Park Jin Hee May Step into SBS Drama Return in Leading Lady Role

The she says/SBS says back-and-forth has been raging one for two days now with respect to the debacle on the set of Wed-Thurs K-drama Return with the departure of leading lady Go Hyun Jung. But the show must go on and it looks like Park Jin Hee will be joining the drama heading for the second half of it’s run. The production hasn’t decided yet whether she will be playing Go Hyun Jung’s character or another one that will be quickly written in. Park Jin Hee is currently pregnant with her second child in the first trimester so I hope she can handle the grueling drama shoot and the likely pressure on this particular drama to quickly catch up on filming to resume airing new episodes.

SBS and Go Hyun Jung’s side are pointing fingers at each other over what went down but the undisputed facts are thus: Go Hyun Jung and the PD got into a big disagreement on Tues with some physical elements, so big that she left the set and filming grounded to a halt. The disputed facts are whether the physical elements rose to kicking and hitting level assault (SBS says) or Go Hyun Jung simply pushed the PD (her side says). SBS asked her to leave the drama and her side agreed because clearly there was no way in hell things could be patched up for Go Hyun Jung to continue filming. So sad to see a promising drama with good audience reaction get sidelined this way but I hope things all work out for everyone.


Park Jin Hee May Step into SBS Drama Return in Leading Lady Role — 14 Comments

  1. I liked her in Oh My Geum-bi, so I kinda feel bad she’d be used to… uhm, “validate” SBS’s side. It’s that iffy feeling you get about scabs in a strike. In any case, I just hope the shoots won’t affect her health because I can only imagine how much catching up this production would need.

  2. I can’t say that I am all neutral in this since GHJ is one of my faves but her side been keeping mum until SBS went all out to demonize her. She admitted to shoving but nothing more whereas SBS claimed there was kicking involved with many witnesses testified. Things were bad from the beginning but GHJ had tried to walk out without adding fuel to the fire but it’s SBS that continue to vilify her. And it does sounds fishy that SBS did not explain on what the PD had done till the fight got so big. Surely there must have been some faults from the PD as well. Can’t say no fault on GHJ’s side either but it’s not fair to assassinate one’s character without owning to their own faults the way SBS did. Either way, I won’t be watching this show without GHJ. The story was mediocre and I doubt the ratings would be this high without GHJ headlining this drama in the first place. Most of the buzz actually coming from her and yet SBS is far from thankful and playing dirty. I feel sorry for whichever actresses stepping in for the remainder of this drama. Sure it is going to be a heavy task for her.

  3. Sbs seems to be going all out to place the blame solely on GHJ….The show clearly used her to attract viewers and sidelined her character… this replacement actress must be desperate to accept the role as the show is pretty much a sinking ship in my opinion …I certainly won’t be watching anymore

    • Agree.. they could make her suddenly missing and couldn’t be found. So many people vanished in so many cases around the world and friend of the missing one continue the case. If new character came, it would be awkward.

  4. I really enjoy watching this but to replace a great character (of course, ghj’s acting was brilliant to the point we found this character great) is kinda weird. But the drama got the highest rating sooo people watch it now for the story. Script writer needs to think a good idea to change her character. Probably, those rich boys will murder her. Who knows.

    • Once GHJ departing this show, I highly doubt that the ratings will maintain this high. Read at soompi that viewers are sending messages at “Return” Official homepage requesting for GHJ to not leave the show and blaming SBS for abusing their power till driving GHJ to leave the drama. She still stand by her decision to withdraw since SBS obviously fired her. As far as it is concerned, seems like most viewers are tuning in the show for her which is not surprising at all.

  5. I don’t get why people want GHJ to comeback,
    they are angry at each other, they can’t stand each other, no work gonna come out with that, they can’t tolerate each other in the middle of filming so
    one has to leave for the project to be continued

    why is it so hard to understand?

    • Because they see her on their screen and she’s a good actress. They could fire the PD, nodody will see a difference because he’s behind the camera… And a lot of people watched this drama because of her, so they are disapointed now. In terms of effect on the public, a change of the main actor is big.

    • Totally agree with you… The anger and disagreements between the two parties is already too severe its impossible to mend their relationship. Best is for everyone to go their separate ways n move on. Personally I will still watch Return even without Go Hyun Jung. I believe other actresses are capable of replacing her or even if they just stick with the current cast members they can still pull it off as everyone is talented and can act well.

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