OTP Reuniting in South Korea Helps Tide Over the Airing Break for Crash Landing on You

I would have loved new episodes of Crash Landing on You this weekend as a lunar new year present but oh wells, let’s use this as another exercise in patience. It helps that the last episode ended not on a sad separation cliffhanger but a sweet reunion moment. It’s so wonderful to see the screenwriter find creative and fast ways to keep the OTP together and also continued reasons to throw the entertaining supporting cast into fresh situations. The North Korean soldiers are now in South Korea so I’m eager to see all the fish out of water comedy, and to turn the cohabitation of the OTP from rural countryside living to swanky Seoul luxe life. There are new stills out showing Se Ri and Jung Hyuk during their reunion and it’s so heartwarming, these two have really wormed their way into my heart. Continue reading

Cheeky Smiles and Coordinating Outfits at the Press Conference for Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

This weekend is the landing of Crash Landing on You, and we’ll see then if it reaches an audience thirsty for gorgeously filmed romance or lands like a thud for the farfetched set up. I think it’s the former, so … Continue reading