Rain, Kang Sora, and Lee Bum Soo in Talks for Cycling K-movie Uhm Bok Dong

Korean movies have been having a banner few years at the box office receipts even while K-dramas dropped in ratings every year as a whole, it’s no wonder the allure of movies has increased beyond prestige to also include financial rewards. Expect a slew of high profiles movies in 2017 from the announced batch in 2016 that finished filming, and for late 2017 there’s another high profile film coming called Uhm Bok Dong about the real life heroics of the titular Korean cyclist during the Japanese occupation era who won a lot of competitions and rallied the Korean spirit. In talks to headline the movie is Rain and Kang Sora, and already announced as part of the cast is Lee Bum Soo. Rain and Kang Sora almost worked together twice before, first in Warm and Cozy but Rain dropped out and next in Please Come Back Ahjusshi which Kang Sora turned down. If they accept this will be a fantastic casting so make it happen!

Uhm Bok Dong will be directed by Kim Yoo Sung who helmed Sexy Teacher back in 2006.


Rain, Kang Sora, and Lee Bum Soo in Talks for Cycling K-movie Uhm Bok Dong — 3 Comments

  1. I literally got so distracted by Kang Sora’s pics, goodness. She is just so gorgeous and I pretty much have a crush on her.

    I hope this is a meaty role for her in particular after her last few dramas. I felt she was really underutilized in Neighborhood Lawyer.

  2. Let’s see whether Rain will finally work with Kang Sora. This the third time casting news of these two being paired together.

    Kang Sora looking gorgeous and Rain still as cool as ever. With Lee Bum Soo I am liking this casting but let’s wait & see whether it happens hahaha.

  3. Kang Sora is so gorgeous she is a Goddess of beauty inside and
    out…Looking forward to her new drama with Rain.
    and hopefully she will have a CF with Hyun Bin. I love the
    “BinSora” couple… Fighting!.

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