Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae Headline tvN’s The Good Wife in New Production Stills

I’ve never watched the critically acclaimed US television show The Good Wife so its K-drama remake doesn’t have an existing hook for me. With that said, this drama is A-list Korean movie actress Jeon Do Yeon‘s first drama in 11 years ever since Lovers in Prague (and a cameo as herself in the 2008 On Air), and this is an occasion not to be missed. The casting team went hardcore and got Jeon Do Yeon top notch male leads, with Yoo Ji Tae playing her hubby who runs afoul of the law and Yoon Kye Sang as her law firm partner, which is basically trading hubba for hubba hubba. Kim Seo Hyung is more than ready to hold her own against Jeon Do Yeon as the second female lead, with Nana and Lee Won Geun heading up the youthful eye candy contingent. The drama premieres in early July on tvN Fri-Sat, following the currently airing Dear My Friends




Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae Headline tvN’s The Good Wife in New Production Stills — 44 Comments

  1. lovers in Prague is boring. Secret Sunshine is depressing as expected from usually so-called “critically acclaimed” “good” Korean movies. JDY basically let go of herself and totally immersed herself in the character of that wretched lady in Secret Sunshine. I applaud her professional ethics as an actress. But I really want to watch drama for fun and entertainment without overworking my brain or sabotage my emotions. LOL… I care less how top notch her acting will be than how good enough the screenplay and directing may be to entertain me. It’s like Cheese in the Trap. The storyline was hella boring to me even a good actress as Kim Go Eun couldn’t save it. So hopefully this tvN project is interesting enough and then I’ll check it out. BTW, why tvN but not other stations could always get great movie actresses back to their small screen?

  2. Koala, please post some news about baeksang awards. It seems as expected. Nonetheless, those award winning K dramas had rarely ever been in my favor, unlike Oscar awards. I wonder why…..LOL

  3. @Drama2016

    You know what. I felt like Song Joong ki definitely deserved that best actor award ahead of Yoo Ah in. that was a no brainer. The judges are questionable and another thing I don’t get is how KSH failed to get daesang for MTETS and got daesangs for producer??? what in the world is that. also LMH not getting daesangs for City hunter and BOF. Six flying dragons was horseshit. I would have rather handed that idol actor from DOTS a daesang then YAI for SFD it was the definition of boring.

    There is alot of political influence and can’t be taken serious and it’s all of seniority award winnings. It can’t honestly be called an award show

    • LOOOOOOOOOL, NO! he does not deserve it ahead of yoo ahin, even yoo ah in didn’t deserve it ,Jo Jin Woong did ,but anyways ,Song joong ki acting is good ,but it doesn’t surpass Yoo ahin,why are you so angry tho ? ????

    • Just a correction. KSH did get best actor for his role in MTETS back in 2012.

      Bcos of the 2016 award, I’m now watching Six Flying Dragons to see why YAI won. LMAO. I love this actor but never succeeded in passing beyond ep 2 of SFD. Now think about the hell 50 eps of long ass historical dramas….hahaha the judges obviously did not consider that f*cking marathon pain in the ass as I do. Now I’m finally on ep4 and just this quick glimpse of YAI’s acting to this point, I haven’t found anything special from him than his performance in the prior projects. Perhaps I’ll see new light as I watch more episodes. He’s a good actor and very sexy in his own way. Don’t get me wrong. He’s one of my faves. But honestly I always saw almost the same actor YAI in all his dramas so far regardless of which one. It’s just harder for me to get rid of the same vibe I feel out of his personal aura, too strong for me to totally forget actor YAI in the character he’s supposed to live out on screen. I think that may be just my personally slight prejudice against certain acting style. To me, SJK is a bit different story. For the roles he played starting from Deep Rooted Tree to DotS, I completely forgot actor SJK in the stories. Instead, his character was made totally alive and distinguishable from his prior roles. That’s what I consider real talent not only by hardwork, but somehow SJK has been able to differentiate traits of different roles effortlessly.

      Based on best actor awarded consecutively within the most recent years, I sorta see the preference and the taste of the Korean judges. They highly entertain the acting style with dramatic expressions (in terms of either facial or body language). In that sense, I don’t see SJK or LMH’s acting will be in their favor. I have no idea about LMH. But SJK did clearly mention in his interview that he’s never been the one for overly expressive acting. You can see that from his Deep Rooted Tree, all the way down to DotS.

      Still, congrats to YAI. He’s a hardworking actor and very serious about his projects, not only for profits, I guess. That alone deserves my respect and admiration.

      • Speaking about Facial expressions since you said they look at the facial expressions and I can honestly say that LMH has far better facial expressions then Both YAI and SJK. Has also better emotional acting. same may hide it under looks but to his not a better looking then them.

        Just overall superior to them in the facial expression part and it’s not even close imho. Which makes him appear confident with more screen presence and charisma. LMH has been made into a myth without studying him. His x-factor is his facial expression.

        His not even a guy who takes that much care of his looks in his private life and seems lazy to me but his facial expressions is exceptional

      • I watched the first couple episodes of 6FD, then I stopped because it was boring ,but I went back and it was honestly really good ,picked up fast after episode 10 ,yeah YAI, looked like he was having an orgasm 75% of the time but I don’t think SJK deserve it ahead of him ,I don’t even think he deserves it as much as Jo Jin Woong does / signal.

      • I have watched all of them and regarding the facial expression and body langauge I would safely and faithfully say lmh. I don’t know how to put it but his way more lively. I think his way more ahead on the facial expression then body langauge

      • @Skin, I’m currently on SFD ep5. LOL…as I said, I haven’t seen new light yet. I like YAI so I’ve basically watched all his dramas. Surprisingly, I found Shin Se-kyung refreshing and keeps making improvement in her acting strength. It seems this OTP is gonna redeem their lousy pairing in Fashion King. LOL….

        I didn’t say SJK deserve a win either. Actually his role as Captain korea is too charming to be seriously regarded as an award-granted character. Did any KES’ male leads ever win any award? LOL…For popularity, fame, and money, KES is a super writer to go for. But I think in general pro critics are averse to her dramas. So it’s a great disadvantage for actors/actresses who worked on her projects to be considered awardees. But I was looking at acting range in general. I personally consider the most impressive performance of SJK was in his mere 4 eps of Deep Rooted Tree (happened to have the same production team as SFD LOL) as a young Joseon King that is iconic in critics’ eyes too. Then he nailed Nice Guy and the Werewolf Boy. He did not have many works in recent years to rave about due to the career interruption of his military service. But each project of last 4 years is memorable and highly acclaimed. Way to see he do a more serious drama like DRT or Nice Guy in order to show off his amazing acting again. But wait until he makes enough $$$ to feed his agency staff. LOL

      • ”They highly entertain the acting style with dramatic expressions (in terms of either facial or body language). In that sense, I don’t see SJK or LMH’s acting will be in their favor”

        Facial and body language? with LMH involved this. LMH is all about facial expressions and i think its not even skills but his just born highly expressive

      • @Drama2016..the werewolf boy was beyond amazing.SJK totally made that role work.His acting as the human/animal was so perfect too.I loved how he played the innocence of that character…not to say his chemistry with PBY was perfect to the core.I feel SJK is better in eccentric roles as they totally bring out his uniqueness,like the werewolf boy or penny pinchers or the nice guy[ even though I didn’t finish the drama,but SJK’s acting was captivating.]I hope he takes more roles like YAI did in secret affairs or sado/veteran and refrain from taking stereotypical roles.

      • @JOJO

        Thats what I was thinking. talent is just one of the things that can never be hidden. It’s just there to be seen. It’s always bound to appear.

        talent can never be assumptions but rather reality. It is what it is

    • @asfiction, are you drunk? if anyone ever to deserve the best actor it has to be Jo Jin Woong. but yoo ah in is a better actor than SJK.

  4. It undermines the award show and everything with it. Who says and who decides that YAI is better then SJK?? what has YAI done? his the definitely of a conspiracy actor. Him being good is based on conspiracy theory

      • Sarcasm on point! hahahaha…You give me a good laugh. LOL. I wish I could get the hang of your writing style.

      • @teacakes. It’s just an opinion. Don’t be so serious….Chill! I still have to keep sober to run marathon through ass long SFD of 40+ episodes to see YAI’s mega performance. LOL..

  5. @Skin

    His a guy who his best achievements came as a second lead role riding others.

    The only thing worth note he did was 2 movies and both movies he has no contribution to the tickets since he has the second lead to two heavyweight box office actors while one of them hit 3 times on row above 10m within 1.5 yr. credit is due to these actors and it could have been whomever in his role it would have changed nothing. What happened to like for like. it went the same road as SFD. I dropped it after few episode and it was struggle to reach that far.

    as far as I reached watched SFD he dosen’t do anything special and his to random and boring while on the other hand SJK takes you places.

    I rest my case here

  6. Yeah now you really sound drunk. Go sober up, I don’t know how YAI has “only” 2 movies making him a star unless you think his career only began in 2015 or something. I suppose Wandeukki, Secret Love Affair etc don’t exist, then? lol

  7. I am minority who found dots is nothing special…..i love sjk….but sorry none dots cast deserved acting award in baeksang esp ahead signal cast..popularity award is unsuprising.Daesang should go to signal, best drama to reply, best actor should go to jjw…the rest are well deserved

  8. It seems I have to give a shot again to all the dramas used to bore me to yawn in the past, including SFD and Signal. Hahahahaha…..wonder why these two dramas quickly turned me off with just the first episode. LOL..

  9. I want to comment, for someone who has not seen Six Flying Dragons not even past half of 50 episodes, how dare you say Yoo Ah In is not deserving? And what makes it worse is saying Song Jong Ki deserves it? lol Its you opinion anyways but please watch Six Flying Dragons first before judging. I know you like Song Jong Ki for an obvious reason, but don’t you realize that most Yoo Ah In fans like him for his acting? He has won fair and square both in dramas and in his movies last year. He ain’t staring in shitty mushy dramas like DOTS. His acting can get him far, far enough that Song Jong Ki can only dream of. He has been in lined with those veteran actors and been acclaimed as the best actor of his generation. As for your beloved Song Jong Ki, popularity is like a bubble. He may be a trend today but a new younger actor would definitely take up his place. Lets see how well his next drama will be. To be fair for Yoo Ah In, he wasn’t paired with an a-list popular actress in SFD, Song Jong Ki should be in a drama in his own too. Lets see how far he can sustain his popularity. Yoo Ah In is far greater than Song Jong Ki in terms of acting and you are the only one I have seen getting noisy about his Best actor win.

    • agree with everything you said here. I did not watch 6FD cuz I dont like sageuk but I’ve seen many of Yoo Ah In’s dramas and movies he is definitely very versatile whereas it will take a while for Song Jong Ki to achieved that level. He is lucky in DOTS but longevity of his popularity remains to be seen. just wait and see. I’m no fan of both so i’m giving an unbiased opinion lol.

      • Not biased? Only morones would believe you. I saw you on purpose drag down SJK in a totally irrelevant thread. Hey YO! Have you got any mental problems so you have to diss him up to make yourself euphoria? LOL….That’s how I see you revealed yourself on KRW/PSH’s blog. hahahahahaha

    • Yeah! I hope you won’t feel like erasing your comment 5 years later in case SJK is even more popular then than now. LOL….Humble yourself and step back a bit when you are critical an actor who happens to be more popular than your faves. You can be critical of his acting based on your taste and preference. It’s fine. But don’t be so outspoken trying to be a shama who can foresee the future. That’s too arrogant. LOL

      BTW, SJK has been highly acclaimed by industry critics since his supporting role in Deep Rooted Tree (the same production team as 6FD in case you don’t know). DotS is not the one drama that defines him to be a great actor, but his prior projects including even shitty movie like Penny Pincher that earned praises and respect from pro critics. It just happened SJK is too good to be overlooked by international drama viewers including many men who’ve never been drama fans like women. He’s such a talented and charismatic actor that’s destined to be popular outside S. Korea. Top notch writers like Lee Kyung-hee were willing to write screenplay of Nice Guy specifically tailored-made for SJK as the leading man. Similarly for the famed writer of DotS. Why would they offer to do that even before the dramas were produced if SJK were not a great actor they can trust?

      He hasn’t had many works yet thanks to his military service. But each of his works since then is critically acclaimed in S. Korea and also has very good ratings or did well in boxoffice. His leading ladies are not all as popular as SHK in DotS. Equally, like one commenter said above, YAI’s drama 6FD and hit movies all have top notch veteran actors in the main cast. So when you pick on SJK and downgrade him compared to YAI based on his costars, you should also place your fave on the same playing field. If you haven’t watched Nice Guy, I suggest you watch that before you downgrade SJK. Similarly, I don’t like 6FD for the monotone narratives of long ass Korean history, but I put aside my prejudice against the genre to watch YAI in order to have fairer opinions. Before you knowing the whole story and watching all the works of an actor, it would appear that you simply sound jealous and bitter against this particular actor if you lash out such biased criticism. At least, I’ve watched ALL YAI’s drama and some of his movies becos he’s one actor I like. So I’m fair.

    • @nicole, have you watched Nice Guy (or The Innocent Man as the other name in some mentions)? Stop analyzing SJK’s acting career as if you know all!!

  10. I am interested in the Korean version of the good wife. The first couple of seasons were good television. The theme of a betrayed wife who publicly stands by her man but faces extreme challenges in private e.g. looking financially after herself and her children after being a highly qualified housewife for 14 years. Her coming to terms with being a defacto single working mother, first time in the workplace with much younger peers etc.

    • even if you do not like 6FD it does not mean the drama was not well made. I have not seen 6FD but I have read many good reviews about the drama. DOTS is well made but signal is so much better. JJW should won daesang.

      • I usually don’t care so much about drama reviews bcos that just represent some ppl’s points of view, not mine. It’s a plus if my faves get all good reviews. If not, who cares? I watch drama to relax myself. Signal is not up my alley. I quit the first 30 mintues into ep1. Why? No reason. Just I don’t like the vibe. I grew up watching British and American detective dramas and thrillers with my dad. Enough for me. LOL

      • Who’s JJW? If you’re talking about anything in Signal, sorry for not sorry. That drama is overrated and boring, just a copycat of Western thrillers that I’ve seen enough throughout my life. 6FD was extremely boring the first few episodes with a long ass monotone narratives of Korean court history. C’mon! You don’t want to watch a documentary that we have plenty on PBS. LOL

  11. I observe that for each Hallyu star, (LMH, KSH, SJK, you name it), there are always ppl who don’t like them, saying these actors just had good luck and their hit dramas overrated. Hahahahahahaha…..But why can they sweep drama market? It seems those ppl sniffing at these trendy actors would like to appear that they have more artistic eyes in performing art. But it is like a myth. LOL. For me, it’s just personal preference and it happens that we like this particular actor but not the other.

  12. @Drama2016

    Are they unrealistic? the answer is yes to much unrealistic.

    I have read them type out the most weird and absurd myths and revisions and I can’t even count how many times there have been attempted revision on his works. You will hear alot of unintelligent arguments example like this project was not serious? You ask how is it not serious? It was a rom-com? you answer no it was a melo! They think everything that comes into the screen is for fun they have no idea that money is actully invested. They say meaty roles? what is a meaty role? How was City hunter, Faith, or Gangnam blues not meaty roles? They won’t have answer for that. another excuse Similar stereotypical roles? How is playing a school flower boy to playing a fake gay architect to vigilante to 13-century warrior to School boy to 1970s gangster to crossborder bounty hunter similar roles? ????

    Most of them don’t understand what it feels like to step inside the screen and don’t understand the responibility of an actor.

    Example: BOFs was it chelleging yes it was especially the role LMH had since he had to portray alot of emotions and as you all know GJP was a trainwreck not easy. But was it top top chelleging role no but a mountain to clip for someone in his age at that. He brought the best out of that character and more then expected of him and made it iconic. City Hunter was chellenging role and people doubted whether LMH could do something with it then again he brought the best out of it. One mega-hit can be questioned as fluke but 3 in the span of 4-yrs no Thats hardwork made into reality.

    for these who cry popularity award, everything is popularity castings yada yada. LMH is not all popularity and you have to consider he became popular to early in his career was only into his acting career 2.5 years and just 21 years old so all the projects to rate him on is post-popularity.

    popularity dosen’t mean anything in the acting world. It all depends on whether you can satisfy the watching eye and thats all the matters and not myths and revisions. otherwise you will fade away and called flop and just forgotten slowly period.

    If LMH didn’t provide some great works he would have fallen of the radar for long time ago.

  13. i like sjk and yai.both are great actors.but how dare you compare 6fd to dots.the sjk character in dots can be played by any other actor.I don’t downgrade sjk but his role in dots is not award worthy.
    many people like dots I is up to your taste.but my point is the role played by sjk is not award worthy that’s all

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