetie, that’s a no no.

  16. Kdramalands popularity has fallen alot in the past 1 year and now we see all these Kpopistas sharing the spot-lights and having there popularity increase and I think its due to reply or cliche of dramas which is the cause of the ratings dip and ofcourse the international themselves are showing signs of disinterest or slowing get tired.. Maybe they should slow the down the mass productions because by next year if not something big comes along, the Kpop-world will take over Kdramaland for the first time..

    • And we might see unexperienced Idols given lead roles from right to left. to increase the ratings and its hallyu power.. I think this will be the reality soon.

    • As much as I dislike seeing idols with no talent being cast in important drama roles, idols never shared the spotlight with actors and their popularity has nothing to do with dramas’ popularity decreasing. Kpop has ALWAYS been more popular not only in SK, but overseas as well. Dramas are a baby compared to the kpop industry.

      • Not really. Kdramas led the hallyu wave, before Kpop got some international traction. Even now Kpop is still only popular amongst its followers, the general population in most countries wouldn’t even have a clue about Kpop. Furthermore, when it comes to actual revenue, the gaming and technology fields far out rank Kpop and Kdramas.

    • but actors and actress still dominate the CF in Korea since they has more selling power and their fans has more buying power than idols.
      The opinion that idol bring more viewer to a drama is also still questionable.. like how many k-drama when idols as the lead become popular or get high ratings?

  17. I don’t know why nobody noticed but the only Japanese in those pictures, Namie Amuro is gorgeous. Her simplicity outshines them all (other than Giselle). And she has beautiful legs.

    PSH looks old in that outfit. So is Krystal. Kristen Stewart is unhappy as usual. Han Ye Seul is so beautiful.

  18. The Top 3 celebrities who look gorgeous, beautiful and ladylike in my eyes are
    1. Yoona
    2. Han Ye Seul
    3. Nami Amuro

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