Hyun Bin’s Agency Vast Announces 3rd Annual Rookie Actor Auditions

Starting an agency isn’t the common approach in K-ent for top stars that achieve a certain level of fame. Most stars elect to stay with an agency likely because being a good entertainer doesn’t mean one would be a good company president complete with administrative, financial, and management requirements. There are a few big name actors and actresses that have set out on their one with Hyun Bin starting his own agency a few years ago. It’s called Vast (nice name!) and this week announced the third annual new actor auditions. The company has done this for the past three years and signed a handful of rookie actors and actresses. I would go to the audition just for the chance to meet Binnie in person but I’m sure only the finalists, if even, get a chance to audition before the company head. I’m so happy his agency seems to be doing well and hopefully his pick for his K-drama return with Memories of Alhambra later this year will also prove fruitful. Continue reading