Alien Fantasy C-movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe with Mark Chao and Yao Chen Drops Action Trailer

Looks like Chinese movies are getting in on the alien adventure yarns as upcoming big budget blockbuster Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (鬼吹灯之九层妖塔 Ghost Blowing Lamp The Nine Story Demon Tower) gets a September 30th premiere date just in time for the Chinese national holiday vacation stretch. Starring Mark Chao, Yao Chen, Rhydian Vaugan, Li Chen, and Tang Yan, the movie combines fantasy supernatural with alien elements and involves the protagonists investigating strange occurrences to eventually battling other worldly creatures.

This movie will mark the third consecutive year that leading man Mark premiered a movie during the coveted Chinese national holiday time slot, in 2013 his period fantasy movie Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon opened, and last year Black & White: Dawn of Justice was released in that prime slot.  He’s also become the go-to guy for big budget action movies, which is actually a good use of his physical talents and requires less delicate emoting from him which has always been a limitation. The movie looks interesting from the cinematic stills and just released movie trailer so take a look for yourself.

Trailer for Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe:


Alien Fantasy C-movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe with Mark Chao and Yao Chen Drops Action Trailer — 6 Comments

  1. Seriously tho, I’m a huge Tang Yan fan (she’s one of my favourite c-actresses but at this point she’s becoming so over-exposed it’s not even funny. I generally alternate between two sites that I follow, koalas and avirtualvoyage and every day at least ONE of the sites will post about her upcoming shows. Does she not sleep or eat and just spends all her time filming???

  2. Looks kind of interesting… But am I the only one old enough to think that some of the cg scenes are totally copied from Independence Day?

  3. This trailer is a fan-made fake, using parts of trailer 1 and shots from Hollywood films like independence day etc.
    Don’t believe it ! – The real trailers are much better and the movie is great!

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