Kim Go Eun, Lee Do Hyun, and Choi Min Shik Cast in Upcoming 2023 Horror Thriller Breaking Grave by Director of 2015 Movie The Priests

This sounds perfect for release next August during ghost month. The main cast trio has been assembled for a 2023 horror film titled Breaking Grave (Pamyo). Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun are the young leads with veteran Choi Min Shik alongside, playing a group consisting of a female shaman, a feng shui master, and a funeral director tasked with moving an evil grave and the occult happenings that stem from it. The movie will be from the director of the 2015 horror movie The Priests. The movie is slated to film the remainder of the year and the leads are all arranging their schedules for the shoot.

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Ha Jung Woo Leads the Korean Male Fans Pick of Their Top 20 Manliest K-actors

I’m always entertained by lists and polls, offering a snapshot of the general reaction to the topic at hand without needing to take it seriously. The latest list is interesting in how many selections elicited approving nods from me. tvN … Continue reading

One Crazy Red Dress Snatches the Buzz at the Lackluster 51st Grand Bell Awards

The 51st Grand Bell Awards went off without a hitch last night in Seoul, though apparently there was major behind-the-scenes conflict between the past and present organizers. It was also quite a dud of an affair with the wins mostly … Continue reading

Sensible Film and Acting Nominees List Released for 51st Annual Grand Bell Awards

The nominees are out for the 51st annual Grand Bell Awards, the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards to honor the industry’s best and brightest filmsĀ and movie stars for the calendar year. This year the only K-movie I watched from … Continue reading