Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Announce Divorce After Three Years of Marriage

This is such sad news, all the more so because netizens never thought they’d make it and I really hoped they would. You know, falling madly in love in a drama, getting married in real life and having an adorable a baby, it’s the stuff of K-dramas writ large and these two got all my cheers for making a go at it. K-stars Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee announced today that the couple has divorced, it’s mutually agreeable and Jo Yoon Hee will have primary custody of their daughter. Lee Dong Gun doesn’t have the best reputation as a bachelor in K-ent but people grow up and honestly being a husband and dad is a quick way to leave the fast life behind and embrace a newfounded sense of responsibility. I’m not saying he didn’t but the sudden divorce and lack of explanation lends itself to netizen rumor-mongering and finger pointing. I just feel sad that another celebrity marriage bit the dust, it’s so hard to translate romance into daily mundane life and I wish there was a masterclass in that.


Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Announce Divorce After Three Years of Marriage — 18 Comments

  1. They were a beautiful couple, but considering this was a shotgun marriage, I’m not too surprised. I remember watching their Happy Together episode, and apparently he forgot their 1st wedding anniversary and she cried all night? I’m also wondering if the rumors were true that he cheated on his ex with Yoon Hee. Not the best start to a happy marriage. It’s just sad all around because they have a child. Really hope they can co-parent well!

  2. So apparently every Dong Gun in the industry is a clown? I’ve never liked this dude and the whole Jiyeon breakup / shotgun marriage thing kinda solidified that. Plus the fact that he missed their 1st anniversary, she cried about it all night and they mentioned it on national television? Even though netizens were already skeptical of them as a couple? C’mon now. I just hope Jo Yoon Hee gets a fat alimony check and the child is well cared for.

  3. Most people seen it coming though cuz he announced his shotgun marriage basically right after breaking up with jiyeon.There was even a Happy together episode where he talked about jiyeon with yoon hee by his side and not long after they( Dong gun and Yoon Hee) appeared together again at HT as married couple. The worst part is jiyeon got all the crap when he announced his marriage with yoon hee and now karma hits back. Never a fan of jiyeon but the things I read from back then was so damn harsh,i actually felt sorry she used to date such cheating bastard.

    • Yes, I still remember all those harsh comments about Jiyeon. Knetz were okay with LDG marrying JYH simply because Jiyeon is an idol and therefore didn’t deserve an actor. ?

  4. I understand why a lot of actresses aren’t married ( Jang na ra , Han ji min, Yoon eun hye, Ha ji won,…) It’s hard to find the right person even more when you’re an artist. They should have dating before getting married. Sometimes, actors misunderstand the love line they share in a project and real love. They get confused . I always feel sad for the children .

    • Let’s be honest here, a lot of k-actors are pigs, especially the unmarried ones who are in their late 30’s to 40’s. The recent Jang Dong Gun-Joo Jin Mo scandal showed that. Just how many of these top actors are going around either cheating on their spouse/girlfriend or just being plain womanizers? With all the dirty scandals, Korean male stars got into just last year, it’s clear they’re not isolated cases.

      I now understand why most k-actresses are unmarried or marry non celebrities. They know things we don’t and I can’t blame them.

    • Ha ji won? is she still single? kothing against it bit i was just a little surprised. i thought shes married already. Hope she get married soon. If they are still available, she and Ji chang wook would look good together

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  6. He cheated on Ji yeon with her, got her pregnant, broke up with Ji yeon and married her. I don’t think very highly of him so not surprised. I remember korean netizens attacked Ji Yeon saying she did not deserve him because she is idol, he is an actor. Good for these two getting married. Well, Jo yeon dodged a bullet with this guy.

  7. As the saying shot gun marriages wont last long. He seems to have fallen for all his co stars. Sad for the child.

  8. Never forget how dumb knetz praised him for leaving Jiyeon even though he’s a complete sleeze. Jiyeon really dodged a bullet.

  9. Even in dramaland where the screenwriter write the story, director direct the people to act, script how the story will be like and still is not always a happy marriage life that project in drama. So imagine that in real marriage life where none of them exist so very likely you could end-up with not a happy marriage life. No need to point finger whose false for the separation because both of the parties agreed their story of their marriage life after all is not “Happy”.

  10. Once upon a time … he also made a cute couple with Han Ji-hye. That lasted quite a significant amt of time.

  11. What shocked me is that he apparently cheated on Jiyeon yet she was the one who got all the hate back then, just because knetizens are born jealous & mean haters. Now Dong Gun is getting blamed, but it takes TWO people to cheat. Yet Jo Yoon Hee was always described by netizens as superior to Jiyeon.
    If the cuckold was anyone but Jiyeon, Yoon Hee would not be described as a victim today.
    Well, maybe she really is a victim of Dong Geun Don Juan’s character.

    Sorry for this message, it has no interest but I just can’t stand cheaters and unfair treatments.

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