Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Tackle Start-Up Dreams and Find Kindred Romance in New Drama Poster and Stills

The underwhelming promotion cycle for upcoming tvN drama Start-Up continues, at least it’s consistent and on a roll albeit heading in the wrong direction lol. The new poster is from the same shoot that had the four leads sitting on the bleacher, and this one takes main leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy and makes them sit shoulder pressed without managing to exude any chemistry whatsoever. That is a feat in itself. Nam Joo Hyuk is staring the camera like he’s wondering how much something costs while Suzy is looking faraway into the distance contemplating how beautiful she is opposite to how much acting talent she actually had. I loved her in Dream High and While You Were Sleeping, by this same screenwriter, but she was awful in everything else. So let’s hope she makes hits a triple with this outing.


Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Tackle Start-Up Dreams and Find Kindred Romance in New Drama Poster and Stills — 24 Comments

  1. She was a miss for me too in While You Were Sleeping. The most memorable scene from that drama that depicted her horrifying acting skills was when she dreamt her mum died and she was suppose to wake up devastated. Her expression and acting was…. *facepalm*. The director should have at least given her eye drops to make that scene work at the most basic level… but no. The girl can’t act to save her life. How can korea media crown kim tae hee as a foot acting actress when there is Suzy who is 100x worse. *smh*

  2. Nam Joo-hyuk is actually not that bad. He’s a literal hit and miss, but there were some projects where he was genuinely moving and quite lovely.

    On the other hand, Suzy is a miss in everything and anything she’s been in. Even in these stills, she’s godawful. I see Suzy rather than any other character which is every one of her PJs. I adored DH, but Hye-mi’s robotness has to be written in to make any semblance of believability.

    Good luck to NJH who has to carry this PJ when usually he allows his female lead to take centre stage.

  3. I would be more worried about the script than the photo stills or poster tbh.If the script is engaging enough and a director who can have a tight grip on how these two perform.The drama will do ok.But if the script is bad..then there is no hope.

    • Script should be good cos this writer is dependable. What I don’t understand however is her fascination with Suzy and keeps using her as a lead for her dramas even though she’s usually one of the reasons for her drama’s lukewarm ratings. The consolation for fans for park hye ryuns work is that every time she uses Suzy, she seems to cater to her limitations and keep emotional and challenging scenes to a minimal. I am a huge fan of her writing (I can hear your voice remains a masterpiece in my memory) so will still watch this… lets hope Suzy is at least tolerable in this project.

  4. I always finished this writer drama but its because of Lee jongsuk. The PD actually one of the best pd, He can cover bad acting. I really not a fan of Suzy’s acting but will give this a try for NJH.

  5. I suppose the poster is shot in a way to make us not expect too much from the drama. I really liked DH and WYWS. But instead of KSH and LJS we get Nam Joo Hyuk. I only liked him in Weightlifting Fairy and The Light in your Eyes. So here’s hoping the drama is waaay better than the posters.

    • NJH is a huge downgrade from KSH and LJS, let be honest. This will be a test as to whether or not Suzy can carry a drama because the other times, her male leads were more competent than her + had equal or more star power. It’s not the case now.

  6. Seriously this site hates Suzy and Nam joo hyuk . Every article abt startup is written soo negatively that you clearly can see you hate SUZY AND Nam joo hyuk. Bruh even the comment sections are all negative. What will you guys do with this sort of negativity? They don’t even know you exist. Get Life negative assholes!!

    • Maybe you should stay in your unicorn pink universe. Anyone should be allowed to have an opinion good or bad. If you think we are haters so be it. And no we don’t need to know Suzy irl to get a life. We have eyes to see, ears to hear to reckon shes one bad actress. Period. Geez… so damn woke. Since you feel this bad for her… send her a dozen roses and tell her how great and fab she is then… oops she doesn’t know you either. My bad

    • Seriously Ms Koala used to be a Suzy stan but Suzy is soooo bad an actress that no one likes her! Just look at how many read her article here @Grace – if you think you can save her poor career, start your own blog Loser! Stop calling others AHole when you are clearly the Biggest One here ? and smell yourself often ?

      • @5ttg. She uses different handles too. Anyone with a bad opinion is a hater, an a**hole and a clown. Geez

  7. NJH may not be the greatest actor but he’s got one thing going for him. The camera loves him and he’s got that likeability factor.
    Ms S on other hand is just a mannequin in all her dramas. I wish she’d stick to cfs like Wonbin and not ruin dramas.

  8. Most of the comments here dissing Suzy, but NJH is just as bad. He NEEDS a veteran actress by his side to even do decently. At least Suzy has a charm to her not to mention her CF/investment power, whereas I find nothing charming about NJH and he is not even a B-list celeb. He’s C-list pretty much.

  9. NJH is good actor but he needs better scripts that suit his style. I liked Suzy in Vagabond. Hoping she and NJH can make this work. I think he’s got plenty of leading man charisma but he needs to be selective. And he’s young. Lots of potential.

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