One Crazy Red Dress Snatches the Buzz at the Lackluster 51st Grand Bell Awards

The 51st Grand Bell Awards went off without a hitch last night in Seoul, though apparently there was major behind-the-scenes conflict between the past and present organizers. It was also quite a dud of an affair with the wins mostly getting yawns or huhs from the netizens. That makes the ridiculous and unattractive red lace coochie showing bondage dress that budding actress Han Se Ah wore to the awards ceremony the most talked about “did you see that” moment of the entire event.

To think I was just feeling impressed that Korean awards attendees were all dressing well lately. Other than The Admiral: Roaring Currents making off with Best Picture and leading manĀ Choi Min Shik getting Best Actor, the rest of the wins are a bit dubious if you ask me (and the majority peeved K-netizens). Check out the red carpet pics below with a full list of nominees and the winners. A lot of the nominees didn’t even attend the ceremony which further explains why it feels so underwhelming. Continue reading