TV Report Publishes 2015 Industry Insider Power Rankings of K-drama Actors and Actresses

The 2015 TV Report drama actors and actress power list is out, an annual survey the publication has done since 2013. The survey is compiled by the vote of the Korean drama industry’s top 30 PDs at the main three networks SBS, KBS, and MBC along with 10 producers at the top production companies, for a total vote by forty of the drama industry’s most powerful behind-the-scenes head honchos. These industry insiders picked the actors and actresses they most want to star in a drama, with the explanations for the choices a combination of the star being able to bring in the ratings, the acting talent, and how the star is hardworking and positive to work with. For the second year in a row, the You From Another Star leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun take the number one spots for their respective genders, with Ha Ji Won coming in second for the actresses and Kim Woo Bin in second place for the actors. Check out the drama power rankings below and see if your faves are currently sought after by drama honchos.

Drama Actors Power List (number in brackets is number of voter picks)

Kim Soo Hyun (34)

Kim Woo Bin (15)

Jo In Sung (12)

Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho (9)

Lee Jong Seok (7)

So Ji Sub (4)

Ji Sung (3)

Yoochun、Yoo Seung Ho、Ji Chang Wook 、Cha Seung Won 、Hyun Bin (2)

Go Soo、Gong Yoo、Park Seo Joon、Park Hae Jin、Yoo Ah In、Im Shi Wan、Jang Hyuk, Joo Ji Hoon(1)

Drama Actress Power List (number in brackets is number of voter picks):

Jeon Ji Hyun (23)

Ha Ji Won (12)

Bae Suzy (9)

Gong Hyo Jin 、Song Hye Kyo (8)

Park Shin Hye (4)

Moon Chae Won、Su Ae 、Han Hyo Joo (3)

Kim Nam Joo、Son Ye Jin、Shin Mina、Lee Bo Young、Lee Young Ae、Jang Nara、Han Ye Seul、Hwang Jung Eum (1)

Above is the comparison of the 2013 to 2014 rankings, to give an understanding of how the most sought after drama actors and actresses have changed in the last few years. It’s startling how far Lee Byung Hun has fallen out of favor, from being number 1 in 2013 to number 2 in 2014 to not even on the list at all this year. Among the ladies it appears to be a one-two switching of spots between Jeon Ji Hyun and Ha Ji Won. Off the top of my head, some notable big name drama stars who aren’t on this year’s power rankings include Yoon Eun Hye, Moon Geun Young, Go Hyung Jung, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jun Ki, any of which could make the rankings next year with one hit drama this year to get back on the drama buzz wagon.


TV Report Publishes 2015 Industry Insider Power Rankings of K-drama Actors and Actresses — 85 Comments

  1. There are a lot of articles like this,, but you seem to post an article with woobin in high rangking, I know you admire him so much,,lol,,,same with me, my bias is lee jong suk, so I can share an article with jong suk as no 1 right? yesterday there was an article that he is the most anticipated actor for comeback in drama, the second is jo insung and then kim soo hyun…sorry but I love him so much that I want to share the article with you guys, my bad that I don’t have a blog with huge followers, lmao

    • I know right, there are a lot of articles like this and the ranking will always be different based on the source.
      I noticed it too, Ms Koala tends to pick the articles with woobin in high ranking, lol… not always though,
      It’s fine my dear because Ms Koala loves woobin very much, and we also love our bias, he will always be no 1 in our heart, lol

    • are you asking for fanwars? she always post rankings if they are made by professionals aka the ones who work in the industry.

      • Of course not honey,,I’m not asking for fanwars lol,,I just want to tell you as @winda said, there are a lot of articles like this and they were stated the ranking based on the professionals also with ofc bigger numbers of voters…sorry if I sound like a butthurt fan in my first post,

    • @nugya I also saw the article that you said yesterday. Koala is always like that. We don’t need to worry because our Jong suk is now in his acting break. This article is about the casting news and their comebacks. I know he will choose his next project soon. Let’s wait to hear his comeback news together. Ok?

      • Of course honey,,I’m sorry for my first post
        We will always wait for him,,I miss him so much

    • problem is i’m kinda sick with LJS’s fans always trying to drag down KWB when he ranked than him. I see no logic to be jealous with them? as you said, one day it’s who LJS higher in a poll other day it’s KWB. They are not rivals. And I always saw LJS’s fandom as friendly to KWB’s, but lately i start doubt it.

      • Only inetz put them in a competitive spotlight, mostly their kfans love them both equally same as me 😉

      • First, I already said sorry for my first post…and for your information, I also love woobin, I want to talk further about this,,but yeah,it’s better to stop now. I don’t want another misunderstanding here.

    • Aw I had no idea how the ranking was in other articles. hahaha….it’s glad to know Kim Woo Bin is not necessarily the hot guy everyone loves because I don’t. I watched two of his dramas – School 2013 and Heirs. I don’t like any of his characters, perhaps because of the scripts. I can’t see where he’s got that charm that many girls are swooned over. Just my personal taste. Neither his looks nor his acting has attracted my attention.

      • I am not his fan and not here to start anything. Have you watched Vampire Idol? I think he was hilarious in it, definitely a very different role 🙂

      • lmao..don’t worry i’m not butthurt coz’ my ultimate bias is there,Moon Chae Won,for 3 consecutive years she’s on the top ten..#5 in 2013 and #6 in 2015,and forgot her ranking in 2014 but she was in top 10 also..And another thing,almost all the actors and actresses in the ranking are my favorites..Idk that asking for criteria is being was curiousity..

  2. Only LMh’s casting news alone will put him in #1 spot.why is suzy there? I thought they hated her acting?I’m suprised KSR is not on the ranking despite Miseang,and why is I’m shi wan so low on the list? I thought he was one of the most anticipated actor?

    • LOL, unfortunately the top PDs do not share the same love for LMH. He only got 9 votes from 40 respondents, same placement as last year when he had a “hit” drama out in 2013.

      He has a lot of fans, but when it comes to power lists such as this one voted by industry professionals or Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40, he is below his fellow peers in the same age group.

  3. Whoever believe the ranking is legit, hahahahaha, welcome to the world of entertainment. So many things can be manipulated and those “professionals” know who are their target.

    • Spot on. Every other day there is a ranking list in south korea.
      Haha no wonder k-entertainment is an important component of their GDP.

  4. I hope all the best for Ha Ji Won. Sad to know that that some industry insiders did not vote for her citing her age as limiting her choices of potential roles.

  5. These industry insiders picked the actors and actresses they most want to star in a drama
    Kim Woo Bin is no 2 😀 *happy dance* …. take that Lee Min Ho!

      • IF you use eyes for once and not your a***, you should notice it the article says “THE ACTORS THEY WANT TO STAR in a drama MOST”. now go cry at the corner.

    • don’t do that. LMH great on his own way, he has strong fanbase and a successful star with a good dramas.

      • Eh, we all know Lee Minho is at the top of the pecking order. Woo bin doesn’t even come close.

      • I’m not obsessed with LMH as many fangirls do. But I have to admit he’s charismatic on screen. But what about KWB. Sorry! I watched two of his dramas – School 2013 and Heirs – and I couldn’t see what charm he has, either his looks or acting. So I think this is all about personal taste. We all agree we have our personal faves and nothing’s wrong about that right?

    • He is with only one vote! What a shame! I love him in all his dramas and he has become my 2015 new bias, wiping out my old faves Lee Jung Seok, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho,etc. etc…..LOL….

  6. The poll is not legit even KSH fans will tell you that.. Park shin hye, Gong hyo jin, SHK and other below suzy? red flag! Kim woo bin who has never lead a drama is above LJS who has 4 of these on his name plus his above JIS, LMH and others. its a personal opinion or rather a pick after there personal favorites nothing else and shouldn’t be put a huge weight on it.

    • ughm… “These industry insiders picked the actors and actresses THEY MOST WANT to star in a drama, with the explanations for the choices a combination of the star being able to bring in the ratings, the acting talent, and how the star is hardworking and positive to work with”.

    • I’m KSH’s fan and I can tell you it’s 100% legit. He was chosen by 34 out of 40 industry professionals who actually work with these actors. The should know who who has the talent and star power.

  7. Putting an emoji cuts every words that follows after, does it??? Anyways, here’s what I really wanna see to be posted keke

    My bias, Yoon Eun Hye, is not on the list. But I am not worried coz I believe she is on her way into getting herself on top spot again, with that, I’d still be giving her all the years she needs 🙂 Cheers to all who made it to the lists esp to my Oppas and my Yoo Seung Ho baby!!!

  8. I’m quite bummed out that Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, who delivered such stellar acting in Kill Me Heal Me, are at the bottom of their lists.

    Clearly these are voters who value the marketability factor over the substance of the actors and actresses.

    • And since when acting was the No.1 factor for this kind of lists? We can actually count on the fingers of one hand the real actors(actors who CAN really act by definition!) just by reading these names! Money and talent do not always mix and match well in the industry of entertainment, unfortunately…

      • lmfao, so you think the best way to prove your point it’s put down everyone here just because you favorite didn’t make a cut. okay.

    • I think it’s about the work they did, I mean in how their product in enjoyed by people and get talked, of course in element of great talent
      as for Ji sung and Hwang Jeung Um, they didn’t planned to starred in KMHM or taking a work at the time

      so they are resting phase when many of the star list is still promoting right now, it just the fact that he is listed because he got cast in KMHM,

      and that is actually quite high, for actor in mid 30 who waiting for baby , when cha seung woon (who will go higher since his drama already aired) and Hyun Bin (who actively acting in many CF and drama beside the drama didn’t do well)

      So, it pretty legit since even if we have some bias respected credit to give, I think, Ji sung already have prime time a lot, all In, save the last dance for me and his dating news so.. he is fine

  9. People here being salty with Suzy. PDs wants her, she brings the ratings, has the popularity and everybody and their mothers know that she’s not the best young actress out there, but she has great work ethic and tends to improve. So why the surprise?

  10. Congrats to the actors, although my fav Lee Jun Ki is not in the list. That doesn’t bother me, for some reason.

  11. In the end, entertainment is still a business as a worker in it, they have to rake in the ratings and the popularity. Ksh has consistently done that. If I was a pd, I’d want him too.

    Kwb – there is no reason he wouldn’t also rake in the ratings and dough like his counterparts in a lead role so I can see his appeal esp after heirs.

    All the others are around the same like lmh, Ljs – all of these younguns have never had any ratings failures in dramas and are highly popular so really good bets hence “power”.

    As for Suzy, she also hasn’t had any ratings failures either and she’s so young, pretty and while lacking in acting ability, she can make it up in overall marketability and likeness.

    It’s great to be an awesome actor in ability but it’s also important to capture an audience too. Sometimes you have to give what the audience wants to see. People want to see these popular actors. They have talent across different things.

  12. wow for binnie to still be up there after the ratings failure and huge disappointment with HJM, that’s shocking. but then again, his acting was never the problem….it was the stupid script!!! and yea miss koala i was hoping to see others on the list like lee seung gi and yoon eun hye. hopefully next year!

  13. This ranking seems off in so many way.

    I love Kim Woo Bin but why is he so high on the list when he was never a lead in a drama?

    And those PDs that choose Suzy, do they know anything about acting ? Cause it`s embarrassing to see how much better in term of acting talent all those actresses are compared to her.

  14. It’s true the entertainment world is about business. When does good acting have to come into it? Some actors/actresses just have to create headlines everyday and people will watch them whether they can act is another question.

  15. I can’t even post these days. I still enjoy your articles but there’s no point posting because frankly some of those writing here- don’t even seem to check your sources before blasting away. Or can’t differentiate between someone’s personal opinion and seeming to take things personally.

    Sometimes I wish they would see bow I see the posts here- not a discussion but like a schoolyard shouting match. I am more popular. My oppa is more popular. Why do you hate him. Why why why?

    As evidenced by some people ignoring it was voted by PDs.Even though they are not the production companyr the main sponsor: it’s like the hhead coach choosing who they like. The fans can tell all they want. But if they are the coaches they will choose people they want.

    So get over it.

  16. It’s pretty obvious from the rankings that the PDs’ no. 1 criteria is their expectations of the actor’s/actress’s potential for ratings success. And I think I have to agree with their rankings or most of them.

    KSH and JJH is no. 1 for both 2014 & 2015 simply because of the huge success of YWCFTS. KWB is up there because of the success of School 2013 and Heirs and 2 very recent successful movies in a row. The fact that he has not accepted any drama offer since Heirs makes him even more desirable and the PDS are even more keen to cast him. Song Joong Ki has reappeared on the top 5 for 2015 because the PDs want to grab him in his first post-army drama. He also left for the army on a high with Nice Guy and Werewolf Boy.

    Suzy has always been popular as can be seen from the CF power rankings. And her moving up the rankings for 2015 is probably due to the LMH factor.

    Meanwhile, Binnie dropped from the top 5 where he has been for 2013 & 2014 thanks to HJM and his not-so successful movie. The most drastic fall from no. 1 & no. 2 in 2013 & 2014 to nowhere on the list is you-know-who and you know why.

    I’ve a lot of favorites so I’m happy because many are on the list but still kinda sad because some are not.

  17. Yup! All my favorite actors are all in. But my ranking would be Jang Hyuk or Song Joong Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jung Seok, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Ji Sung.

  18. I almost forgot the actresses. Love Ha Ji Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Chae Won, and Lee Bo Young. But why is Kim Sun A not there? Just seeing Suzy rank top 3, I realize this power ranking is not equal to talents/beauty ranking.

    • Love those actresses you listed as well! Kim Sun Ah hasn’t acted in a drama for a long time, that’s why she isn’t there. But she’s making her comeback soon 🙂 As they said – POWER ranking, not talents or beauty. If it’s talents, Jeon Do Yeon should top every poll. If beauty, we can expect to see Kim Tae Hee & Song Hye Kyo.

  19. woh… Please do read it carefully, it’s not about the acting who’s better or not. It’s about their establishment in that world.

  20. Im LJS fans but also feel happy when see KWB in the list and got higher ranking than LJS. Motivation for LJS
    But for actress, really unbeliavable Suzy can beat Song Hye Gyo, Gong Hyo Jin and Park Shin Hye tsk tsk tsk

  21. Of course PDs can have favourites but that’s why a lot of dramas don’t have the success it should cause they chose the wrong actress.

  22. Gong Yoo on the list, but I do not see Yoon Eun Hye. So disappoint for her without win a prize last year 2014 and this year 2015. For me, she is the best actress. God bless YEH.

  23. Bear it in mind! It’s all politics! Envy can make them not to favor you, if you are too ooooo popular remember that the so – call insider will not want to favor you by promoting your name sure! Come back?why LMH name?I am one of his fan (unregistered) a hahaha! My feelings is that they envy his popularity and fame,it’s expected of human beings . also the young shall grow, I pray for the upcoming ones that they will make when they are committed and work hard . Suzy should be left alone pls! Everyone’s prayer is to move forward if possible every minute! Do we expect her to remain in one place? Stagnant? No oooo! She will continue to move higher, higher and higher! Suzy baby “you are unstoppable! YES! !!! Let all negative comments give you strength! Love you all.I congratulate all of them.

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